Friday, November 17, 2017

Boston Trip Recap Part 1

I arrived in Boston just a little after lunch, and Kathryn, a woman after my own heart, whisked me off to the nearest brewery for a beer and lunch. She knows me so well. 

We were on kiddo pick up duty and then headed out for super really delicious Mexican food for dinner. We had maybe the worst dining experience of my life at the restaurant, only made better by eating some of the BEST TACOS OF MY LIFE (and margaritas, and guacamole) so it almost made the horrific wait for a table, and total neglect of service worth while. Seriously the food was so good, omg.

Friday morning I woke up and set out for a run around town. I got in a nice easy three and was terrified by ALL OF THE HILLS. Omg what have I done?!?!

We went into Boston and enjoyed an awesome lunch of pizza and wine.

After lunch we made our way to the Boston Marathon finish line!!

Someday I'll run across this! But for today, I'll squat in front of it. 

This momento was necessary. 

We walked around for a little bit and enjoyed the beautiful day and all of the super cool buildings.

And selfies. Obvs.

Somehow we managed to work up some appetite and a need for COFFEE so we stopped at Max Brennan's for lattes and dessert.

We stopped at a couple of running stores nearby before making our way home for the night!

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