Thursday, July 2, 2015

Running Hat Help

I need some serious help. I am in desperate need of a new running hat. I hate wearing a hot (I sweat to death, why add more clothes!?!?) but I have some sun spots on my face from too many summers of running without one, so now it's all hat, all the time. Unfortunately for me, I look doofy in my hats!

So I need a hat-ervention, or something.

Let me have it, what running hats do you love? I need something light, preferably green (but I'll give some wiggle room on this one), that won't make me look doofy.


Doofy Hat #1

Doofy Hat #2

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Susan said...

A visor!! They're amazing - I look doofy in running hats, but visors work great. The Headsweats version is awesome - it has a little sweatband in the lining that helps absorb the sweat. I also have visors from Brooks, which I like. And I'm sure you could find a green one. :)