Friday, July 24, 2015

Fourth of July Weekend

I had to work on the 5th of July so as soon as I was off work on Thursday, Kyle and I loaded up our provisions and pug and headed up to the camper. 

Provisions = mix your own 6 pack. Obvs.

Ollie was thrilled to be going on an adventure.

And then she wanted to take a turn at driving. She has a hard time looking where she's supposed to go while driving so her dad is trying to give her pointers.

As soon as we arrived we packed up and were out in the boat. The sky was still all crazy because of the fires in Canada.

My view in the boat. <3

Ollie making sure her dad is catching something (spoiler: we didn't)

And then when the sun went down we got to fish with light up bobbers. How did I not know that's a thing?!? So fun. Except when your eyes suck like mine it's hard to even tell when you have a bite.

Look! There's my tiny little glowy bobber!

On the way home from fishing, I started to feel miserable. I had a monster headache and I couldn't breathe. I realized later that I was having some major allergy issues from all the smoke. Thanks Canada!

I was able to rally a bit in the morning after some heavy decongestant dosage. But the fish weren't interested.

Ollie was thrilled to be the co-pilot on the boat.

Patriotic hair ribbon FTW.

And then I made her a little tent to hang out in to keep her out of the sun.

And then around lunch time I thought I was going to die, so Ollie and I were dropped off to down some more allergy meds and nap. I think we slept for three hours, and got caught up on some reading.

And then I attempted to rally. It was the Fourth of July, after all.

We got hung out and met a lot of new folks that camp on the campsite and had a blast.

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