Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 4: Morning Runner Crabtastic Edition

When the alarm went off this morning, I wanted to quit being a morning runner.  I wanted to quit running altogether, perhaps I even wanted to quit life.  THAT'S HOW TIRED I WAS.  Luckily, I did none of the above, but I did manage to get in (or get out I should say) some annoyance/crabbiness to the boy before he went to work.  I think his super fast getting ready skills may have been aided by me and wanting to get the heck away from me.  Who would have thought I'd be so dang irritable at 4:30 am?  Oh ya, me.  :)  Moral of the story is:  don't pee on my toilet see.  Especially if it's 4:30 am.  I think the point was thoroughly drilled home.

Moving on to the run.  It was dark out.  Like almost scary dark out.  It's been overcast/stormy the last couple of days, so on the PERFECT morning to sleep in because it's super dark up until the time your alarm goes off, I was out running.  Again, crabbiness.  I had an easy 3 miles to do, so I set out with legs of lead.  Wow.  I felt like I was putting in 8 mm pace but instead was pulling off 10 mm.  :s  Of course Ms. Temperamental iPod (perhaps she's getting her moodiness by osmosis) quit at 1.5 miles.  The run was pretty uneventful other than the fact that I ran insanely slow.  3 miles in 29:38 for a pace of 9:53.
1. 10:07 
2. 9:37 
3. 9:38 
I think that my dinner the night before of Chevy's strawberry margarita (1/2 off!!), chips, salsa & queso did not help my cause.  Oh well, it was freaking delicious.  And that just means I'll have PLENTY of energy to kill my tempo run tomorrow morning.

After my run I actually had some time to kill post abs, post push ups, post shower, and post breakfast, so I read my new book Pretty in Plaid.  I love me some Jen Lancaster, but I was seriously nodding off reading the book.  At 7:30 am.  I contemplated taking a quick power nap before work.  Yes there is something wrong with that sentence.  I survived work, but wow the first few hours felt like hell.  Half asleep hell anyway.  :)

Also just got done watching the Season premier of Weeds and am SO excited to see what this season holds.  Stupid show always makes me crave iced coffee since Nancy Botwin is obsessed with them.  Curses.

Today Bobbi reviewed her progress for her new year's resolutions and I thought I would steal, I mean borrow, her idea.  :)

1.  Write more.  Success.  Thanks to this blog.  While this might not be too "creative" of writing, it's still putting my thoughts on paper.  Since most of my thoughts revolve around running as of late...it works.
2.  Play music more.  Um... I think I've gotten my guitar out once since Jan. 1.  So fail.  With a capital F.
3.  Continue to read.  This will never be a difficult goal for me, however, I am going through less books since I usually spend my lunch hour catching up on your fab blogs.  It works pretty well though since there hasn't been too many new books that I've been excited about.
4.  Practicing yoga.  Eh, we'll give this one a 50/50 right now.  I need to remember how great I feel so that I do it more consistently.
5.  Run Jeri Run.  I think this one is officially knocked out of the park.
6.  Live more of a vegetarian-esque lifestyle.  Nope.  Try again.
7.  Cook more.  Doing SO WELL with this one.  Helps to save money and save calories since you know exactly what's going in your food.


Mica said...

I'm proud of you, miss Morning runner! (Even if you were a crabby pants.) I think running more slowly just comes with the territory of morning runs. Your body says, "Oh crap. I don't like this. Being in bed is waaaay better."

Jamie said...

I hear you on the pee on the seat. I also have issues when it is down the outside of the bowl and I have to clean it. yuck!

Way to get out there even though you didn't feel it at all. I so would have gone back to bed so props to you girl!

Kristin said...

I am so bad at doing yoga, I say it a lot on my blog like, "Going to do yoga tonight" or "going to get up tomorrow to do yoga" or "going to go find a yoga studio." Yeah, FAIL.

I think I've done yoga TWICE since I've had my blog.

I really need to get on that.