Friday, March 10, 2017

Running Podcasts

I've started listening to some Running podcasts. I've always been a podcast listener (well, always since Serial came out, I should clarify) and rarely listen to running podcasts. Well, I'm now converting. Listening to them on my drives or while I'm getting ready for a run really help with my motivation to get out there and log some miles. And everyone needs some extra help with that, right?

Here are a few of my favorites:

There are tons of podcasts on Marathon Training Academy. I especially loved their breakdown in explaining heartrate rate training. 

I'll Have Another is a great conversational style podcast. It feels like Lindsey + her guest(s) are tagging along with you on your run, or you're all sitting around for coffee taking a deep dive into her guest's brains and brilliance.

Human Race by Runner's World always highlights different runners and their exceptional feats. It's always an incredibly inspiring story. A must-listen on those days when you don't "feel like running". Most of the runners featured are so awe-inspiring that you'll retire that excuse asap.

C Tolle Run is one of the newest podcasts I've picked up hosted by Carrie Tollefson, well known midwestern/Minnesotan runner. She actually takes her guest(s) on a run and they mic up while out on the road. Sometimes the audio might be a little annoying, but the information is always top notch. 

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