Friday, May 30, 2014

June Goals + Juicer Recommendations

June Goals
  • Run 100+ miles.
  • Run three long runs as scheduled.
  • Do one fast finish LR.
  • Do one LR with 3 minute pickups every 20 minutes. 
  • Run all three speed sessions as scheduled. 
  • Run my 2nd fastest 10k in Harrisburg. Sub 52??
  • Watch 2 Oscar Best Picture Nominees.
  • Every other day core work, hip stretches, and drills.
  • 2 buddy runs.
    • Do a run with a buddy other than Jenn! Operation: more running buddies! *cough* Megan *cough* :)
  • Make 2 new meals using my veggie box ingredients.
  • Rework budget.

I'm considering getting a juicer and need advice. What brands should I consider? What brands should I avoid? What information do you wish you had before making the purchase? What's the least I can spend for a good one?? I found one for $2400, and let's just say that's a *little* bit out of my price range....

Can I just give you my credit card and trust you'll order me a good one? Thanks.

And most importantly.... what are some great recipes once I inevitably buy one!??!?!

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Kristin Miller said...

Big goals! Go get em kid! Look into the ninja. I got it for Christmas and LOVE it because it has multiple uses, including a new juice attachment! I use it as a blender, food processor and a dough mixer! (End informmercial)