Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Ocean View Half Marathon Training Week 4

Week of October 23-29

Monday Planned: General Aerobic + Speed 6 miles 2 sets 6x100 strides

Monday Actual: General Aerobic 6 miles in which I thought I was going to get lost and never found again.

Tuesday Planned: Recovery 4 Miles
Tuesday Actual: I took a rest day, as I had some left calve knots and failed to bring any good torture devices to remedy it.

Wednesday Planned: Endurance 10 Miles
Wednesday Actual: I have no idea how I thought I was going to run 10 miles while traveling back from Memphis literally all day long. In my head, I was going to be back in time for the group run, but I was very very wrong.

Thursday Planned: Rest

Thursday Actual: I had planned to do the 10 mile long run Thursday morning after I realized my error, but we got home at 10:30pm and I slept until 9am. And then I worked until 9pm. It was also 30-45 mph winds. What is happening?!

Friday Planned: Recovery 3 Miles
Friday Actual: 4 Recovery miles in an insane wind advisory. I guess winter is back. <see above when I was running in shorts and a tank on MONDAY>

Saturday Planned: Race 5k, 6 miles total
Saturday Actual: Trick or Treat 5k with 2 miles warm up and a half mile cool down.

Sunday Planned: Recovery 3 Miles
Sunday Actual: Recovery 5 miles. I wore shorts and a long sleeve and was WAY TOO WARM. The rain was welcomed and helped me cool off slightly.

Total Mileage Planned: 32 Miles
Total Mileage Actual: 20.59 miles

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