Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fancy Seeing You Here

Friday night, we headed over to my old roomie's new house.  Small world, they actually bought the house from my old boss, and one of my favorite people EVER.  The house is super nice, and we had a ton of fun.  Luckily (for me anyway) Taylor had to go to a CPR class at 8am, so he wanted to go home around midnight.  Here's a super cute pic of us....and yes, my hair is now blonde.  Love or hate?  Indifferent?  That's cool too.  :)

Saturday I had planned on doing 8-9 miles as a long run, because I'm getting bored with my 6-7 mile long runs.  Unfortunately it looked like it was going to storm, so I decided to just follow my training program and do a "fast" 4 miles.  I was so happy that I exnayed the long run, because my legs wanted to go fast!

I did 4 miles in 33:30 for a pace of 8:23.
1.  8:57
2.  8:39
At this point I stretched for a couple of seconds and then headed back for home.  Shortly after starting I heard someone coming up behind me on the bike trail, so I scootched over to the side to let him pass.  It was one of my good guy friends from college!  I'm actually surprised we haven't ran into each other more often running.  He's such a stud it's ridiculous.  Mr. Athletic for sure.  In college he played tennis, and was on almost all of my intramural teams (which we typically took home the c'ship for, duh).  His senior year of college he started running and kicked some serious booty in the local 1/2 marathon, leaving me in his DUST.  Since then he's gotten really into tri's, and has completed some other 1/2s and fulls.

In short, he's awesome, so it was really cool to run into him (although not literally, because ouch.)  In our short chat while running he said he was running 8 miles, so after we parted ways, I decided that my 4 mile "fast" pace should equal his 8 mile pace.  Um.  It doesn't.  But it was nice to have someone to push me.
3.  8:19
4.  7:34!!
I may have done one single dry heave after finishing up the run.  But luckily for me, no pukage.  Hah.  The run felt great, and it was nice to get a speedy run in.


Mica said...

Wow, that last mile with your friend was speedy!

I think you look good with blond hair. You can definitely pull it off!

J said...

Great job on the run! Definitely a fast 4!! I like the blonde hair!

Cindy said...

you definitely pulled off a fast 4 mi, especially the last one! you've gotta love negative splits.

and i think you look good with blond hair!

Amy said...

Speedy four!! Your last mile was FAST, girl. It's fun when someone can push you a little outside your comfort zone.

I like the blond hair! Pretty!

Jamie said...

Look at you go speedy! How nice to run into an old friend and one that could push you too!

blond looks good :)

X-Country2 said...

Runs that fast at the end are puke city for sure. Great job on a stormy 4!

Hopefully we cross paths some day indeed. :o)

kilax said...

How fun that you ran into a friend! That would definitely inspire me to speed up!

Your hair looks great! :)

aron said...

very cute pic :) awesome job on the run!!!!