Monday, July 20, 2015

Yoga Teacher Training Update

As I've blabbered on and on about for the last 4 months, I did yoga teacher training at my local yoga studio which partnered with Lotus House of Yoga from Nebraska. In addition to our seven weekends of intensive weekend training, we also have additional hourly requirements: 30 hours of yoga classes, 10 hours of yoga class observations, 10 hours of yoga class assists, 4 workshops, and 6 hours of free yoga classes we teach.

Because training was so intensive, I put off doing these requirements until in between our 6th and 7th weekend, since there was a month break. I did 9 of my 10 observations in a two week span at the end of June. There were a LOT of 5:30am classes to watch. And then I moved on to my assists, and have over half of those completed to date. I have four of my six kula classes done, with my last two on the schedule, and I'm all done with my workshops. Somehow my yoga practice has been the hardest to wrap up, as there are only a couple of instructors who's classes count toward our requirements, and after observing or assisting classes, there aren't any left for me to take!

My Type A self has a list of all the available classes that fit my schedule with approved instructors for the next three weeks, and if all goes according to plan, I'll be all wrapped up by August 3rd. Wahoo! Do they give out yoga certifications for 187 hours because I'm ready to be done!


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Susan said...

Do you feel ready to teach on your own? I think I'd be so nervous!