Thursday, May 8, 2014

Goal Race Week Training Recap

Monday I woke up and hit the treadmill to do my shakeout run from the weekend's half. The crazy wind from the weekend was still upon us and I knew I'd have to walk/run to keep my run a recovery run, so I hit the treadmill instead. My body felt like crap. My left knee started hurting, so I cut it short at 1 mile.

I went home and did core work and glute exercises.

Tuesday the winds were still present, and I had no desire to deal with them or the treadmill Rest day it is.

Wednesday I had an Alexander No-Good-Very-Bad-Day and almost bailed on my track workout with Jenn, but I made myself go, knowing the endorphins would help out my mood. Again, it was cold and ridiculously windy, but man is it easier to only have to run into the wind for 100m at a time!

^Showing off our twinsie iPods, she just got a new one. #teamgreen

I had 2 mile repeats on the schedule. For someone who used to absolutely DREAD mile repeats, I sure do enjoy them (maybe because of my previous mile repeat paces, eeps! those'll be back soon, I'm sure). I was supposed to run them in 8:25 pace, but knew that last week's were closer to 8:20, so I shot for that.

Thanks endorphins.

Thursday Ollie took me on a mini quarter of a mile shake out run. I worked late because I lead a bookclub at work once a month, and I spent the entire morning reading the book so I was prepared for the bookclub! Which means I didn't get my run in. Ollie wanted to RUN on her nighttime potty break, so run we did. It was fun.

Friday I meant to run, I really did. But. I didn't.

Saturday was my PGSPR spring half. Whoop!

Sunday was full on recovery. 12 hours of sleep. Reading, Veronica Mars marathon, two hour nap with the pug. Went to bed at 9:30pm. And a trough full of water. I meant to foam roll but that would've required me to get off the couch. :P

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