Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Twin Cities 10 Training Week 4

Week of July 31-August 6

Monday Planned: General Aerobic 4 miles 
Monday Actual: Sigh. Another rest day. I took a yin yoga class that was amazing, and I spent about 15 minutes foam rolling before class. I probably *could've* run after, but I opted for one more day of recovery to be on the safe side.

Tuesday Planned
General Aerobic 8 miles 2 sets 5x150m strides
Tuesday Actual: 3 miles and 30 minutes of yin yoga. We ran 3 miles for the group run, and my right quad was still pretty tired and fatigued feeling. I contemplated running the extra miles after but opted not to. Pretty hopeful it'll be back to normal tomorrow *fingers crossed*.

Wednesday PlannedGeneral Aerobic 3 mile Wednesday Actual: Ugh. My legs hated me. During a downhill portion, my right leg locked up on me and I knew I was better off turning around and heading for home instead of pushing it for 3-4 miles, as was the plan. Womp. I got in two super easy miles, and then spent some time with the rumble roller before yoga class started. 

Thursday Planned
General Aerobic 7 mile 
Thursday ActualGeneral Aerobic 7 mile. I was really nervous about this run and how my legs would feel. I brought my stick to work and spent all of my breaks working on my quads/it bands. And we were treated with a gorgeous afternoon of 7 miles!

After our run, we met a bunch of our running friends at our favorite local brewery to wish Sally safe travels as she departs on her next adventure. She's such a lovely human/yogi/runner and will be missed dearly!!

Friday Planned: Sanford POWER
Friday Actual
Sanford POWER. I really wanted to do an easy 2-3 miler after POWER to get the fatigue out of my legs, but I didn't have enough time to get ready for work. Womp.

Saturday PlannedEndurance 9 miles
Saturday Actual: Ugh. My legs just weren't having it on this run, and I was way underfueled. I ended up calling it quits and turned around at 1.5 miles for 3.33 for the day.

Sunday Planned: Rest
Sunday ActualEndurance 9 miles. Whoo! I was nervous my legs were still going to be toast like yesterday. My hamstrings were kind of ouchy before I started, which is something I never deal with, so that was weird. I suspect I was working them extra hard with weird form on Saturday. Extra bonus points for calling it early, I think. Luckily they warmed up within a mile.

The rest of the run was great. Really smooth, fairly even splits, and it was magical being able to run long at 10:30am in August and not melting. I finished and felt like I could've ran for another hour which is a damn good sign for where my fitness is right now. Wahoo!!

Recovery game: so strong. 
Recovery socks AND recovery sandals. Hoka sandals are just as weird looking as Hoka shoes but they feel magical!

Total Mileage Planned: 31 miles

Total Mileage Actual:  24.37 miles

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