Monday, November 27, 2017

Boston Trip Recap Part 2

Saturday was a chill lazy day around the house so I could rest my legs and be ready for my race on Sunday. I'm thankful there was race day packet pick up, because I failed to calculate how far Ipswich was from the suburb my friend lives in, which is basically on the opposite side of Boston. Sorry!

We made ourselves a charcuterie plate and drank some adult beverages. As you do for lunch on vacation, right?

Alice and I had a blast taking all of the selfies with fun snapchat filters.

And Sunday morning we were race bound! I was thankful for Daylight Savings allowing me to sleep in. A 6am wake up on race morning is unheard of. But a 6am alarm that FEELS like a 7am alarm is insane. I wasn't as thrilled with the temperatures feeling like it was 10:30am instead of 9:30am. There were so many people in coats, pants, and long sleeves. And Kathryn heard several mention I was crazy for wearing shorts. But wouldn't you know it, there were TONS of people shedding clothes throughout the race! And yes, I was too warm and dumping water on my head, per usual.

Sometimes after a race, you have to just sit down. Right there. On a curb that's literally crumbling under your butt. And take pictures, obviously.

After the race, Kathryn conveniently parked at the restaurant that gave out free post-race beers, so we took it as a sign to stop in. I enjoyed a Smuttynose IPA which was delicious and we had some okay fajitas and guacamole.

On the way home I was ready to crash so we made a trip to a Dunkin Donuts to help with the cause. It was a trillion degrees and I can no longer taste food. Thanks for the awesome first experience DD!

We didn't get home from the race until mid-afternoon so the evening was nice and chill and relaxing.

Monday morning we went out in search of good coffee and ended up at a super cute bakery. I love this wall art, probably because it reminds me of a light bulb. If my grandparents were still alive and Light's Bakery were still a thing, this would absolutely be necessary as their logo.

I hate to break it to you, but I really have the prettiest friends. Proof.

We did a little shopping (slash screwing around), before our sushi date.

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