Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's a PR party. St Patty's Day Style.

Pre-race photo.  See how windy it is!  Sweet hair me.

I finally had my St. Patty's Day 5k this morning that I've been talking about for.
ev. er.  Or maybe it just feels like it.  But if you're my friend, co-worker, or even just someone dumb enough to pause next to me in the streets/elevator/hallway I've told you about my training.  Anyways,  it went pretty darn well.  My cheering posse dwindled down into almost none existence, but that's to be expected.  Hah.  

I've been a little concerned about the race because my hip has been bothering me considerably for the last few weeks, both running and walking, so I wasn't sure how she was going to hold up.  Also, I was running/training for the race with my running buddy Matty.  We weren't planning on actually running together, but we've done a few of our training runs side by side on the ol' treadmill.  The race started fabulous.  Oh so glad I decided to wear running pants/tights rather than shorts.  Eek.  Because I've been running on the treadmill so much in training for this race (meaning only ONE run in the last 2 months has been outside--it's been cold.  Sue me) I haven't really had to pace myself, the machine has done it for me.  I had it all planned out in my head where my mile splits should be for me to PR in the race.  My first glance at my watch was at 8:50.  What?!?!  Am I going THAT slow???  No mile markers wtf?  At this point I realized that there were no mile markers.  Awesome blossom.

I also had time to smile and wave to ma and pa when I ran by them.  They're just super fans, it's not even funny.  So I'm trudging along into the bitter bitter cold and wind, trying to run behind people to take off some of the wind for me.  Unfortunately, runners are tiny, so ya.  Great wind shield you are scrawny chick.  At the halfway point my watch said 12:58.  Whoo.  Under 26 minutes, plus I have an oh-so-fabulous kick stored up inside me.  Secretly at this point, I'm also hoping to catch up to Matty and beat him.  Heheh.  I slowly start to pick off people, knowing that the majority of the second half of the race is downhill (since the previous half was uphill, duh).  My first step down this hill and I have this sharp shooting pain in my side.  Really?  This is what a cramp feels like?  How have I NEVER had one of these?  Ouch.  Ouch.  Must stop.  Pain.  Oh...there's mom and dad again.  Try not to look like I'm in too much pain.  Must look cute for the pictures mom's snapping.  Ouch ouch ouch.  Basically at this point I think that it'll hurt just the same if I stop (big big BIG lie I'm telling myself here) as it will if I keep running.  I only have a mile left, no biggie.  Who cares that I can't take a full breath, right?

This inner monologue goes on for roughly 1/2 a mile when the route starts to go slightly uphill again.  Just enough to ease my cramp.  YAY.  I start to pick up the pace a bit from the slow painful march, and again start running into the wind.  Seriously?  Wind the whole route, out and back?  Is that possible?  I look at my clock and realize that I have to finish in the next 2:30 to PR and the finish line doesn't look that far away.  I sneak behind some unsuspecting runners for the next 1:30 so they can fight the wind on the remaining incline, and then kick in the ol' sprinteroo and pass 5-7 of them before the finish line (all boys except one, thank you very much).  I came in at 25:48 which is my best time by 46 seconds.  Go me.  Plus it's my best time in 2 years, which is even cooler, since the last 3 5ks I've done I've gotten progressively slower.  

Matt and I will be heading to eat delicious food and drinks as soon as I get my lazy butt off the couch, and will be celebrating St. Patty's day like a true Irish (wo)man should.  Don't worry, I'll also be celebrating on Tuesday.  Dual St. Patty's Day week--you just might kill me.  Erin go bragh.  

Post-race photo.  He's got a sweet Leprecaun/tuxedo shirt under that jacket. 
P.S.  I didn't beat Matt.  He did FABULOUS.  But there's always next time.  :)

Race Stats:
Division Place: 10 out of 70
Gender Place: 21 out of 167
Overall Place: 91 out of 284

Sunday, March 8, 2009


The St. Patty's Day 5k is in 6 days.  Whoo.  I did my last long run of 7 miles this morning and it felt good.  I really hope the weather isn't atrocious, because I think I have a honest shot of a significant PR.  I'm mentally planning about 3 different race outfit options depending on the weather.  Having as much green clothes as I do really makes it difficult to narrow the decision down.  What a horrible problem to have.

I'm just really excited about falling back in love with running.  The last couple of years I've just been running for the sake of running.  It's been awhile since I actually looked forward to my runs, and started to get that competitive streak back in me.  Looking at my 7 mile from today, I really think I'll be able to get under 2 hours in one or both of my 1/2s this year, which would be amazing.  I had kind of given up on that hope since I had started to run at a snail's pace.  I'm also even contemplating doing a half this spring.  I could have 2 months to train (if I found one in May) and I'm already up to 7 miles for my long run.  It's not a bad idea.  But scary.  I'm used to "training" from February to September for my 1/2.  But since that training consisted of about 1 long run a week, maybe that's why it took so long to prepare.  :p

If you're in the area on Saturday and want to see me in all my green glory, let me know.  I'd love to have some extra support!