Friday, August 25, 2017

605 Series 12 Mile Race Goals

This weekend, we have the final race in the 605 Race Series, the 12 miler. Originally I was hesitant to sign up for the series, and the 12 miler specifically because I see no reason to race a 12 miler in half marathon training. But as my wise training partner told me, "Well then we won't race it!" Oh. Duh. So we plan to do it as yet another training run, which is what *most* people use this series for, I just have a hard time spending money for a training run, but it's for 605 Running Co. and they put on a heck of a party disguised as a low-key race morning!

Our workout for the day is 12 miles (yay! no extra warm up miles this time!) increasing the pace so the last 3 miles are at/near tempo pace. My tentative planning (tentative meaning I haven't yet shared this with Toni) is to run 4-5 miles at our typical long run pace 10:30-10:40s. Then 3-4 miles of picking it up, maybe 10-10:15 pace, followed by the last 3 dropped down in the low 9s.

Hopefully it's a great day for a couple hour run around the bike trails in town! Last year I missed this race as it occurred just a few days after my mom's passing, so in honor of her, we'll be rocking some awesome purple gear for the day. <3

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