Monday, November 13, 2017

October in Review + Meet Presley

October in Review

Total Miles:  79.8 miles down from 124.4 miles  last month. 98.2 miles last October.

Total Time:  13:14:44 down from 21:20:46. Average pace dropped from 10:18 to 9:58! Whoop!

Total Runs: 13 runs, an average of 6.14 miles/run.

Highest weekly mileage: 
10/9/2017 – 10/15/2017:22.1 mi3:38:109:52 / mi

Most hardcore run: Solo speed session on the track. Made more hardcore for how starved I was throughout. Uff. Some really great paces.

Favorite run: I did an 11 mile long run by myself (which I hate) but it actually went really well, I felt strong, and the miles flew by. Sometimes it's nice to have a solo run to be along with your thoughts.

Favorite Race: Twin Cities 10 Mile and the Parks and Rec "5k". The TC10 was an awesome day, and despite not idea race conditions, I had a great race and a lot of fun. The 5k was one of the best races I've ran in a really long time, not worrying about how fast I went out, staying with the hard effort when it would've been easier to slow down, and surprising myself with a sub 8 pace. It was a great day!

Bike Miles: 0 miles.

Favorite Jam: I'm really digging T. Swift's Look What You Made Me Do.

Meet Presley 

When Kyle and I were in Memphis, we visited a local running store. I had spent hours in Bass Pro Shop, so I felt like it was only fair. I picked up a couple of OBNOXIOUSLY neon colored long sleeves for me and my bestie. Well, technically I was picking up one for myself, to which Kyle commented, "Wait, you're not getting one for Toni? You should get one for Toni." Well okay then. I guess I'm making all future running purchases in duplicate!

At the checkout, Kyle pointed at a Garmin Fenix that was on display. "Isn't that the watch you wanted? You should just get that too." I had been looking at the Fenixes for months, humming and hawwing over their price tag. I even blogged about it a month or so ago. My final thoughts were that I desperately wanted it, but could not justify the price tag, no matter how hard I tried. Kyle, the extreme conservative when it comes to money thought I should've bought it months ago. Now that I think about it, maybe he was pushing this watch purchase to even out the ridiculous new boat he just bought.... interesting.

Anyway, it wasn't the Garmin Fenix 5S I had been researching, but it was the Fenix 3 in rose gold. As the words were leaving Kyle's mouth, and I was shaking my head no, the sales associate mentioned that she was pretty sure it was heavily discounted as they were coming out with new models. I asked how discounted, and she wasn't sure. She said she could call the store manager, and wanted to know if I was that interested. Well yes, now I am that interested. While she was on hold she had thought it would be 30% off. You have my attention.......

When she got off the phone with her manager, and she gave me the price, my bank account cried, because I said yes. She took 35% off of an already discounted price, so I paid less than 50% for the watch. And honestly, I think she may have made a mistake, because I haven't seen the watch on sale ANYWHERE else. 

This watch has so many bells and whistles that I'm sure that I don't even know half of the functions. I'm excited to long some major miles with her in 2018, and knock out some PRs finally! I was playing around with names and thought of Presley and Priscilla, both because she's so cute and those are fun feminine names, and she came from Memphis for goodness sake. Until I realized that my last watch was named Priscilla. I somehow forgot that, and only realized it when I looked back on my blog to see how old my last Garmin was. Btw, Priscilla went to a really good home last week. A newer runner was looking for a Garmin, and she's been killing it at running lately, so I knew she'd take good care of her.

So meet Presley. I think we'll have a long beautiful running relationship together. Swoon.

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