Friday, August 11, 2017

605 Series 8 Mile Race Goals

I was hesitant to sign up for the 605 Race Series, because I knew I wouldn't race any of the distances other than the 4 mile. Toni convinced me that we'd do the 8 mile and 12 mile as our training runs together, and our finishing time would be NBD. Thank goodness for Toni, right?

Sunday's 8 mile will be a part of our 11 mile long run for the day. According to the Pfitz plan we're following, we're supposed to increase our long run pace, finishing the last 3 miles near Lactate Threshold pace. Uff da! Our LT pace lately has been between 9-9:20. Our long run pace has been creepily 10:39 almost every week no matter the distance or temperature/humidity or if I'm running with Toni or solo. So weird.

Our plan:

To run 3 miles at our regular pace before the race, with minimal time between those miles and the gun start. I think we'll continue another 2-3 miles at our regular long run pace, with another 2 around 9:30-10 pace, and the final three around, or slightly above 9 minute pace.

Last year I ran the race in 1:16:03, a pace of 9:49. Apparently my race plan was similar last year (I had to look up my race report to be sure): race plan 2 @10:30, 2 @ 10, 2 @ 9:30 2 @ 9-9:15.

I would love for my time/pace to be faster than last year's especially as it's at the end of an 11 miler, but we'll see! Since it's more of a workout vs. a race like last year's was, I'm just excited to get out and run with a bunch of 605 runner friends!

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