Monday, March 6, 2017

Never Miss a Monday

I'm sure everyone has heard "Never miss a Monday" in regards to working out/training/running. I've never been someone to subscribe to this way of thinking. In fact, 98% of my training programs in the past have had rest days on Mondays. I liked this because it gave me the flexibility of a long run on Saturday or Sunday. But sometimes that rest day would lead to another day. And another day. And another day. And soon the week would almost be over and I hadn't laced up my running shoes.

While doing my base building, I tried to make it a point to run on Mondays. Knowing that I was 1/1 on my workouts for the week seemed to start me out on the right foot. I also liked seeing my weekly mileage start out with a number greater than 0.0.

The training program I'm following for this spring also has Mondays as a rest day. But now that I know that Monday runs do help to create momentum for me, I want to keep it up! I shifted all of the runs in the week up a day. Since those Monday runs are can be somewhat challenging, it also means that I have to be more consistent about running my long runs on Saturdays instead of having Sundays to fall back on. This is very necessary to my training as well, because I often use the excuse of pushing back my long run until later in the day/tomorrow/later tomorrow and before I know it its Sunday night and I haven't ran.

Ultimately, I'd love to be back to the level of commitment and dedication that I was for my first few marathons and half marathons in 2010-2012. I'm hoping these small realizations will help lead to some new found habits and eventually progress towards my goals!

What tricks do you use to keep yourself on track??

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