Monday, July 6, 2015

Fishing Weekend

A couple of weekends ago, after my Saturday library shift, I headed up north to spend the weekend with Kyle fishing. Kyle was already up at his camper, so he swung back by his parents' cabin to get me. Ollie and I enjoyed some relaxation by the lake until one of the lake dogs attacked her. I wish I had been wearing my garmin to see how fast I sprinted to break up the dog fight. It was terrifying, and both Ollie and I were shaking for quite awhile after, but luckily she's okay.

When Kyle arrived, she had to get some extra dad snuggles to feel better.

Then it was off to the camper! Ollie snuggled in for the trip.

Ollie has spent more time in the camper than I have. When Kyle was fixing it up last fall, Ollie would come with him and "supervise" his work from her perch at the table. Guess right where she hopped up to as soon as we got there.

We stayed up way too late for this gal, so when it was time to go fishing the next morning, I wanted to sleep. So we ended up getting on the water late, and boy did it get hot. We caught fish left and right for the first 45 minutes, and then it slowed down and I got pretty miserable. It was the most calm, still day on the lake, which is great, but that meant the thick hot air just stuck to you and the bugs feasted on my delicious blood.

Ollie offered to drive us to the fish, so we let her.

I think she needs some of those little kid goggle sunglasses that strap in the back, don't you? She has a fairly bad permanent film/scarring on her eye lens, so she's almost blind when it's really sunny out. It was pretty obvious on the lake that she couldn't see either of us; we'd talk to her and she'd stare toward our voice, but wouldn't be looking at us. Poor peanut.

Ollie was obsessed with the live well. As soon as we started pushing the fish we caught in the well, she wanted to jump inside and play with the fish (or possibly eat them, who knows). She decided she'd perch on top to keep them safe for awhile.

After we were done fishing, I treated myself to some Purple Cow ice cream, and it's just as good as I remembered from many years past. Mmmm.
We made a late lunch, cleaned up the camper and made our way back home. This photo was take maybe 3 minutes into the drive. Zzzzz.

And then when she felt like she was missing out on fun by sleeping, she sat in between us and toggled between sleep and wakefulness, all while sitting up. That pug is sure talented.
What a fun weekend with the fam!

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