Thursday, March 9, 2017

February in Review + Goals

February in Review

Total Miles: 41.8 miles down from 72.4 last month. Up from 0 miles last February.

Planned Miles: 117. Recovery from the half in Dallas + gallbladder attack that had me out for days + a terrible cold = a LOT of missed miles. Uff.

Total Time:  7:22:57 down from 12:48:40 last month. 

Monthly Average Pace: 10:36/mi

Total Runs: 9, 5.97 miles per run average.

Highest weekly mileage:
2/6/2017 – 2/12/2017:19.1 mi3:19:3310:26 / mi

Favorite run: 8 mile mid-week endurance run. In the sun! in shorts! and a tank! in February! Doesn't get much better than that, right?

Most hardcore run: 7 miles with 20 minutes at tempo. Toni ran with me and let me put in my earbuds and just run hard. Surprised myself with what tempo pace looks like right now!

Favorite race: None.

Bike Miles: 0

Favorite Jam: I've been running with friends so much that I haven't been listening to much music. I have been adding Kesha Tik Tok and Miley Cyrus to my yoga playlists a LOT lately, much to the delight of my yoga students, I'm sure... :P

Goals Check In:
  • Run 100 miles for the month
  • 3 Core Workouts/Week
  • 2 Cycling Classes
  • 2 Morning Runs
  • 2 Group Runs
  • Hydrate!

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