Friday, November 3, 2017

Ocean View Half Marathon Race Goals

Back when I signed up for this race, my goal was to be in PR shape this fall. Uff, that hasn't quite happened yet, but I'm on the right path! I was reading up on the race a few weeks ago, and if I had thought I was in PR shape, this portion of the description may have changed my mind "this is not a PR course" (although now that I went back to quote it 100% correctly, I can't find this information anywhere. Perhaps they thought it would hinder participation. Perhaps I made it all up. WE MAY NEVER KNOW.)

Oh. Ok then.

Based on the elevation map on the website, you wouldn't think that would be the case.

But once you stumble on one that doesn't minimize the hills, then you know what's up.


The good news is that a hilly course forces me to focus on the step and mile I'm in. Which is great. Also, it's supposed to be Jeri approved cool temps! Yesssssssss.

A Goal: I want to run hard. If I have a race day that rivals the Twin Cities 10 Mile, I will be very happy. I was in the race mentally for 97% of the race. That's a huge win for me! My half time from Brookings was 2:05:44 for a pace of 9:33. Despite being a much harder course, I would like to run a faster pace. (My best half since grad school *PGSPR* is 2:02:53, so I'll also stick that number in the back of my brain in case all things are clicking properly and I need an A+ goal!).

B Goal: A year ago, I ran my first sub 2:10 half in years on a much easier course, but on a lot less training.

C Goal: Enjoy the weather, enjoy the views, the ocean, the ability to run without concern of time and pace. Throw your Garmin in the ocean so you can get the rose gold one you covet..... [update: I wrote this goal before I bought the new rose gold one I covet, so I CAN NOT throw this one in the ocean]

Excited to finish out 2017 with half marathon #32 with whatever the result is!

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