Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sioux Falls Half Marathon Training Week 3

Monday morning I assisted a yoga class, so I didn't get a workout in.

Tuesday I was up super early to take a power vinyasa class and then assist an express class after. It was one of the funnest flows I've done in awhile!

Wednesday night was group run at 605 Running Co. I actually had company on the run which was awesome. And after we continued our sweat by doing a nice and tough flow!

Thursday morning was another early morning class with a new to me instructor. So hard. So much sweat.

Saturday I had planned to run a 5k but a 45 minute drive and a 10am start time in the heat weeee having had me thinking otherwise.

Sunday I met Emily at barre for a class. I rarely sweat in barre (which I love) but I worked up a bit sweat in Katie's class!

Since I was already sweaty I thought I might as well take my bike out for a spin! I biked a leisurely paced 14 miles with a friend and then tried to haul some booty for 11 of the remaining 13. I was averaging 16 mph which is flyyyyying for me. Barre and yoga must be helping strengthen my legs up because this is my first ride this year. Oops.

And I ended the weekend with the magical unicorn hour of restorative yoga. Ahhhh....

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