Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Facts

  • I didn't drive until I was 22. I still hate driving. If I hadn't *had* to get a license and a car to further my career, I wouldn't have bothered. If only I lived somewhere with better public transit, I wouldn't have needed to!
  • I've never mowed before. We always had a HUGE lawn growing up, so my brother was tasked with the job (with a push mower) as part of "training" for whatever sport he was in. When he graduated, we got a riding mower and then my parents enjoyed doing it so I was still off the hook.
  • I was offered a volleyball scholarship to play in college. Volleyball was my least favorite sport, but oddly enough the one I was the best at. Go figure. Sometimes I still wonder what it would've been like to play college volleyball. The school was small enough that I could've walked on to the track team as well.
  • My first love was basketball. I would spend hours in the gym. In the summer, I would go to work until 5, go home and eat dinner and then be at the gym from 6-9:30pm. On days off I would be up there from 9-5 and back from 6-9:30pm. During the school year in the off season, I would go to track or volleyball practice, and then spend an hour shooting around afterwards. Obsessed? Yes.
  • I confess that I used to have a hatred for little dogs. They always seem so yappy. And more apt to bite than bigger dogs. Now we all know my love for pugs. Maybe they just don't count!
  • I've always been a crazy cat lady. I've always been that kid (or teen) who would go to a party and then sit outside on the gravel driveway and play with all the kitties instead of socializing with my peers.
  • I absolutely love children, but am not sure if I want any of my own. My favorite part of my job is lapsit with the 6-24 month old kiddos. They seriously have my heart. But I might just be a pugmom forever.
  • My eyes are like mood rings. When I'm happy, they're blue. When I'm angry or sad, they're green.

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