Monday, August 7, 2017

How to Fail a Long Run

Saturday I was scheduled for a 9 mile long run during our cut back week. I did not complete that 9 mile run. Not for lack of trying... ish. But I also failed along the way. I was so excited. *ONLY* 9 miles! Cut back week! NBD distance! I love that our training has gotten to this point where a 9 mile run is NBD. But apparently I should've respected the distance a bit....

Things I Did Right:

  • Hydrating heavily Friday night and Saturday morning. I drank so much water I had to pee all through my yoga class Saturday night. I thought about leaving them in a lunge for 3 minutes but decided that'd be rude.
  • I went to bed early. A friend was in town, but we both planned to go to bed early, so I was in bed by 10pm. I only had a glass of Champagne instead of the six that I would've liked to have.
  • I packed all of my running things so I had no excuses to skip the run after yoga class.
  • I checked the weather, and it was supposed to be lovely and cool all day, so nbd that I pushed my long urn until after yoga!
  • Yoga before running. Ahhhh bliss.
  • NOT drinking my beer after yoga at the brewery. I didn't even take one because I knew it would upset my stomach or lower my interest in running.
  • Foam rolling Friday night. My quads and IT band have been slightly annoying lately, so I spent some good time foam rolling them, as well as my calves and working on my feet.

    Things I Did Very, Very Wrong:
    • I went on an impromptu walk with one of my college BFFs, in sandals that maybe weren't the most supportive, resulting in swollen legs/feet and blisters.
    • Not eating breakfast. Not bringing a snack for after yoga. Attempting to run 9 miles on one singular luna bar at 1:15pm after teaching a yoga class.
    • Not running at 6am as originally planned. If I had gone, I would've been fine with not eating beforehand! My GUs would've gotten me through, and I would've been able to take a glorious post long run nap after yoga.
    • I skipped my epsom salt bath Friday night because I wanted to hang out with my friend who was in town. Had we not gone on a walk, it would've been a-ok. But going on the walk and having tired legs, spelled disaster....
    So do as I say, not as I do. Drink a lot of water, get good sleep, fuel properly, and don't except your body to be able to perform if you're not setting it up to do so properly. Duh.

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