Monday, March 27, 2017

Flight Folly

The scene: Tuesday at the Airport 5:30am.
The characters: Jeri bright eyed and bushy tailed. Kyle half asleep and grumpy.

We arrive at the airport at 5:30am for our 7am flight. I'm a nervous flyer/traveler, and have only recently been okay with not arriving at our small little airport the suggested 2 hours early. We get in line to check in only to realize that I do not have my wallet. My wallet which contains my ID, credit card, debit card, etc.

Cue--wide spread panic and tears.

We live 30 minutes away from the airport. I quickly do the math and realize, I will not be making this flight. I expect Kyle to jump in and offer to save the day. He does not. This is a work trip for him, so he can not miss this flight. Shit



I quickly remember that I had just given a spare key to my running BFF on Sunday. Without thinking twice, I dial her number. She answers and sounds like she's as tearful as I am, until I realize that it's 5:37am and she just got woken out of her beauty sleep. I ask her to do the biggest favor of all time and rush to the airport and save me. She says yes and hangs up.

We sit and wait.

6 a.m.

I approach the ticket counter and explain that I tried to check in online but the website won't let me, presumably because I booked mine and Kyle's tickets together and he's already checked in. They reiterate that they can't do anything without my ID. I finally sweet talk them into just checking me in for the flight, but they keep my boarding pass. Fine. As long as I have a seat, I can fly through security if necessary.

We wait.

And wait.

6:30 a.m.

My anxiety is through the roof and my other running bestie is texting me in an effort to keep me calm. It's working. Sort of. Not really.

I assume because I haven't heard from BRF #1 that she has found my wallet and is on the way. Finally, she texts me at a stoplight to say she's 3 minutes away. She lets me know she'll have her window rolled down for a speedy hand off. It's like she's done this before or something! I dance around at the doors hoping that every vehicle that drives up is her matching Subie to mine. It's not.

While I'm dancing the ticket counter guy comes up and sneakily gives me my ticket, saying that he's "sure he saw my ID" and accidentally still had it at the counter. Thank you dude. You just saved me 90 seconds this morning!

Moments later Toni comes roaring through the drop off lane, I grab my wallet and fly to security. And there's no one in line and we're through in under 2 minutes.

Just in time to board our plane.


Did I mention that when we got in the vehicle to the airport I confirmed with Kyle that he had his ID and methods of payment? And that I had two separate packing sheets because I'm that kind of prepared packer/traveler?


House key = in case of emergencies, including those where I'm just a moron.

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