Monday, January 31, 2011

I think I misplaced my Glitter Pants.....

I'm having one of those days where I am oh-so-not-cute.  My looks could rival the awkwardness that was 4th-6th grade where I had crooked chompers (uh...yeah... still do), giant forehead (oh yea, still got that too) but HIGHLIGHTED by my bangs free hair cut (thanks Mom), complete with frizzaphile curly hair that my mom insisted I brush with a fine brush (can you tell my mom has straight hair?).  Oh, and I was just a little bit chubby.  And let's not forget the ginormo glasses that covered up 2/3 of my face.  May I point out that I had the nickname of Ug (coupled with my middle name Lee, you get the idea)?  And should I mention that this nickname was from my parents?  Oy.  Excuse me while I bask in my post traumatic stress disorder.
This is as close as I can find to uber awkward jeri phase o' life.  
Please note that the ginormo forehead is being hidden by the pretty pretty princess crown.

Equally as awkward, but with frizzy unstyled bangs.  Huzzah.  #ScarredForLifeClearly

Normally I don't care what I look like for work (=truth).  I wear my glasses because poking myself in the eye with contacts at 7am never sounds fun, my hair back in a braid, and only mascara for make up.  But still I'll pass as.... eh... she's just lazy slash she's a bit nerdy cute.  Today I just look like I'm 12 again.  Time for a redo methinks.

And now for some cute baby Jerbear pics, because clearly I don't hang on to the horrific ones that give me nightmares every now and again......

But first let's collectively awwwwwww over my brother. My nephew is a carbon copy of him. Cutie Patootie.
At what point does the giant forehead go from uber adorable to creepy?

My favorite little kid picture ever.

 I secretly hate that my brother out-cuted me during my cute years.  A-hole.

This was the time in my life that my mom advised me to "smile without my teeth" because they were so crooked.  I think this is the only time I took that advise.

I'm a Car Genius FYI

Because of the cold and my wussy nature, I was indoors for my 9 mile long run this weekend.  While it sucked to be indoors and not out on my beloved trails, it was actually a great run, and time flew by.  I managed to finish the second half of a trashy celeb gossip mag that I had started earlier in the week at the gym, finish the second half of a Shape magazine of mine, and read a whole new Shape magazine (with hottie mchothot Marissa Miller in it....... oh hi motivation....)

I had originally planned to treat myself to the Nook I have been eyeing, but since my car decided to turn it's check engine light on Friday after work, I've been a bit hesitant to drive it.  Now I'll be the first to tell you that I'm dumb with cars.  I am.  The light came on and I was immediately fearful that my engine was going to explode (and by explode I mean a giant ball of fire that was going to slowly and painfully burn me to death).  After talking to the boy, he calmed my brain (only slightly, to be honest) in saying that it was probably just something small and not to freak.  Which led me to think that a car should have two check engine lights.

Check engine light #1:

  • Image (see left)
  • Meaning:  at your earliest convenience please stop in at a mechanic nearest to you.  Do not panic.  It is likely something extremely minor, and your panic attack is not necessary and will make you look dumb.  Have a nice day.

Check engine light #2:
  • Image (see left)
  • Meaning:  Your car is going to blow up in t minus 5 seconds, burning you and your precious pink yoga mat in a fiery inferno.  Your best bet is to perform a standard tuck and roll procedure NOW.

For the record, I also think it's important for the low fuel light to have similar distinctions.  Perhaps the light/symbol/whatevs has an additional number indicating the remaining miles you have until you're stranded on the side of the road.  Clearly I should design cars......

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Attracting the Sharks

All week long I've been checking the forecast to see when I could get outside and enjoy a run.  I clearly failed once, but I saw towards the end of the week the forecast was good.  I finally set out for a run in the high 20s.  Heck yes!  Unfortunately the wind was still out and about so it was still pretty chilly.

I started out the run, and before too long something caught my eye in the snow.  I realized it was a little kid chilling in a make shift snow fort.  And to be honest it was a pretty legit snow fort.....dug down deep in the snow, with snow packed up and around the top to fend him from the wind.  And the only reason I thought it was a legit snow fort is I think I made a trillion of them as a little squirt.  And the kid was just sitting there.  Staring up at a tree at a bird.  Nerds of the world unite!  I almost wanted to tell him how cool he was and give him a fist pump, but didn't want to frighten him so I carried on.

While doing my tempo run, I noticed that one of my toenails was digging in to another toe and had mentally reminded myself to chop the talons before my next run.  Sadly I remembered this information a half mile in to my run.  No time to turn back now.  It managed to feel like the toenail was stabbing in to my other poor toe's sensitive skin while also pulling back the nail from the nail bed.  All sorts of fun.  Once I got 2.5 miles in to my run, I turned around and realized I had been running with the wind at my back the whole time.  Let's just say the last 2.5 miles home was not so very awesome.

When I got home I realized that my toe pain was not unfounded.  Uh.... gross.

Bled through my shoe.  Impressive.  No diving near sharks in these shoes.

Back side of the sock.  Icky.

Lost your lunch yet?  Is it weird that I like blood?  :/  Don't answer that.

Bloody toes.  Still no clue where the blood actually came from.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My New Favorite Gym Patron

While coming inside from work I noticed that it was somewhat decent outside.  I thought to myself, "self.... why don't you suck it up and run outside for once??"  And so I did.  After roughly 45 minutes of procrastinating and putzing around I finally got bundled up and headed out.  No more than 2 minutes in to it, and I decided I would be heading home.  I made it a solid .83 miles before calling it quits and heading to the gym.

Once at the gym I decided to make the best of it and do a tempo run.  I did a 1.17 mile warm up (gotta have the even stats) and then got to work on my 3 mile tempo run.  I decided to do my pace around 8 minutes-ish, and was pretty shocked/pleased/excited by my pace when I was done.  8:08, 8:12, 8:08.  Yes, I was ready to be done at the end of it, and I was a schweaty mess, but it wasn't all that hard.  And to be honest, that's not too far off of my 5k PR pace.  Hmmm perhaps someone needs to run a 5k soon?

But enough about me. Let's move on to the highlight of my gym experience.  For the first 1.17 miles I had my head buried in a trashy celeb gossip magazine (what?  I had to get caught up!).  Once I set out for my tempo miles, it was time to do work.  The way the gym is set up is that the first row (right up to the windows) is the treadmills, then the second row is ellipticals, and the third is stationary bikes.  When it's dark out, the window = mirror.  Through the reflection of the window I see a guy behind me on the elliptical STRAIGHT UP JAMMIN' OUT.  While going to town on his elliptical.  Words cannot actually describe the awesomeness that was happening, and so I decided I will create a vlog to further demonstrate it's awesomeness.  Vlog will hopefully be created this weekend, so be prepared for that.  It was literally like nothing I have EVER SEEN BEFORE.  And I kept looking around to see if other people were watching him as well, but there was NO ONE. It was unreal.  So thanks dude, you kept my tough tempo run all sorts of fun.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why You So Obsessed Wit Me?

Channelling my inner Mariah for the post title...nbd.......

My favorite New York runner and blogger Susan posted a blog about her current "obsessions."  And I thought it was super duper fun and wanted to follow suit.  :)  Plus I always love me a good list.  So here goes....

Jeopardy.  I've always been a huge fan of Jeopardy.  As a kid our family would watch it every single day before dinner time.  When we get together for holidays, you'd better believe it's a battle of the brains.  It's not nearly as fun to play without some solid competition, so I'm glad that KK is up for the challenge (and subsequent defeat) lately. 

Lists.  I guess I mentioned above that I'm a bit "list-happy" and it's no joke.  I'm in the process of creating a 101 in 1001 list, I loved crafting my 2011 goals, and I'm obsessing over a 101 books to read before you die list I recently found.  Which brings me to another obsession...

Goodreads.  Being the booknerd that I am, it's fun to see what my other booknerdy friends are reading/enjoying/hating etc.  Please find me and friend me so we can be nerdtastic together.

Stripes.  I've always been a stripes fan, but recently went a little bit overboard on my shopping trip with Jenn in Houston.  We're talking 4 new striped sweaters:  grey/white, grey/white, grey/white, and grey/yellow.  Look out... variety!!!

Green.  Always.  Obvs.

Roxette's Dangerous.  I've been jammin' out to this song one too many times the last few days.

Taking myself outside of my comfort zone.  Ok, this is not something I'm obsessesd with because I loathe being outside my comfort zone, but I'm obsessed with the idea of doing so.  One of my goals for 2011 was to be more social, so I'm going to make myself attend some local book club meetings.  I know it'll be awesome, but the insane anxiety I'll have all day leading up to it will be obnoxious.

Buffalo chicken __________.  Pizza, bites, whatever, you put buffalo chicken in front of the word and I'm allll over it.  Mmmmm.

Ice cream.  Per usual.  I tweeted about needing ice cream for productive studying this weekend, and before I knew it there was a cute boy at my door bearing my favorite (ok, one of my favorites, who could have just one?!?!!?) kind.  Granted I may have texted him the same info that I tweeted as he doesn't have twitter, but let's ignore that part.  Mmmm ice cream.  FYI that half gallon was gone on Monday.  Nbd.

My Packers snuggie.  It's legit freeeeeeeeeezing in my office right now.  I downloaded an app that tells the current internal pressure, and I've clocked it at 54 degrees.  I received a Packers snuggie for Christmas, and you can bet I'm wrapped up in it 98% of the work day.

The Packers.  Obviously I love my boys, and they're doing me proud this year.  I can't wait to cheer them on for the SUPERBOWL.  I was just a little junior high brat the last time they made it this far, and the game ended in heartbreak.  Stupid Elway.  ::grumble grumble::  GO PACK GO!

And since this post is all sorts of Susan inspired, she also tagged me in this survey.  Here goes....

1. Four TV shows that I watch
  • Glee
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Jersey Shore (no shame here!)
  • Real Housewives of ______ (all except Atlanta currently)

2. Four Things that I’m passionate about
  • Running
  • Green Bay Packers!
  • Reading
  • Eating

3. Four words/phrases I use a lot
  • Holy crapolli!
  • Holy guacamole!!!
  • Really?!?  Really!?!?!?
  • Any phrase where the final word can have multiple repeated letters (ex:  heck yesssssssss!)
4. Four things I’ve learned in the past

  • Eating dairy before a run is never a good idea.
  • People change, for the good and for the bad.
  • Never settle for anything.
  • Yellow + blue make green. 

5. Four places I would like to go
  • Hawaii
  • Australia
  • The Superbowl this year
  • Ireland
6. Four things I did yesterday

  • Ate 4 oatmeal cream pies
  • Bought groceries for the first time in 6 weeks (starvin' marvin over here)
  • Didn't know the answer to final Jeopardy
  • Went to the library 

7. Four things I’m looking forward to
  • The Superbowl:  Go Pack GO!!!!
  • Marathon #3 in Fargooooooooo
  • Hearing back from my grad school applications
  • Spring.  I heart spring.
8. Four things I love about winter
  • Ice skating (although I prefer to do it indoors, still the rinks are only open in the winter time)
  • Being outside at night when the fluffy snowflakes are falling
  • Christ/birth/mas season
  • Wearing scarves
9. Tag four people to play along

And I'm off for a run in the bitter cold.  And my coat may actually run away from me it smells so bad.  Apparently these things need to be washed on occasion... I dunno.....

Monday, January 24, 2011

Houston Recap

Ok, without anymore ado, the long awaited (ok, not really, but we'll go with it) Houston recap.  I got in to Houston Wednesday and was met by Jenn and Megan at the airport.  Before too long I found myself eating some delicious mexican food and drinking cheap margs.  This is how I like to start my vacas, FYI.

Thursday we all slept far too late and then got our runs in, which may have been the only productive thing we did for the day.  Which is totes fine because I was on vacation.  Random note:  this is the first vacation in 2 1/2 years that I've been on that hasn't involved a race.  Neat-o eh?

Friday Jenn and I bid adieu to Megan and got all gussied up to go to a fun piano bar.  The super obnoxious "look how cute we are pre-bar" photo was a necessity, I promise you.  This was the dress I bought for New Years Eve celebration, until it was a gazillion degrees below zero.  It was about 45 degrees in Texas, and everyone was all bundled up and looking at us like we were loco.  Heat wave yo!

We managed to break a few hearts at the piano bar, and I had to make the difficult decision to not stay behind in Houston to be one of the piano player's love slave (intense sarcasm here fyi).

Saturday morning (ok afternoon) we were up and at em to do my long run.  It was supposed to be a whopping 8 miles, but why not 12, eh?  Please note that we're both rocking the exact.same.pose. as the night before, unintentionally.  We'd make terrible models.

Waiting 12 years for your garmin to find its satellite?  Photo op!

I want this fountain in my back yard.  FYI.

Running through some gorgo-neighborhoods.

When we were done with our run we (read: I) desweated and headed out to watch the Packers playoff game.  
It was Packers' domination, and it made my heart happy.  

Jenn rocked out an extra Packers shirt of mine to help support the team.  Seriously, I feel like I have the prettiest friends....
I was in fine form on Saturday night and Jenn managed to document some of my "awesomeness" via twitter.  Please enjoy:
Jenn:  watching the packers game with @. she's intense.
Jenn:  "my blood pressure is through the roof." - @
Jenn:  for the record, @ really is a douchebag magnet.
Jenn:  "don't fuck with my knowledge about the packers. I will cut you." - @ in reference to aforementioned douchebag.
Jenn:  "is someone still cheering for the falcons? that's weird." - @

And for the record, these were all rants while sober.  Although you wouldn't know it, as I managed to lose my credit card at the sports bar.  Fail.

I'm really digging the polaroid function/ap/whatevs on my phone right now.

Uh.... at some point we made cookies.  And it was a disaster.  And then it worked out.  But mostly it was a messy disaster.  
A few of the blog appropriate cookies.  Yes, there were some non-blog appropriate cookies.  They were the best.
And I managed to have my 1st and 2nd froyo experiences in Houston.  Yes, clearly I'm an ice cream girl through and through, but I did dig the froyo.  I felt it was very food-bloggery of me to take pics of my froyo experience.

And then it only seemed right to walk to the nearest walgreens all scrubbed out for Texas' finest beer:  Shinerbock.  FYI:  I still can't drink Shiner.... I'm a bit Shiner'd out.
And my final night was wrapped up watching the end of Dexter, finishing my froyo, and enjoying some Shiner.
I miss you already Jenn!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

We're Going to the 'Ship

Heck yessssssssssssss.  The Packers are Superbowl Bound.  


Oh and to top off the weekend, I dominated the GRE... so there's that.... :)

Friday, January 21, 2011


In addition to almost destroying a man's life for changing the channel at the gym during my run on Thursday, I managed to break out in a rash on my neck as well.  After almost itching my skin off, I looked to KK to confirm that I indeed have a rash.  He denied it.  Bad move KK....

Me:  But it itches!!
And it's all red!
KK:  It's red because you keep scratching it.
Me:  But it feels all bumpy.
KK:  Stop itching it.
(I finally get up to consult a mirror to confirm that my neck does INDEED have a bumpy rash on it, and proceed to rub this in the boy's (apparently blind) face.)

And when I wouldn't stop itching I had to have my hands held down, and it totally wasn't in a "this is hot, my hands are all tied down" sort of way.

The end.

Random Musings at the Gym

Since running had been put on the back burner as I furiously studied away for the GRE, I found myself at my wits end Thursday evening.  I needed some endorphins yo!  During my evening break from studying, I skidaddled to the gym to get in 4-5 miles.

Uh... it sucked.  Well the first mile and a half did anyway (which is a long time for your legs to feel like junk, if you ask me) shortly there after my legs felt all sorts of fantabulous and I could feel the happy (and smart!) vibes rolling off my sweaty face/body/arms/legs/#yougettheidea (hashtags in a blog... oh how I love it). 

PLUS, (yes there's a plus) the tv gym parked near me was on the Food channel, showing an episode of The Dest Thing I Ever Ate:  cheesy.  Now if there's one thing that me and my lactase hating digestive system LOVE it's cheese (and ice cream, obvs).  I literally could have ran watching this episode.  All things ooey and gooey, and deliciously dairy filled.  Mmmmm.  Instead of dripping sweat droplets on the treadmill per uz (usual) I was dripping little salivacious (that word should probably be on the GRE verbal section, if they know what's good for them) droplets.

Until, some CF (please check my beginning of the year twitter rants for my word o' 2011... I feel it's not blog appropriate....nor appropriate to use when sober) behind me, thought it necessary to change the channel.  Not only did he not bother to check to see if someone was watching the episode (and had been for a solid 30 minutes at this point), but he changed it to Fox News.  Not impressed.  PLUS on top of it (!!!!) through the reflection of the window in front of me, I saw him watching the tv to our left which was set on ESPN without even giving Fox News a glance.

Jeri = seething.

Given my current stressed out status coupled with the appearance of the full moon (apparently I'm a werewolf and the full moon affects me majorly) I was ready to cut this man.  Instead, I finished my run while imagining that the treadmill band was made up of his various limbs and organs. 

"How does THAT heel strike feel upon yo spleen?!?!?!?!?"

Chipper Jeri is to return at approximately 1pm Saturday afternoon.  (I hope, or I will cut a B! jk.  I think.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm alive... I think

I'm back from Houston and neglecting you chaps tremendously.  Don't worry, I'm neglecting running just as much.  Feel free to canoodle with each other in my absence, I deserve it for being negligent in our bloggy relationship.  If it makes you feel better, I'm kicking the boy out of town tonight so I can study.

Upon returning from Houston I was thrust knee deep (twss?) into GRE prep.  Before I left for Houston I realized I needed to take the GRE like....yesterday... to get my scores to my #1 school in time.  So of course I scheduled the test for ten days out.  I put a GRE prep book on hold at my library, and go figure it came in at noon last Wednesday....after my flight left at 10am.

When my flight home was delayed 2 1/2 hours out of Minneapolis, I was really wishing I had some materials to study, but to no avail.  Wednesday morning I awoke to realize that my GRE prep book hold had expired.  I called to my local library, and talked to a librarian who said I should have it "by Thursday or Friday," so of course I explained my procrastination to her and that I NEEDED IT NOW.  To which she replied:  Oh it's a really big book, I doubt you'll get through it by Saturday.

Um..... challenge accepted!

The first thing the book tells you (well technically you have to read it...obvs) is that this isn't the sort of test that can be "crammed for."  Again... challenge accepted.  If there's anything my expensive private school education taught me, it's that I can cram my little booty off.

GRE....bring it on!

P.S.  Let's ignore the fact that I forgot to put on make up this morning for work, so I am very "fresh faced" in my photo.  Nbd.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Houston Bound!

Hi kiddos!  I'm off to Texas to visit my love Jenn!  Many shenanigans will likely be had, and I'll miss all your [virtual] faces.

In honor of me leaving the bitter cold behind, I'm having a scarf sale!  It's seriously bitterly cold here, so I'll be leaving my comfy scarves at home, but I'm sure I'll want to crochet my little heart out when I return home.  $30 infinity scarves are now on sale for $25 (+$3 s+h).  Email me at jerbearshares [at] gmail [dot] com with your color selection (be aware that not all colors are available here, so maybe give a few colors you'd like!)

A tout a leure!  (my favorite french phrase since "toot" is technically in it!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Lazy Day in the Life Of Jerbear

9:30am  Wake up entirely too early for a Sunday (IMO).
10:15am  Get served french toast and OJ for breakfast (suddenly the early a.m. on the weekend doesn't seem so bad)
10:30am  Departure time for Cabela's trip comes and goes (still in PJs)
11am  Rush home to change in to my Jennings jersey and lucky hair ribbon (spend the rest of the day feeling like Blair Waldorf for wearing my gold sparkley hair ribbon like a headband)
11:12am  Failed attempt at picking up yarn at JoAnn's Fabric to craft some purty scarves whilst being co-pilot on our mini-road trip (apparently they're not open that early on a Saturday...efffffff)
11:13am Finally depart for mini road trip to Cabela's (luckily I have some leftover yarn to keep my hands and brain occupied because this weather is not appropriate for road trippin')
12:15pm  Arrive at every outdoorsy boy's heaven/playland/fishing and hunting mecca
12:17pm  Become overwhelmed by the number of dead animal/fish mounts
12:18pm  Try to decide if taking photos of the mounts for the blog would be cool or creepy
12:19pm  Decide on creepy
12:20pm  Determine where my weird fetish for squeezing/touching soft cheese comes from:  squishy fishing lures
12:21pm  Commence squeezing every squishy fishing lure in sight (along with some squeezy cat fish bait parts, thoroughly grossing myself out, but unable to stop)
12:22pm  Reminsce about my awesome pink tacklebox from my young angler days
1:30pm  Depart Cabela's (without the super cute bright GREEN under armour jacket I was coveting $$$$)
1:40pm  Arrive at Walmart to procure yarn (accidentally end up with a box of fruit snacks.  mmmmmmmm fruit snacks)
2pm Depart for home in nearly all white conditions
2:02pm  Eat fruit snack pack #1
2:03pm  Eat fruit snack pack #2
2:10pm  Mask panic behind super cute Rayban sunnies
2:11pm Jam out every time Bruno Mars' Grenade comes on the radio
2:12pm Eat fruit snack pack #3 (I have a problem, I realize)
3pm  Arrive in time for the pre-game show (my only stipulation for agreeing to be co-pilot on our trip)
3:30pm  Nervously crochet my booty off whilst cheering on the Pack
3:45pm  Eat fruit snack pack #4 ("it's to calm my nerves!" I exclaim.)
5pm  Pause for some delicious homemade buffalo chicken pizza during halftime (ummmm yumm!)
5:20pm  Continue to hold my breath for the rest of the game
5:45pm  Dessert fruit snack pack #5
7pm  Cheer wildly for Tramon Williams' interception and the Packers playoff win!
7:30pm  Sit in the hot tub to calm my nerves and anxiety levels
8:00pm  Whoop up on KK at Jeopardy

Clearly it's tough to be me.
I haven't ran since my "long run" of 7 miles on Saturday in 1:06:25 for a pace of 9:34.  I was tempted to walk the mile to my gym in freezing temps last night instead of driving because the roads are bad.  I decided sweat pants were more fun.  ;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Operation: Frankencamera

One of my goals for 2011 was to complete Project 52.  Thursday being the 6th of the month, I had roughly 24 hours remaining to snap a pic for week 1.  Awesome start Jerbear.  Upon driving home, I see the most gorgeous sunset, so I hustle home (obeying all speed limits and traffic signs, natch) to capture it.  I park in my parking lot and flip on my camera to see a weird white and black image.  "That's strange," I think to myself.  "what the heck did I take a picture of?"  It was when I hit the camera button I realized that my bruised hip/thigh/super deep muscle arm pain wasn't the only casualty of Sunday night's fall:  RIP camera.

I must admit, I tend to be a little "hard" on cameras.  I got my first digital camera before going to Florida for spring break my freshman year of college.  That camera lasted a solid 2 1/2 years before it just couldn't handle anymore oj + pineapple rum filled nalgene bottles comingling with it haphazardessly within my purse, and would no longer work.  Correction:  it would work... sometimes.  Occasionally the picture would come out pink.  Other times the screen would be blurry until it was given a friendly little slam "pat."  Once this super scientific trouble shooting no longer did the trick, I was at a loss.

Luckily I was dating a guy who had a digital camera who never used it, but looooooooooved having photos of himself (I would call him narcissistic here, but I'm equally as obsessed with photos of me, so whatevs...probably why it didn't work out.... yeah... that's it :p) so he "lended" it to me.  Now I say lended loosely, because somehow once we broke up, I was still in possession of the camera.  You break my heart... I take your camera.  Seems like a fair trade to me, no?  ;)

The day before my old roomie's wedding, the camera finally went to the great big camera heaven in the sky (aka my junk drawer).  I couldn't possibly not document the day's events, so I woke up at the bum crack of the morning to get a new camera before getting my hair and make up did.  Success!  No more than 3 hours in to the wedding and I had lost my camera (not only am I hard on cameras, but I also tend to lose them....oops!  The odds of me losing cameras increases exponentially with the increase of booze consumption and elimination of meat from my diet.  I was a veghead during this time and I think there was a bagel and a carrot the whole day I could eat..... #vegheadfail).  Anyway, said camera was recovered, only to be destroyed by dropping on the floor of a bar (yes, I'm seeing a trend here, eff off) with the lens extended, three short months later.

At least this time around, I had the good sense to be the exact same camera.  Plus! It was on sale!  Win WIN win!  I figured I would at least have a back up battery, battery charger, and USB cord.  Man, I'm a genius.  This camera is the current camera, and it has been in my life for the last twelve (12!) months.  Until Thursday.  Sniffles.

I called KK and begged him to find me a teeny tiny screwdriver set, and then resigned to scouring the web for Nikon coolpix 3.0.  And found it!  In red!  For $30 less than I had paid the first time, and $20 less than the second!  And then I found my NC2.0 on my kitchen table (which tells you the last time it was cleaned).  Once KK arrived it was time for Operation:  Frankencamera.

To my surprise (and disappointment) I was only allowed to take on the assistant role.  Sadly, camera deconstruction and possible resurrection does not fall on the "list of things boys are for" (via Susan//Nurse on the Run) and I actually wanted to see if I could fix the thing myself, not hold the small jam jar holding lose screws.  *sigh* 
Don't worry, I'm wearing this shirt today to compensate for it.....

Somewhere along the way I got distracted, no worries, it was because of FOOD and I was HUNGRY. 

Based on the feedback I was getting from the Mad Scientist the outlook was bleak. 

Until the great moment.........
It's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

The words, "you're my hero" may have been uttered, but I will neither confirm nor deny that fact.  Again, see the sweet feminist shirt above.....

And with that, I was thrilled to have saved 80 bones and it was time to watch the Jersey Shore premier.  (Hey, come on, we watched Jeopardy during Operation: Frankencamera.... I'm sure it balances itself out....)

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winnah Winnah!

And the winner of my 100 followers giveaway is...... [drum roll please].......

J from Morning Runner!!!

J send me an email at jerbearshares [at] gmail [dot] com so I can get your address for stalking purposes to mail out your loot!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Goals

In lieu of resolutions, I much prefer to have goals. Yes, one could argue that they're roughly the same thing. But I seem to work better with the latter. So sue me. No really, don't. I have very little money, and that wouldn't do you any good, and would likely waste both of our time.

Running and Fitness
  • Break 4 hours in the marathon
  • Run a sub 1:50 half marathon
  • Run a 5k in 22:xx
  • Become a mentally tough runner
  • Practice yoga more regularly (either alone or at a studio)
  • Find new running buddies!
  • Stay injury free
  • Run 1600 miles for the year
  • Lift regularly (regularly is a loose term here FYI)
Personal Goals
  • Get in to a Master's program for Library Science
  • Join a book club 
  • Join a Stitch and Bitch group 
  • (I swear to God it's harder to meet chickies to be friends with than it is to find boys to date.... where are all the good ladies at?!?!? :p) 
  • Continue to find fun crafty ways to utilize my creative side 
  • No more truck driver mouth (no offense to any (?) truck drivers who may read my blog)
  • Take more photos (rekindle photo project:  Project 52!)
  • Average more scarf sales per month than in 2010
  • Live and love life
So Sunday night I took a little tumble on the ice.  After coming and going much of Sunday daytime, and being warned "be careful, don't slip!" every time I stepped outdoors, I became a bit cocky.  Even after slipping, I would point out that "I'm like a cat!  I always land on my feet!  I have an excellent center of gravity...... must be all the core work and yoga I do.  P.S.  Toot toot!"

Well wouldn't you know it, as soon as I'm by myself (thank GOD!) and hustling to get to my car I EAT $#!t hardcore.  We're talking my 120 pound frame coming down on that solid sheet of ice as if I were a 330 pound linebacker.  Naturally my left hip (precious precious hip that I've had issues with for roughly 13-14 years now) took the major brunt of the fall.  I totally get how old people break their hips!  Sweet jesus.  Monday morning I realized my thigh was in pain as well.  Monday afternoon rolled around and I could barely move my left arm/shoulder.  You know that deep muscle pain you have when you get a shot in your arm?  (I'm thinking that horrible meningitis shot I had to get pre-college enrollment... OUCH!)  That's what my arm feels like.  Anyway, I opted to take a rest day on Monday since I had to have someone help me into and out of my zip up hoody.  Oy.
Barnes and Noble NOOK eBook Reader (WiFi only) [ Black & White ]
Today I figured my arm couldn't hurt any worse, and perhaps the run would loosen it up.  I did an easy 5 miler on the treadmill at the gym because it's still balls cold out.  I am getting really good at reading while running at a slower pace.  I've knocked out 3 magazines cover to cover at the gym over the last 9 miles.  I think it's just a matter of time before I break down and by myself the Nook!!!  I can't wait.  But really... I will.  Because... money doesn't grow on trees and all... plus I kind of spoiled myself already for Christmas/birthday.

I did 5 miles in 47:40 for a pace of 9:32.

And just because.... I found this pic on my camera.  Apparently I carried my camera with me on a day where the snow was falling all beautiful like.  I look pretty joyous in the picture, but I can't for the life of me remember when it was taken.... the treadmill is eating my soul.... and brain.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fave Moments of 2010

2010 was a pretty bang up year if I do say so myself (and I did, because this is my blog, and I can do whatever the heck I want to!).  I realize it's almost 2012 already, but better late than never for my favorite moments of 2010, right?  [I also realize that technically I have already done an end of the year post, but it just wasn't enough for me.... so deal with it....]

January I met the man of my dreams.  February I started my first round of MARATHON TRAINING and everyone immediately started hating my excessive exuberance over said training.  March and April were spent obsessing about previously stated 'thon.  (Also, massive amounts of ice cream were harmed during marathon prep.)

In May I ran my dream race and greatest possible first marathon in Green Bay.  Seeing Green Bay and running through Lambeau Field were a dream come true.  Seriously..... This race will forever have my heart.

I also met Jenn and we became BFFs ASAP.

The summer brought 6 races over 6 weeks, which seems all sorts of excessive and many days sunning myself at the waterpark with Jenn and Matt.  Summer, I miss you.  [humidity you can still gfy and die.]  I also bought a bike and we became besties, ran my fastest 5k ever and my fastest half marathon ever (while meeting my other running BFF for 2010 Alyssa!)  It was this weekend that race, rage, repeat began.

I started a photo project blog.... and then failed at it....  I attempted to run a b.a. half marathon... and failed at it....  I paced my first half marathon and NAILED IT (Barney Stinson voice.... whaaaaaaaaaat up?!?!?!?!?)

In December, I ran my second marathon, and although it didn't turn out as planned, had a blast RAGING with my homies Laura and Luke.

 I got another year older, and rang in the new year the right way!

Here's to 2011 being even bettah!