Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekly Training Recap

Monday I shocked myself by going for a twilight run after my late working shift. Kyle was home entertaining Ollie so I hit the road for four easy general aerobic miles with some strides.

Tuesday I took a rest day. And came home to dinner on the grill--pineapple infused brats. SO GOOD. Ollie was patiently waiting for her plate of brats.

Spoiler: she didn't get any. Look how skinny she's looking!! Good work puggy!

I did manage some core work with brats a-sloshin' around in my belly! 

Wednesday I had my first warm tempo run of the season. I hydrated heavily all afternoon long and brought a bottle of Osmo Nutrition along for the ride.

I had a mile warm up and then 5 @ tempo. I struggled. I could feel that my butt wasn't participating in the run at all, and the ~9 minute pace felt like a 7 minute pace. Jenn and I yo-yoed with each other as to who was dragging @$$ the most. I decided to cut a mile out. At the turnaround I stopped to do some reverse lunges and that helped get the glutes in to high gear. I think we ended up spending more time chatting post run than we did on the actual run!

I offered to record her form after our run so she could see her wonky foot thing, and she did the same for me. I'm floored at how much better my form looks! There's certainly still room for improvement, but I'm just so excited I'm on the right track!

Thursday it was crazy hot out so instead of getting up and running before work, I didn't run. I did do my core exercises though.

Friday was my first day off in seven days and by the time I woke up at 7:30, it was already toasty toasty out. I also realized that I have a whole extra week of training for my 10k (I forgot to adjust my training program after I learned the race was a week later). Somehow that translates in to me being lazier.

And thus I didn't pack my running shoes or garmin for the weekend at the lake cabin.

So I guess an alternate title to this post could've been: weekly training recap but not really because I only ran ten miles. But that's really long so.....

Stayed tuned to next week to see if I finally wise up and wake up before the sun. Forecast says temps in the mid 80s. Woof. 

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