Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekly Training Recap

Monday morning I was up at 5:30am to observe an ashtanga yoga class for my yoga teacher training.  From there I went and assisted my first gentle vinyasa class. I was terrified to assist, but it went great! One down, 9 to go!

Tuesday morning I was up bright and early for a power vinyasa class. It was hard, and I still had a lot of residual soreness from an intense last weekend of teacher training.

Tuesday night I hit the barre for a class. I REALLY did NOT want to work out twice on Tuesday. Like, at all, but I get a reimbursement from work on my yoga membership if I attend the studio a certain amount of times each month, and with all the observations I did instead of taking classes the last two weeks, I was coming up one short! Phew, work out down, and some money back in my pocket!
Wednesday morning, I was again up at insane o'clock to observe my final yoga class for teacher training requirements. Whoop! I only had to work 3 hours since I was scheduled to work on Sunday, so I was able to get in a power vinyasa class at 5:45pm that I've never taken before. It was a similar flow to Tuesday morning's, and my body was finally feeling better, so I could actually give some decent effort.

I was a sweaty mess, so I went home and showered before the pinnacle yoga class of my week: restorative with essential oils and reiki. Don't you feel healed just by reading the class title? It was magical and heavenly and when it was done, I wanted someone to just roll me to my apartment and put me to bed.

 Thursday morning was spent doing another power vinyasa yoga class at 5:30am. I rarely get to take classes from the studio owner, because her classes never align with my work schedule, so it was a treat to get my sweaty butt handed to me early in the morning. :)

Friday I had the day off so I went to a new yoga studio for a morning vinyasa class. It was part yin part vin, and exactly what my body was needing.
I had big plans to do 6-8 miles after yoga, but I felt really off and cut it to two miles. Considering I spent the majority of the weekend on excessive amounts of allergy meds and sleeping, my body was prepping to take me down with a sinus infection for the holiday weekend.

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