Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Weekend in the Sun

Kyle and I both had to work Saturday until 5pm, so as soon as we were off work, we were packed up and lake bound. Ollie wanted to wear her sundress. Obvs. Kyle took forever to load up the boat, so we had time to take a selfie.

We had several pillows and blankets in the backseat for her to make herself comfy on and nap. She chose my kelly green kate spade tote, because she has taste and an affinity for team green.

When we finally got there, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset.

And a giant fire to keep the bugs away. Holy hell the mayflies were OOC!

Sunday morning Kyle took off for fishing at an ungodly hour, so Ollie and I hung out with his parents all day and were treated to a lunch time pontoon ride. Ollie loves the pontoon.

At one point she smelled some cabin's lunch and kept sticking her nose in the air to inhale heavily. It was hilarious.

After the pontoon ride it finally warmed up so it was time to do some sunbathing. Ollie had to join. She tanned topless, #rebel.

This might be my new fave pic of her.

Kyle got home from slaying the fish, and Ollie continued to smile from ear to ear. We started to be concerned, as she usually gets ~22 hours of sleep a day and she had woke up at 5am because she was on lake time, apparently (which is reverse for pugs, I guess) and had yet to sleep/nap by supper time.

We were treated to another pontoon ride after dinner, and that finally did her in. But she had to hold my hand while zonking out (i die).

When we got back to the cabin it was FINALLY time to enjoy some s'mores. Which I had been craving for at least 10 days.

For anyone concerned, Ollie slept the hardest she's ever slept in the history of ever and barely moved when Kyle got up to go fishing. She burrowed under the covers further with me and zonked out for another three hours. Is this why parents bring their kids to the lake? 

Monday we woke up and had barely eaten breakfast when the rain started. 

We put up the umbrella and continued to enjoy the droplets while reading until the thunder and lightning started to come a little too close. 

Kyle and his dad got home from fishing early. I convinced him to take the kayaks out with me. I thought for sure I was going to eat it crawling down the wet rocks to get in to the kayak, but I made it down unscathed (this is known as foreshadowing). We bopped around the lake and visited the turtle areas and then we went out to a random point on the lake that seemed like a good goal destination. On the way back I challenged Kyle to a race because I was feeling cocky. I lost, but it was pretty darn close.

On the way back up the rocks, the rock I stepped on gave way and so did the rocks under it, leading part of the rock wall to collapse and a giant rock to fall on my foot. Derp. My big toe took the brunt of the fall, thankfully.

My hair got larger and larger as the 88% humidity day wore on. Uff. Family pic FTW. The only time I'll post a bad photo of myself on the internet is if my pug looks extra cute.

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