Monday, November 6, 2017

Memphis Trip Recap Part 2

After the Big Bugs exhibit, I headed back to the hotel (calling for the shuttle with 1% battery remaining on my phone) to get ready for the evening. There was a social reception for the conference so we hung out and snacked and drank and then headed downtown for dinner.

We ended up at the Majestic for dinner, an old converted theatre that had a black and white movie playing while we ate. Then we went to Beale Street for the Monday night "lite" version of the experience.

When in Rome, you get the Beale Big Ass Beer, right? Right.

We listened to some live music, drank some beer, and finally decided we were far too old for being out this late (or the guys decided this as they had to work on Tuesday and I didn't).

Kyle worked until lunchtime on Tuesday, which is great because I had a pounding headache and needed some serious sleep (see above: big ass Beale street beer, uff). When he got back, we went to lunch at Huey's as we'd heard good things about the burgers. They were just, meh. The cheesy tots were top notch!

After lunch we walked to Muddy's cupcake shop for some dessert. I thinkI need this Eat More Cake sign in my living room. Cupcake shops are just my favorite thing to look at. Their decor is always so cutesy and just speaks to that little adorable creature that is dormant inside of my heart, probably.

I ordered a Prozac since that's what they're famous for, mostly because I thought Kyle would like it, but he was full. Uff that's a lot of chocolate for someone who just *likes* chocolate.

I also got a caramel frosted one, because, yummy. Also a mini lemon one because I couldn't decide.

Decisions at a bakery are the hardest of decisions.

After cupcakes we went to the Bass Pro Shop in the pyramid. We always have to stop at Bass Pro shops, and I was actually excited to see this one to go up and see the view. Forgetting that it was incredibly cold and SUPER WINDY until we made it up top, we definitely didn't get our $20 worth of viewing. Oh well.

I tried on some new running hat options. This one is actually a ladies fit. Who would've thought.

And then this gem was somehow even worse.

Next up was the local running store. I found a really cute long sleeve in NEON YELLOW for me and my BRF, and as I was checking out, Kyle pointed out the Fenix I had been looking at online.

For our last night in Memphis, we went to dinner at Seasons 52. I had a super delicious cucumber, basil drink. 

Followed by something with pear and thyme.

Kyle's dinner was absolutely beautiful and delicious. And we totally pigged out. Plus had dessert (that sucked).

So we got second dessert when we got back to the hotel. As you do. On vacation, right?

For a healthy start to our day, we trekked to Gibson's donuts to see what all of the fuss was about. Amazing, fluffy, light, CHEAP donuts. Yum. And there was a bird inside the store which led to a lot of laughter as they tried to free him.

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