Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Recovery Week Training + Weekend Shenanigans

Monday and Tuesday I spent foam rolling and eating all the food. That's how you recover best right? Good. 

Wednesday my legs felt great so I decided to give my speed work session a go at the track with Jenn J. 
We had 800s on the schedule, and I was excited to do some real speed work. We did our one mile warm up, stretched, and set out for our first 800. My legs felt like LEAD. I realized 200 meters in that I didn't do my dynamic stretches and hoped that was why my legs were so heavy and my hips so tight. After the first 800, I stopped to do those stretches and then got back to work. The next 800 caused pain in my left hip, so I threw in the towel after that one. No sense getting hurt with marathon training just around the corner!

We may have spent more time stretching/talking/race planning post-workout than we spent *actually* running. Oh well, you need those sorts of runs sometimes, right? We both left the track feeling defeated, but made promises to do the same workout + an additional 800 the following Wednesday as punishment!

Saturday I had to run to get my car after I had two beers too many to drive my vehicle home the night before. Thank goodness we chose a spot that was only a couple of miles from my place instead of a long run's distance away. Uff. I had a headache and Jenn telling me to hustle up and come hang out with her. Without realizing it, I was hauling and just kept pushing it. I let myself cooldown the final quarter of a mile.

Friday I counted down the hours until 6pm when I was done with work and could meet up with Jenn and Megan. We met for dinner and drinks and lots of catch up, and Otto snuggles.

Photos taken 10 months apart, from not even yet an inkling of a bump to a fresh new baby!

My favorite ladies.

Me and aforementioned giant beer. Mmmmm.

Two of my favorite people, Jenn and Otto.

Saturday I met Jenn at the lake and met up with Megan shortly after.

We had fancy celebratory bubbles. And in classy South Dakota fashion, the price tag was written on the bottle in permanent marker. 

More Otto snuggles.

She couldn't be a more gorg mommy.

NBD, Otto just fell asleep holding my hand. *i die*

Can every weekend be a Megan/Jenn/Jeri/Otto weekend plz??!?!

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