Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ocean View Half Recovery Week

Week of November 6-12

Monday Actual: Rest + foam rolling + myofascial release and some targeted massage to my cranky calve.

Tuesday Actual: 60 minute yoga class and more foam rolling.

Wednesday Actual: 3 mile run at the 605 group run. Surprised at how good my legs feel. Also probably the last time that I'll get in a run in shorts in the near future. Sadsies.

Thursday Actual: 4 miles with the BRF after work. With full on WINTER in the house. Real feel of 12. Brrr.

Friday Actual: I meant to get up and do the coffee run, but after coming back from vacation and Kyle being out of town, I wanted to just SLEEP. I went to bed at 9:30 and slept until 7am! Uff.

Saturday Actual: I worked on Saturday and then went straight from work to the Foo Fighters concert. Does 3.5 hours of dancing and 5 hours of standing count as a workout, because then I did. Endurance standing? Is that a thing?

Sunday Actual: Skipped long run (see above concert fun and 1am bedtime). 90 minute miracle massage. Mmmmmm.

Total Mileage Actual: 7 miles. Feeling reeeeeal recovered over here!

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