Thursday, March 30, 2017

San Antonio Trip Part 1

We started our trip to San Antonio bright and early on Tuesday morning. It was Kyle and my first flight together (!!!) but because of my forgotten ID we didn't get to sit together. Well. Scratch that. I could've went to sit with him, it was a half full flight, but the flight gods gifted me with an exit row. And even though my legs are short and I don't need the extra leg room, I felt like it was rude to turn it down.

We had a teeny tiny layover in Dallas and then arrived in San Antonio. And it was warm! Ahhh.... 

We were all starving when we got there, so we headed out to one of the closest restaurants, which was a terrible idea. Terrible service, not great food, and all the beers on tap weren't actually available. At one point I had to give a top 5 list of beers that I would drink and the waiter came back and needed more because they didn't have any of them on tap. Eeps! Note to self: restaurants in the main touristy area may not be the best choice! 

We found a mall to pick up some items we had left behind, and happened upon a Tex Mex restaurant with great margaritas. When in Rome, right? Debauchery consumed the rest of the evening, as one would expect when you start drinking mid-afternoon.

The next morning, the guys went to register for the conference, and I tagged along. Then we hit up some fancy steak restaurant for lunch. 

My new favorite filter is the goth one, I definitely think I need a nose ring and a plum lipstick. Yessssss.
The Spurs were playing, so we went to the game expecting to buy tickets when we arrived. Essentially sold out, unless we all wanted to sit separately. Fail. We ended up buying standing room only tickets. Uff.

Kyle and his boss snuck to some actual seats, so I hung out with his co-worker and wife. I'm such a rule follower.

After the game we tried to go to the tower for drinks, but it was closed. Bummer!

After an obnoxious amount of standing, I had to give my legs some TLC before bed.

Friday it was St. Patrick's day, and I convinced Kyle to join me for cheesecake before we left town to celebrate the holiday. Somehow a martini made it in to the order too. Weird. 

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