Friday, March 17, 2017

Alamo 13.1 Race Goals

I had a dream a few months ago that I took 11 minutes off of my last half marathon time for this race. LOLZ. That might be more likely of a goal for my goal race in May. It's going to be much warmer for this race than my last two halfs, so that'll play a factor in my time. And most of my training has been in much cooler temps as well.

This race is coming in place of a 13 mile long run workout on my training plan. Starting at my long run pace, bumping up the speed a little bit every couple of miles, and then the last two miles at Lactate Threshold pace.

Based on how my training has been going here are my goals (ish):

Goal A: 2:08-2:09. I ran a 2:09 in St. Paul in October on a super humid but cool day. I should certainly be in better shape now, but the warmer temps still will play a factor.

Goal B: Sub 10 minute pace. Running a ten minute pace was hard in Dallas and it was about half the temperatures, so this might be a challenge, but training has been going well since then so you never know! Sub 2:11.

Goal C: 10:10 pace would be a 2:13-2:14 (or if I stink at running tangents).

Regardless of my race time, I'm excited to get a 13.1 mile tour around San Antonio!

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