Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Faves

Here's a Little List of some things I've been digging on lately:

Being able to shop again
I've done some celebratory retail shopping as of late. Hurrah to the shopping freeze being lifted, amiright??

I've already professed my love to the Mac Roga, but I also am obsessed with the green flyte tank for obvious (=green) reasons.

Kyle bought me the pink version of the Oiselle flyte long sleeve a couple of weekends ago when the sale was on sale (and I guilted him in to the purchase since he missed my goal race for a fishing tourney and I did well). I regret not getting the yellow as well (ugh of course).

I also threw down some $$ on some new PRO compression socks. My old ones just weren't as calf huggy as they used to be. Naturally I picked green and yellow colored socks. 

Veronica Mars
My co-worker is obsessed and has been lending me the television series. I'm loving it. 12 years later. Whatever. The huge (now huge!) cameos are enough reason to watch! I'm working hard to get through it so I can catch the movie.

Qdoba Mango Salsa
Every time I eat Qdoba (way too frequently, might I add) I think to myself "I wonder how skinny you'd be if you didn't like Qdoba....." and then I realized I'd substitute another terrible food in its place, and continue to eat my nachos. The worst slash best time of the year has started: mango salsa time! My Qdoba consumption increase.... exponentially during this time of year. Thank god marathon training is just around the corner before I need a wheelbarrow to get around.

Rebecca Lowman's narration skills
I started listening to audiobooks when I was in grad school to capitalize on more "reading for fun" time that was extremely limited. I'm done with school, but still listening away on the way to and from to work, and car trips. Narration can really make or break an audiobook. Rebecca Lowman is my absolute fave and I'll probably continue to listen to anything she's narrated (luckily there's a lot!).

**I'm not affiliated with any of the companies in this post and my opinions are my own and I wasn't compensated in any way for this post. Blah blah blah, etc.**

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Renee said...

I was super late to the Veronica Mars party too, but loved it.