Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 1: Morning Runner

Today marks day 1 of my two week trial at becoming a morning runner. I was formulating a pro's and con's list as I was running, so that's what I'm going to share with you (what I can remember anyway.)
  • It was beautiful out. Cool, breezy and sun just starting to rise. +1
  • I didn't feel tired when I woke up. Usually I'm up from 4:30-5:20am when Taylor is not-so-quietly getting ready for work, so it was nice not to have to try to fall back asleep after that. +1
  • My legs, were dead. 900 lbs. a piece at least. This is probably 15% from running in the morning and 85% from running a long run on hills just slightly more than 24 hours ago. -2
  • I got to hog the whole bike trail. No running on the right shoulder (which slants downward slightly hurting my ankles, hips, and pretty much everything on my right side), constantly staying out of the way of speedy bikers. I only saw 2 out on my run, and just hogged away otherwise. +2
  • Less bugs. Bugs eaten: 0. Bugs snorted: 0. Bug bites: 1. SUCCESS! +1
The rest of these relate more to getting up early and not so much the actual run part, but should be taken into consideration none the less:
  • I had time to eat a nice healthy breakfast post run. +1
  • Saved by the Bell was on during my after run stretching. +1
  • I now have more time to hang out with the Boy after work, since I don't have to run, stretch, shower, etc. +2
+7 points. Not bad.

Today was good, but we'll see how sucky mcsuckerson I feel as the day goes on and I'm running on 5 hours of sleep. Ya I didn't exactly get to bed at the time I was envisioning, whoops! Tomorrow I'm thinking about running to my gym to do my speed/interval workout, and then running home. It's a good distance for a warm-up/cool-down.
The best part of this morning running business is that I only have to do it Tuesday-Thursday since Mondays & Fridays are my days off from running. Whoo!!
Edited to include run details:
Apparently in my half asleep post run state I forgot to include details of my run, so here they are. 3 miles in 28:05 for an avg. pace of 9:23.
1. 9:36
2. 9:28
3. 9:01


Kristin said...

Nice! I have been trying to get up in the AM to run for...well, years. I need to do it.

Also, we actually had a runner back out of the Wild West Relay so if you're interested...

Let me know! Would love tot have you on the team :)

kilax said...

Yay! The first am run was a success! We will have to see how tired you feel though. I get up early to get home early to run early in the evening... and I feel dead around 3:00.

I hate eating bugs! Major plus!!!

J said...

Sometimes since your body isn't used to it you can feel more tired for the first couple of days. If you get up three days a week to run in the mornings then it will be a success i think!! Keep at it, its so nice to have workout done and out of the way because you never know what might happen at night to distract or postpone your run!

Amy said...

I'll be joining you in the morning soon enough once my coaching starts up. It's nice to get it "out of the way" and makes you feel like you accomplished something for the day. Yet I'm still an evening runner at heart. Good luck keeping it up :) You know what they say, do something for two weeks and it becomes habit.

X-Country2 said...

I want to run in the morning, but I just can't make myself do it. Super props to you!

Cindy said...

saved by the bell? LOL good job getting up early to run- one of these days i've gotta do that.

Mica said...

Net positive!

I seriously swore up and down that I COULD NOT run in the morning. My legs always felt like lead, my pace suffered, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. Finally, it clicked one day. Who knows what happened. I hope it works out for you, it really makes it much easier, in general.

Jamie said...

Great job on the morning run and start out positive! Hope the rest of the day went well. I for one would love to change my habits but am just too lazy :)

aron said...

awesome job!! i need to get back on the morning runs :)