Friday, August 4, 2017

605 Series 4 Mile DNS

Last weekend was the first race in the 605 Series, and the only one of the series I planned to race! I ran long on Friday so I'd be able to race on Sunday. Buuuuuuut, my legs had other ideas. Friday evening my legs started to feel really tight. I foam rolled and sticked and took some ibuprofen before bed. When I woke up Saturday morning, I could barely move them, my IT band was so tight, my quads felt completely locked up.

I had lunch plans with a friend and just assumed they'd loosen up as the day went on. After lunch I realized, maybe that wasn't the case..... I spent more time foam rolling, took more ibuprofen, found some biofreeze, and took a two hour nap.... in the name of recovery, mind you.

I woke up, foam rolled some more and took an epsom bath. They felt a little better, finally. I texted Toni that I was going to try to do my warm up miles before the race, and decide if I'd race after that. I woke up Sunday and my legs were still super tight and painful. I turned off my alarm, mopey, and tried to go back to bed. Until I realized that I had picked up friends' packets and had to bring them to the race. Grr....

I did some more foam rolling throughout the day, but not as aggressively as the previous days, as they were still super tender to the touch and maybe I overdid the foam rolling a smidge. I really wanted to run that race, so I was doing everything I could to get there. Oh well.

I had another epsom bath and took a restorative yoga class. Monday my legs felt almost okay. I took a yin yoga class and 15 minutes of foam rolling, and my legs felt almost back to normal. I opted to take another rest day just to be sure.

So I'm back to normal, I think. This is similar IT band issues that I've had when my form is crappy during a long run or race. I think going to POWER for the first time in three weeks may have worked my glutes too hard, so they were just off completely during my long run. It's a good reminder to keep my foam roller nearby as the miles are increasing, and to make sure that my glutes are ready to rock during runs. Eeps.

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