Thursday, June 30, 2011

June in Review + Minneapolis Recap

June in Review
Total Miles:  80.6 down from 87.6 last month. (90.5 miles from June 2010.)

Total Time: 13:11:09 from 14:05:55 last month. (14:18:41 last June.)

Total Runs: 18 for an average of 4.48/run.

Highest weekly mileage
6/20/2011 — 6/26/2011:27.4 Mi  4:41:41

Favorite run: I had a lot of fun on the Runners Block group run.  Granted it was hot as ballz, but it was so fun to be out running with a group of people.  The delicious bagels after the run didn't hurt. :)

Most hardcore run:  I'd say my 4x800m repeats on the treadmill while trying not to drown in my own sweat.

Favorite race:  None.  :(  Still trying to get the bod back to 100% post-Fargo.

Bike Miles: 15.  Almost doubled last month--8.5.  Hah.

Favorite Jams:  Since I've been running with so many friends, I've been leaving the tunes at home.  Kind of a nice break.

And I was super lame and never got around to showing the tales of my Minneapolis weekend.  So here I go.  We got in to town on Friday night and got all gussied up for a night on the town.  We hit up a great restaurant with super cute and delicious drinks.  And then painted the town red with our dance moves.  I haven't danced in a long time.  And wow.  My calves were not happy on Saturday.
My bfff and I before heading out for dinner.

My bfff and I and the bride to be!

It looks like Jenn is presenting Sheana's face in this picture, and I kind of love that.

And because I can't take more than one normal pic in a row.... we end up with this.

Perhaps my eye was bothering me.... we'll use that as the excuse for the quasimodo squint.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed out for brunch at the Cheeky Monkey.  Mmmmmm.  It was so good.  The mimosas were amazing as well.  From there we went to the wedding venue per the bride's request and then to some patio bar for some drinks and dessert.  Hello my two favorite things.  :)  Next up was a German festival (the bride is from Germany, so she was sooooooooo excited to go).  We went out to some more bars later, but this little ol' lady was quite tuckered out.  Uff da.  I jsut can't bachelorette-party-it-up like I used to be able to.  Don't ask me how I was able to pull of a long run the next day....

Patio bar.  Cheese balls+cheesecake+beer FTW!

Mmmm bier.
Check out Mile Posts' great Saucony shoe giveaway.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's Like Sending a Kid Off to College....

.... I'd imagine anyway.

It all started last week when my Garmin was d-e-a-d before a run.  Silly me, I must've forgot to charge that puppy.  No worries, just an easy-paced run.  I have my mile markers memorized (oooh alliteration!).  Nbd. 

After charging all night and most of the rest of the next day I brought him along on my 9 mile run with new running pal.  Once the first mile passed and Mile 1 : x:xx popped up on my wrist, all hell broke loose.  My watch continued to try to lap, unsuccessfully every 2 seconds, causing a fun chirp! chirp! chirp! every 2 seconds.  Uh yeah... sorry new running buddy, I swear I'm not a dumb-dumb....  I quickly set the watch off the autolap function and figured I could just keep track of the total mileage and time and go from there.  And then it started randomly restarting itself.  Neat.

That night I set to work trying to fix the ol' G-man.  Because I'm a sweat monster, I've had quite a few problems with my watch.  Most of them are probably stemmed from the fact that I sweat a lot and I live in a very humid area (in the summer).  After taking on the 95 degree day a couple of weeks back, my watch had condensation behind the screen.  Oh nooooooooooooooos.

I tried a soft reset and downloading all the new updated firmware, as that typically does the trick.  For some reason the master reset wasn't working, and I was getting frustrated, so I called it a night.

I decided to take it out on my bike ride with Aaron on Friday.  Roughly one mile in it started it's fun lap error chirpage.  Even better, a few miles later it started chirping double time!  Because we were on a busy road, I didn't feel comfortable stopping to shut it up, so we had to deal with it.... for far too long.  Hey, at least it was still spitting out HR data!  (silver lining... there she be....)

A lovely twitter pal recommended putting it in a bag of rice to dry out the moisture inside.  Genius I tell you, genius!  I brought it to the gym to keep time for my interval run, and it wouldn't even allow me to use the lap button to record my splits.  It also couldn't be bothered to keep time in seconds, it would only do every other second.  As in, 5:50, 5:52, 5:54.  We don't deal with odd numbered seconds here folks!

Finally this morning I made one final attempt at a master reset after a 60+ hour stay in the Rice Bag Hotel, and had no luck.  I called up Garmin, explained my thoroughness in at-home trouble-shooting, and they said I'd done all I could and to send him in. 

To be honest, the details of the transaction are somewhat hazy.  It's my understanding that for $40 (what is normally $80) I will be getting a brand new watch to replace my brokey watch.  However, after doing some more digging around that kind of seems to good to be true.  Maybe I'm getting a brand new watch while they fix my watch?  I'm ok with dropping 40 bones for either option, to be honest.

So before work I marched (drove really, but marched sounds more assertive and final) to the post office to give my garmin my final (maybe??) goodbye.  We've had some good times, Garmin the Martian.  You got me through training for my first marathon.  And through 2 more suckfest 26.2s and countless races and PRs in between.  RIP (maybe?) little buddy.
I ran 4 miles with my new running buddy Rachel this morning in 39:20.  See that, in the MORNING.  Winner winner!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrity Status+Sweatfest

The other day while my office ex-hubby and I were scouring the Mankato Marathon site looking for a course profile map for the half course working diligently, a picture of the race start popped up on the site.  All cockily I stated, yeah that's totally me.  And as soon as the little word bubble was floating above my heads with the words in it I realized... huh... that really is me.




Ok, totally not, but it made my day for 6 seconds (ok, clearly longer since this happened days ago.  Whatevs.)

(Red pacer shirt, white hat towards the left on the picture.)

Sunday I was supposed to run a 6 mile tempo run.  However, my Garmin has been acting up, and by the time I rolled out of bed, the humidty was at 96%.  Barf.  I decided to do next week's 800m repeat workout instead, and hit the gym, so the treadmill could keep track of my time and distance for me.

I had 4x800m in 3:30-3:40.  After my warm up mile (and thoroughly soaking the treadmill in the process... this oughta be a FUN run... :/), I got after it.  The first one felt *cough* easy *cough*.  I decided to take less of a break in between to toughen up the run.  Er... not necessary.  #2 was tough, but #3 felt like death.  Towards the end I decided I would just call it a day if I could survive the remaining 30 seconds.  When I did survive, I told myself I could walk until my heart rate came down after #3, and then jog the rest of my recovery before I had to start #4.  Of course #4 felt great, even with the speed bumped up a bit.  Silly body.  Second to last is ALWAYS the worst.

3:38, 3:38, 3:38, 3:36.

Probably a good thing I was on the treadmill.  I think #3 would've been 6:30 minutes if I had a choice in the matter.

And just so you don't think I'm kidding about the sweatfest that took place, I was 3 lbs. lighter post-run.  And that's with drinking a 16 oz. water bottle while/after running.  Sweatiest gym-goer of the day goes to:


Monday, June 27, 2011

Running Buddies FTW!

I've been in a wee bit of a running funk since Fargo.  I don't feel injured persay, but I also don't feel 100%.  Typically my motivation to get out there and get my miles in is the thought of a shiny new PR on the horizon.  Since I've been taking it somewhat easy with my runs, I haven't really had much motivation.  Blah.  Bahhumbug.  Woe is me. Etc. Etc. 

Enter:  The running buddy!

Monday night while sitting at Kyle's softball game pretending the skies would open up and rain out the evening's games I ran in to a girl from college.  She is a crazy good runner.  As in, missed qualifying for the Olympics in the steeplechase by 8 seconds good.  She mentioned that she was looking to get back to running regularly and wanted to tag along on some runs.  After reminding her repeatedly of my "easy" pace she still wanted to come.

Wednesday night we met up for an easy paced 4 miles.  She brought her dog and talked my ear off the whole time (because clearly our pace was akin to walking for her, ha!).  The run flew by.  It was awesome.  Afterwards we sat and stretched and talked about my running and racing goals coming up.  We were having such a good time, that we went for a long walk after the run to keep chatting.  She wants to help me out on my speedier days and some other runs to help her get her mileage back up.  Win WIN win. :)

We did 4 miles in 38:26 for a pace of 9:37.

Earlier in the week, I had a random friend from way back when send me a Facebook message asking me to accompany her on her 9 mile long run to help her get back in to some long run mileage territory.  Well it just so happened that my long run was 9 miles too, so perfect!  It was nice to have some company on a long run.  While our pace wasn't ideal for running that long together, it was fun to be someone's extra motivation to keep going.  Plus she's easily the sweetest gal ever, so it was fun to chat during our walk breaks.

We did 9 miles in 1:42:00 for a pace of 11:20.

Friday I was antsy to get a workout in but had a rest day on the schedule, so I wrangled Aaron in to hitting the pavement on our roadbikes.  More buddy workout fun!  My Garmin was being seriously wonky, but we ended up knocking out 15 miles for the day.

Saturday morning came and it was "third time's the charm!" for our local running store's running group.  It was nice meeting up with some old running friends, as well as meeting some new running friends.  It was insanely hot and humid when we were out there though, uff.  So glad it was just a 4 mile recovery run, or I would've been toast.  Ok, I was toast.  Even worst toast then I suppose.  But I got to run with Angie and talk about the Lennox 10k and our plans for the Sioux Falls full (her) and half (me).

We did 4 miles in about 40 minutes.  With my warm up and cool down run I was at 5.45 for the day.

Two solid thumbs ups to buddy workouts.  It's so much harder to ditch out on a workout when you have someone else counting on you!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Good News.... And the Bad News

I managed to have one of the suckiest weekends on record while having one of the greatest Sundays ever.  Impressed?  You should be.

The Good News:  I got to spend the day with my favorite little boy, Harrison.  Only two people assumed and commented on him as my son, or me as his mother.  I'm not surprised at all.  Oh hai mini me!
The Bad News:  More than ever I wish my bro and SIL lived closer than Texas.  :(

The Good News:  While at the science museum in the "fit center" I learned that I have only lost one inch off my vertical from high school.  Considering I was a high jumper and plyo fool back in the day I was legitimately impressed, especially for all the mileage pounding I do on these lil leggies.....
The Bad News:  I landed not-so-gracefully on one of my attempts and my knee hurts like a biatch.  :/  d-u-m-b!  That's me!

The Good News:  Harrison commented that he wants to be a runner and that he's FAST.  Warmed my heart a bit obviously.
The Bad News:  Apparently I'm not the type of aunt who'll let my nephew win in a foot race.  That'll just teach him to get faster right? ;)

The Good News:  After my match up, H took on some other little kids on the "track" in the fit center.  I'm proud to say he worked some 6 or 7 year old boy as well.
The Bad News:  There isn't any.  He's da bomb.

The Good News:  I attempted to get acclimated to the heat and humidity on Saturday.  I spent Friday night and part of Saturday morning hydrating.  I wore a flimsy tank and shorts.  I carried a water bottle.  I set out for my 9 miles at 4:30pm.
The Bad News:  I think I almost died.  My close-to-ten-minute pace was generating heart rate levels akin to what I was pulling on my 8 minute tempo run pace earlier in the week.  I felt like I was breathing in part water, and was gasping for air.  I took walk breaks.  I ended up turning around at mile 2.5 and calling it a day with 5 miles.  It was the least amount of fun I've had running since May 21st.

The Good News:  I got to spend Saturday evening with one of my favorite people, Molly. 
The Bad News:  She's only in the 'Dak for another day before she heads back out to San Diego.  Dearest lady friends, please all move to my city immediately.  I miss having great girlfriends to spend time with.  [insert sad face.]

The Good News:  I cleaned my apartment for the first time in.... a very. very. long time.  FYI I'm a messy chicka.
The Bad News:  My shoe shopping obsession came to light.

Happiest of happy birthday to one of my favorite runner girls, Susan!  I hope you have the greatest birthday and welcome to 27.  Can't wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeee you in less than 4 months (no I don't have a paperchain countdown going... that'd be creepy........ :D)

Check out Erin and Lauren's sweet medal display giveaways! (I seriously want one of these SO BAD... hint hint... mother.... Xmas stocking stuffer?!?!?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A tale of the tootsies

It appears that the general concensus after yesterday's post is to MOVE.  Dually noted brilliant friends.  I've always wanted to move to Portland...........


No this post is not about me and my glitter farts....  I know I talk a lot about my toes.  I'm really surprised there aren't more foot fetish-ists out there following me around.  After the Fargo Marathon, I had the most excruciating pain under my big toenails.  I could actually feel my heart beating underneath them.  Prior to the race, I knew that they were each 1/2 turning purply/black, so I figured there wasn't much I could do about it.  But the pain I was in was excruciating.  I couldn't wear anything other than flip flops for a few days after the race, because the nail had come up off the nail bed, and any pressure on it hurt soooooooooo bad.

Last week, I finally took off my highlighter pink nail polish to see the damage.  ::shudders::

KK is so grossed out by them, that he has to cover them with a blanket whenever he's in close proximity to them.  I tried to turn them in to art to help:  Look Kyle.... they almost look like a sky as a terrible storm is rolling in.  Kind of pretty, right?!?!

No dice.

I need to get my pedicures in now while I still have my nails.  Anyone know if I could get a 20% discount if I'm missing 20% of my toenails??  Fingers crossed they hold on through sandal season!
Last night I took off to do my first tempo run since early May.  You know..... back when I finally decided that tempo runs AREN'T the worst workout in the world..... well.  uff.  They're still tough.  I did 6 miles with 4 at tempo pace of 8:10.  Usually I give myself a +/- 5 seconds on the goal pace.

It was roughly the most beautiful night for a run (aptly placed after me bitching about the weather... nice, eh?).  After the warm up mile was done, it was on.  My legs refused to slow down.  My thoughts toggled between "meh.... maybe I'm faster than I think I am!" to "Sweet baby Jesus I'm going to crash and burn!" 

The results erred on the sweet baby Jesus side, but not too bad.  The speed was definitely there, where as my endurance was lacking a bit.  The last mile and a half were tough!  Also, when I wore my garmin during the night of extreme heat, it ended up getting some moisture inside, so my "lap pace" isn't spitting out the correct time.  There were times I was running WAAAAAAAAY harder (see 4th mile of tempo) than I needed to be because I thought I was running much slower.

Tempo miles:  7:58, 8:11, 8:16 (with a turn around, aka I don't quite believe this split), 8:00.
Average tempo pace:  8:07.  Win.

It was really cool to look up some heart rate info after the run to see where it *should* be for these runs and where it *actually* was.  Pretty spot on!  Except for the first two minutes of my warm up......

Attention heart rate monitor:  I do not believe that my heart rate was 238 after running for 120 seconds at a 10 minute pace.  Please check yoself!  (After adjusting where it was at on my chest, it was fine, but I had to laugh when I looked down and saw that... uh... shouldn't I be dead?!?!?)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Post Complaining About the Weather...YAYZIES!

When I was down in Houston visiting my running bestie, Jenn, we had multiple hundreds thousands of conversations about running and marathoning.  At this point, both of us had ran at least one less than stellar marathon, so naturally you break it down inch by inch to discover the why.

One of the topics we landed upon was **big shock** weather.  I know that a lot of you have equally shit-show level of weather to train/run/race in, but I'd love to get your two cents and suggestions.

In my eyes, there are 6 weeks of ideal weather to run in my area of eastern South Dakota.  That's about three weeks of spring when the snow and ice melts, the temp comes above freezing, and before the onslaught of heat and humidty arrive.  The other three weeks are in the fall, when we get the repreive from the latter and full on freeze of the former.

Yes, that's 42 days. 

Out of 365.

Popular times of year for marathons in this area are spring and fall, naturally.  If you choose to run a spring marathon (which is my first choice for reasons I'll get in to), you deal with 18 mile long runs on solid sheets of ice (just ask my hip when I ate $#!t hard at the end of a run).  You run in 15-30 degree temps for the duration of your training.  When spring actually comes, you're enjoying your taper so your body never really gets a chance to acclimate to the warmer more humid temperatures.

Then race day comes, and even a day in the 60s (which is fairly cool as far as spring race temps are concerned) sounds ideal, but it's anywhere from 2x-4x warmer than what you're used to.  Throw in any humidity at all, and you're rather screwed.

That gives us our next option of a fall marathon.  For me, this really isn't even an option, given how much I sweat when hot and humid, making it seriously unsafe for me to pursue.  But let's say for arguments sake that it is.  For an early October race, you start training mid-June.  The first few weeks aren't bad, but then we reach July and August and some of September (ie:  the bulk of your training weeks) where getting up at 3am to "beat the heat" isn't even an option because the humidity overnight wavers in the 99-100% range.  Granted, some of this is great training for the fall slaughter heat fest that has been recent popular fall marathons:  Chicago, even Twin Cities would've been too warm for my liking last year.

For this reason alone, I won't even think of running a fall marathon at the beginning of October.  I refuse to train through the shittiest weather SoDak has to offer to be slapped in the face with just as hot and muggy of a day as I've slogged through all summer.  Sorry. 

My point:  It's impossible to train for race day conditions.  That's such a HUGE variable of the marathon day picture, that I feel like sometimes you have 2 strikes against you just heading in to that day that you've prepared for months for.  (Wah, wah, I know!)

I do have a third option, and definitely one I will utilize once marathons get back in the racing schedule more regularly, which is the destination marathon in early December.  It's almost perfect.... you can (hopefully) get the bulk of your training in before the blizzards hit, and can enjoy your taper when they do.  But then there's always the issue of **SOB I'M GOING TO KICK A KITTEN** if a blizzard strikes leaving you not able to depart for your destination marathon.  Also the cost of traveling somewhere for a race can get a little out of hand.  And here again we have the issue (although less severe) of training in much MUCH cooler temps than you'll end up racing in.

So there you have it.  I'm a little bit screwed, and not in a good way.  Any good suggestions you'd like to throw my way?  I'm all ears.  Especially if you're in the midwest and suffering right along with me.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey Look at Me! I'm Running! + Blog Searches

It's been awhile since I've talked about running here on the ol' running blog.  So perhaps I'll do that.  Last week I started up training again.  I have a short and not-so-sweet 4 week plan to hopefully get me to a 10k PR on the 4th of July.  Because I've taken it pretty darn easy post-Fargooooooooooo, I started my weekly mileage pretty low:  20. 

Last Monday I was the biggest B.A. of SoDak when I did my run in 95 degree temps.  Please keep in mind that this was the temp after I waited for it to cool off.  It was well over 100 degrees for the day, my car told me it was 119 when I was driving home from work, but it's clearly a liar.  However, if there was a thermometer INSIDE my car, it would've been in the 150 range.  G.D. black car.  Yes I sweated through my dress clothes during my 7 minute commute, thanks for asking. 

To be honest, the run wasn't that bad.  Granted it was an easy-paced 3 miles.  But heat....?  It really doesn't suck THAT bad.  I've definitely had cooler temperature runs where I have been much much MUCH sweatier and on the brink of death, but the humidity was only in the 40% range.  It's just so rare that we have heat WITHOUT 90-100% humidity that I didn't realize whom my true foe was.  Humidity.... you suckkkkkkkkk.

I also got in a rockin' 800 meter repeat run, without getting my ass handed to me.  YAYZIES.  Considering it's been roughly 6 weeks since I've done any speed work I was slightly concerned.  Yes it was tough, and yes my heart rate data proved I was working my hiney off, but it was kind  ::cough:: masochist! ::cough::

After my warm up, I was able to knock out 3 800s in 3:36, 3:37, and 3:35.

And this weekend I headed up to Minneapolis for a bachelorette party.  I threw my running stuff in my bag with a chuckle.... "ha... yeah... suuuuuuuuuuure I'll run."  But damn it if I didn't get out there for my long run on Sunday after a 2 day bachelorette party bender.  Keep in mind, my long run is a whopping 8 miles currently, but still!  That's the furthest I've run since Fargo. 

I found a super sweet trail near my BFFF's (someone previously asked what this means..... best effing friends forever.... we're dumb and have been calling each other this for a gazillion years now) brother's house.  I loved that the trail had separate lanes for bikers and runners/walkers.  I didn't have to worry about getting mowed down on the path!  Before I knew it I had ran upon Target Field during their game.  Go Twins!

I did 8 miles in 1:15:32 for a pace of 9:27.  And my average heart rate was 3 beats lower than the range I was shooting for.  Double yayzies!
And for your random enjoyment:  One of the things I love the most about the stats that blogger provides me is the searches people use to find me. I've been compiling some of my faves for a while now, and just had to share with you. Naturally I had to provide commentary as well, so please enjoy.
  • 7.2 miles and the puppies are hurting (is this referring to ta-tas or feet?)
  • what ze poopnuggets (french poopnuggets are far superior to their American counterparts: the poopnuggets)
  • My first 4some story (hey-o! congrats kid!)
  • The devils workout (I will probably have some crazy cult seek me out after my mile repeat/devils workout jokes)
  • i love wet tees (who doesn't?!?!)
  • running tights and camel toe (make that camel toe classy yo!)
  • food poisoning from funnel cake (this post was somewhat inconclusive)
  • words like yayzies (there aren't any. no substitutes. sorry.)
  • will the mankato marathon be hilly? (answer: uh. yes.)
  • national conference of bresilian bishops (held biannually, send your entry fee to me.)
  • nice hips (what, these creaky old things??? bow chicka bow wow....)
  • running in a wet t-shirt.  (yes... it's called massive sweat. And it's hawt.)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A (Wo)Man with a Fall Race Plan + Sometimes Weekly Wishlist

Thanks so much for all your excellent advice on the fall marathon debate.  I've decided to not run a fall marathon.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I know.  I decided that if I did attempt to train for it, and suddenly became way too busy (definitely a possibility) it would be the least of my priorities.  I can't even bring myself to run a 10k or 5k half-assed, so I would be kicking myself if I had to line up for 26.2 miles feeling un-prepared or worse, dropping out entirely.

To calm my sadness over this decision, I went in to race planning OVERDRIVE this weekend.  Next on the agenda is a local 10k on July 4th.  I did the 5k last year, and it was a blast.  There are also local (free!) Monday night 3k and 5k races for the month of June.  Depending on the weather on June 20th and 27th, I may hop in for those as well.

After the 4th of July 10k, my 10 week training will start up for the Sioux Falls half marathon, my goal race for the fall.  This'll be my 7th consecutive year running this race, yayzies!  I hope to run at least one 5k in July and possibly pace the Minnesota Half Marathon in St. Paul in August.  I absolutely loved pacing the Mankato half last year, and really want to do it again.

If all goes as planned, I may have another shot at PR busting in October in Fargo for the Fargo FM half marathon.  Flat course..... chilly weather.... 13.1 miles..... Fargo redemption?  Yes please!

There's a small chance I could be pacing the Mankato half again in lieu of or in addition to the Minnesota half, depending on what happens.  Let me know if you'll be doing any of these races.  Don't you just love a full race schedule?!?!? :D


I saw this on Aron's blog and  Seriously.  KK, half birthday gift?  K sweet.
Naturally after I drafted this blogpost, I saw Megan tweet that she had got a new hoodie in the mail.  And then saw another tweet from Jenn about the same hoodie.  Hoodie TWINSIES.
Sidenote:  Anyone at first glance think this chick looks like me?  Creeps me out whenever I scroll through this post quick.....

I'm always on the look out for a great green dress. 

Holy mother of cuteness.  I've had a mini Hello Kitty lovefest lately.  Still debating getting the HK sleep mask from a past post (my current sleep mask is in a dire state).

I have this weird obsession with hot air balloons. This is so freaking beautiful.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Extreme Online Shopper

Just call me Extreme Online Shopper, you hear that TLC?  Make a show about MEEEEEEEEEEE!


As some of you may have gathered from my Weekly Wishlists, I have a slight obsession with online shopping.  This obsession is made more humorous by the fact that I have my purchases sent to my work address, because sending them to my apartment causes a whole other errand to run because they will never leave the package.  But I digress.  So the super duper funny part of my online shopping addiction habit is that I'm a credit counselor.  When my packages come in, the receptionist calls me, and then I have to trek my boxes/bags/etc. through the building back to my office. 

My name is Jeri, and I'm the cumpulsive shopper of the office.

Hi Jeri.........

In my defense, I do about 2% of my shopping in actual stores, so I really don't shop all that much (seriously.  especially compared to when I was in college.  uff. da.).  It just looks that way when I get everything delivered to work.  :)

After my recent running shoe scores, I decided to share some tips with you (that you probably all already know, but whatever, just go with it).  I'm always on the hunt for running shoe deals.  Once I find a pair of shoe that I puffy heart love, it's on.  My goal is to stockpile as much as possible to diminish the heartbreak that inevitably occurs with Mizuno/Asics/Saucony go from 6 to 7 and 7 sucks the big one.

For my latest adventure, I knew that the Kinvara II would be coming out shortly, ergo the original Kinvaras should be having a massive closeout almost everywhere.  I google searched for the shoes in 7.5 and sorted by price to find the best deal.  After doing this, I noted whether or not there was a shipping and handling charge, and if so how much.  Then I googled for (website name) coupon code to see if there was anything out there.  Presto change-o, you have your best deal.

For my efforts, I received a pair of turquoise Kinvaras.  Sale priced at $80, Running Warehouse priced at $69.88 (originally $89.99).  On top of the sale price I found a coupon code for 10% off, as well as free shipping.  Boom:  $62.89.  Additional nugget of awesomeness, no sales tax to South Dakota (otherwise .06%).

(Tried on as soon as they arrived at work. Hence the silly dress pant/running shoe look. AKA HAWT)

Next up, was having a Memorial weekend sale.  I found the new Kinvara IIs I've been lusting over priced at $89.95.  20% off coupon code and free shipping (as well as no sales tax) and I had a steal at $71.96.

Gotta love the "natural light" under my office desk.

sexy, no?

Considering my original pair (and current pair) of Kinvaras were $90 (a Christmas gift from my mother who's not a super sleuth online shopper like her offspring), I'd say I did pretty good getting two pairs for ~$130.  Now clearly, not everyone has $100-200 just burning a hole in their pocket, but the credit counselor in me puts aside a little bit of money in to my "running savings account" just for these purchase (along with race fees and race travel expenses) so I always have them at the ready. 

To be honest, these shoes came from a $200 discount I got on my June rent for renewing my lease at my apartment.  Hey-o free money!  (However, if you're truly taking my advice, it would've been wise to put that $200 towards my car loan or my student loans, but hell, you only live once!)

And just for fun, a random convo with Kyle on Monday morning....still cracks me up FYI.
KK:  Are you going to come over after work? I make you FEESH!
Me:  Eh, maybe. I have to run first.
KK:  Oh yeah?  Picking up a new hobby?
Me:  Yeah thinking about it.  I think it's called jogging.... though pronounced yogging.... soft j sound... should be fun!

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Things that are more fun than running a marathon...

Hanging out with running friends not while running

Froyo with friends

Booze with friends

Taking hooded-sweatshirt clad pictures with your loverboy

Bonding with your soul mate Miley, (named after the Cyrus, sadly)

Surprise lick attacks

BFFF Weekends

But let's be honest..... I'm already missing the 26.2 a little....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Recap AKA Always a Runner

After my supercalifragilisticexpealidocious run earlier this week, I ended up not running again.  :/  The next day my hip kind of hurt, and then I opted to hang out with Kyle instead of running the next night.  Saturday brought the return of the i infuction, so I'm basically a professional couch potato professional.

But even though I'm not running, it doesn't mean that running isn't on my mind.

For example,  I went to visit my BFFF this weekend.  When I filled up for gas before leaving town, I reset my odometer.

  • From my doorstep to the Centerville exit sign is a marathon.
  • From my doorstep to my exit is a 50k.
  • Both of these distances I can drive much much much faster than I can run.  ;)
  • Irene could have a STELLAR one mile race starting on the east side and going through town (there's a monster hill).
  • I would hate to train around Irene because it's so stinkin' hilly.
Today on my way home, I made a pitstop in my hometown because I was having troubles seeing out of my eye.  When I was in high school, a girl had stopped at our house asking for a glass of water, stating that she had just ran from a neighboring town to ours.  I remember being awestruck (keep in mind this was in my distance days... 1 miler, right here....) that she had run that far.  Since I drove the route today, I decided to clock it.  6 miles.  Um.... during marathon training, I'm not sure if I had a single run LESS THAN 6 miles.  It's funny how the perspective changes, huh?  (But to be fair it's a hilly ass 6 miles.)

I decided next time I'm home I'm going to run there and back for fun.  Yes... for fun.  Ha.

But anyway, on to the weekend fun.  Yankton was having their 150th celebration, so I went down to spend it with my BFFF.  Sadly the weekend was cut short due to my stupid eye, but I haven't had that much fun in such a long time.  Sidenote:  BFFF completed her first race EVER last weekend running the Boulder Bolder 10k.  So proud of her.  Maybe I'm attempting to convince her to do a half marathon in September.... just maybe.  ;)

Big head Todd and the Monsters.
I feel like I was misled by the size of Todd's head.

Pretty BFFF.

This is what happens when you have 9 people who need a sober ride home from the bar.

This is what happens when your eye ball has an extreme sensitivity to light and you're taking a pic at night with the flash on.  Ouchies.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fall Marathon Pros and Cons + Fargo Marathon Race Photos

Last week, my office ex-hubby and I were recapping my marathon and discussing what's next. Prior to Fargo, I had come to terms with the fact that with starting grad school in the fall while still working full time, I was going to have to scale back the running. I thought I'd see how the first semester goes and maybe maybe be able to train for the Green Bay Marathon in the spring if I could balance my life. However, in our conversation, I confessed that I was so bummed in my race in Fargo, that I'd run a race this weekend if my body would allow it (don't worry, I won't/didn't).

Well of course, Tom, being the enabler starts spouting off fall races. While I'd love to run Twin Cities Marathon, there is just too good of a chance for hot and humid weather the beginning of October. And then he mentioned Mankato Marathon.

Well.... shoot.

Time for a good ol' Jeri crafted Pros and Cons list!

  • The race is in late October.  High probability of cool (or even COLD and snowy) weather.  Perfect-o!
  • It's far enough after the Sioux Falls half, which was originally my goal race for the fall.
  • It's cheap.
  • I wouldn't have to train through the whole summer (only about half of it).
  • It's semi-close to home. Meaning I could convince my parents and Kyle to come.  (sidenote: while almost in tears at mile 24 of Fargo, I vowed to NEVER run another marathon without massive support on the course. Hah.... drama queen).
  • It's far enough out that I can heal, recovery, and repair whatever is wrong with me so it doesn't happen the next go around.
  • Without a solid marathon time, Danielle will SURELY beat me in our challenge! ;)
  • I will be working at least 40 hours a week.  Attending classes 6 hours a week.  Studying an unknown amount of hours a week, and training for a marathon takes 7-8 1/2 hours of just running a week (not including stretching, long run prep, ice baths, post long run naps).  Oh and that Kyle guy..... I'd like to see him more than 12 minutes a day.
  • Less flexibility in my racing schedule.  I would probably only be able to run the Sioux Falls half in the fall while doing marathon training.
  • I will have to train in July and August.  As in, even if I wake up at 4am it's still 85+ degrees and 100% humidity.  :/
  • Long runs and long run recovery will surely cut in to my Wild Water West time.  This could be catastrophic.
The jury is still out as of now, but feel free to pipe in with your two cents, especially if you're planning on doing Mankato.  If not, make sure to let me know if you're doing any other super sweet (primarily half marathon) races in the fall in my general area.  If I don't do the Mankato, I'd like to run a half in August, September, and maybe two in October.  :/

And can we talk for a minute about how sweet my running friends are?  When I was originally throwing this idea around, I had asked Danielle to send me a copy of the 12/55 Pfitz training program, because that's what I was toying around with doing.  Imagine my surprise when I get a package from Amazon with the whole g.d. book. Looooooooooooooove you kitten. :)

 Seriously @rtdanielle09 is ze best. :D on Twitpic

 And now on to some horrendous Fargo Marathon race photos.  I was really bummed.  If you remember, my C goal was to take good race photos if all else went to poo poo.  Well there were very few pictures, and they kind of all sucked.  No money from me this time folks!

Kyle's comment: This must be early in the race. You don't look like you're going to kill someone.

What's that?  Someone took away my birthday??
Saaaaaaaaaaad Panda.

Finish line photo.  Of course they didn't capture the arms in the air exuberance of finishing.  Instead they got me stopping my watch.  Also the left foot kick out.... might you be the stem of my knee hip problems??

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May in Review + Recovered Legs

May in Review

Total Miles:  87.6 down from 163.6 last month.  (96.7  miles from May 2010.)
Total Time 14:05:55 down from 26:03:49  (15:04:50 last May.)
Total Runs: 14 for an average of 6.26 miles/run
Highest weekly mileage:Favorite run: 

5/16/2011 — 5/22/2011:31.2 Mi5:12:03

Bike Miles:  8.5.  Look out Lance.
Favorite Jams: Meh, anything that blocked out my internal whining/lamenting/woe is me during the marathon.  ;)
So thanks for all the kind slash OMG GROSSSSSSSSSSs comments on my monster eye infection.  It looks 1000x better, and feels better too.  But it's definitely still messed up.  Oh well.  I have another eye, right?!!?  jk (I take my eye health very seriously...... but $180 for a 15 min eye doc visit and insanely expensive Rx.... I'll wait it out a smidge....)

I'm tentatively following the Hal Higdon post-marathon training program, I say tentatively because my legs have felt like butt hole so I've been pretty conservative with my miles and my pace.  Tuesday I set out for a very windy run expecting to have yet another slog fest.  Color me shocked when my legs felt BACK TO NORMAL.  At one point my "easy" pace was marathon pace (@#$%()#$%@#*($%*#($)%).  Yes.  Drama.  Me.  I knew the wind was at my back for the start of the run, and figured that's why it felt so effortless, but was even more shocked when I turned around and was able to maintain my pace against the wind without it affecting my heart rate too much.  Neato burrito.

For shits and gigs I threw in 4x100 m strides during the final mile to see how the hip/IT bands would take it.  Swimmingly.  HOLY GUACAMOLE, I MIGHT BE RECOVERED!!!  Only took 11 days, but whatev.  And good thing too, because I think I found my next race.  Just a little local 5k, but it's on my 1/2 birthday.  YAYZIES!

Sidenote:  I was telling KK that my 1/2 birthday was coming up and was all excited when it hit me.... crap....... 
J:  At what point do I have to stop celebrating my half birthdays?  [with pouty lip and puppy dog eyes...]
KK:  Definitely NOT 27 1/2!
Just another reason I keep that kid around. :D
Most hardcore run: 
Favorite Race: I wish I could say it was the Fargo Marathon where I sub-4 and glitterfarted up the course.  But I didn't.  So I won't.  I did have a pretty g.d. good time at the Avera 10k though, and didn't die on my first 10k ever, and MAYBE even sparked a new favorite race distance.  So there's that, at least.