Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekly Wist List + Runner's High

Weekly Wishlist for your (but not your wallet's) enjoyment!

This would either look super fab with my skintone, or terrible.  Luckily it's too expensive for me to even try on, but I'm just beyond obsessed with yellows right now.

If I could, I wear wear sweatpants 9/10 days.  The other day I would wear a long flowy hippie skirt.  Correction:  I would actually be ok wearing a long flowy hippie skirt the other 9 days as well.  Soooooooooo comfy.  And I love all the random stripes.

I am bummed at how expensive this is.  It's...awesome...clearly.  I even have the perfect wall above my bookshelf that I think it would like to live on.  All hail Barney Stinson....

Buy it here.
I have this little nook area in my living room that I designation as the "future study corner" and am on the hunt to find the perfect desk for that area.  Clearly I need to decorate said corner as well.  No worries, I already have some sweet Nan Lawson prints that I bought myself for Birthmas... these will only compliment them!  (I do wish it was in a color other than pink, however....)

I've been a bit dress obsessed lately.  I think it's the spring weather (bahahahah funny joke I just made, no?).  I always seem to scramble the weekend before I have a wedding to attend, so call it being proactive I guess.  Again the yellow.  It's a sickness.
Tuesday night I set out for a 7 mile run.  My legs were still a little sore/tired from my hilly long run, but they warmed up really fast.  I have been obsessively "rolling pinning" my IT bands, so I'm sure that's helping.  It was ~29 degrees when I took off, so I bundled up like normal.  Um...wrong-o bongo..... I was sweating my tushy off.  Apparently 29 degrees with little to no wind is a whole different ballgame then 29 with 15-30mph winds (which is the winter standard).  I was peeling off gloves, unzipping jackets, and sweating bullets.

At one point of the run, I was going through a residential area and a guy was outside blowing bubbles for his little 3-4 year old girl to pop.  It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever.  In terms of online shopping, I would like to "add you both to my cart."  Luckily within a few minutes I was reminded that I'm barely capable of taking care of myself, and that forever is a long time.  Phew.  Crisis (and potential future-husband/kidnapping) averted.

During the 7 miler I had 4x100m strides at (roughly) mile pace.  I'm really loving these strides because they give you something to look forward to during an otherwise monotomous run (6:48, 7:01, 6:39, 7:01).  When I got done I was rocking the most intense runner's high.  Oh hai runner's high!  Long time no see.  I was so jazzed I wanted to go for another run (don't worry I didn't).

I did 7 miles in 1:06 for a pace of 9:28.

I opted to take a rest day on Wednesday after calculating that I had run 4 consecutive days with 33 miles.  Which is more than I've ran in some weeks of this round of training.  No one needs an injury here!  (Then go figure I slept in this morning instead of tackling my tempo run........ come back runner's high!  Come back!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

101 in 1001

I started compiling this 101 in 1001 list a few months back.  I'm 100% a list girl, and think it'd be fun to accomplish a huge subset of goals over the next couple of years.  Enjoy.  :)

***Check out my progress on my 101 in 1001 page***

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Why 1001 Days? 
Many people have created lists in the past - frequently simple goals such as New Year's resolutions. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1001 Days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organising and timing some tasks such as overseas trips or outdoor activities.

in progress: italic / completed: bold

Goal Start Date: March 30, 2011
Goal End Date: December 26, 2013 (The Big 3-0!)

Take a photography class
Fall in love
Get accepted into master’s program
Go to a Packers game at Lambeau
Get a library position
Grow an herb garden

Go on a brewery tour

Meet 5 new people (0/5)
Make 3 new friends (0/5)
Meet 3 bloggy friends (0/3)
Send 5 letters/cards to friends that don’t live nearby
Join a running club
Make a new running buddy
Call (skype) one person each month I haven’t spoken with in awhile

Send Christmas card/letter
Send a random care package to 3 friends (0/3)

Join a stitch and bitch group
Host a swap party with friends.

Get my passport
Take a trip and leave the country
Go on a cruise
Go to NYC
Skate at the Rockefeller Center
Go on a vacation that doesn’t revolve around running/racing
Take a random road trip

Running and Fitness
Run a Boston Qualifying Marathon
Win a race
Run 200 miles in one month
Run 60 miles in one week
Complete half Ironman
Bike a century race
Run Sub 4 hour marathon
Sub 3:50 marathon
Sub 1:45 half marathon
Sub 50 min 10k
Run 22xx 5k
Run the Goofy Challenge
Run NYC marathon
Do 100 pushups
Take a bikram yoga class
Crafty and Creative
Decide on Scarves for PRs logo
Create Scarves for PRs business cards
Start Scarves for PRs Etsy shop
Create blog business cards
Complete 52 photo project
Take a photo every day for 1 month
Create 5 new Etsy items to sell (0/5)
Paint bookshelf
Learn to knit
Start t-shirt quilt
Complete t-shirt quilt
Decorate office
Make office artwork
Take photos for all completed projects (as applicable).

Book Worm
Read 15 classic novels
Read a book in a day
Get book tattoo
Join a book club

Get wisdom teeth removed
Have moles Checked
Stop tanning
Find out my blood type
Donate blood
Get a professional massage

House and Home
Donate Clothes 2x/year (fall/spring)
Clean Coat closet
Clean Bedroom closet
Thaw Freezer
Decorate kitchen
Finish decorating living room
Transfer files from old computer.
Get rid of old computer (sell/donate/trash)
Back up MacBook
Purge wardrobe of anything I haven't worn in the past two years

Pay off car
Go one week without spending any money at all (not including direct debits for bills etc)
Pay off road bike

Kiss in the rain

Ride in a hot air balloon
Go golfing
Go ice skating

Go ice fishing
Watch 10 of the top 50 IMDb movies

Watch all 2011 Oscar nominated movies (Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, The King’s Speech, 127 Hours, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit, Winter’s Bone)

Watch all 2012 Oscar nominated movies
Watch all 2013 Oscar nominated movies
See a 3D movie

See a psychic and get my fortune told
Go to a roller derby match
Go to a wine tasting.
Go to the Harry Potter theme park.
Rewatch LOST!
Make sushi rolls at home

Go to a Drive in movie

Watch a meteor shower


Make a fabulous dessert I’ve never made before

Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years

Write down everything that happens on 11/11/11 and 12/12/12

Invest in a digital SLR camera

Encourage someone to make a list

Get a pet

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Nail polish.  The other day I yelled at KK to come in here NOW!  (because I'm demanding like that...)  "I think I've become a girl who wears nail polish."  Yet imagine nail polish was said like it was a despicable terrible swear word or something.

But seriously I've been on a major nail polish kick lately and it's so bizarre because I am not a girly girl, and that just strikes me as something uber girly.  Current fave colors include:  a super duper soft pink which I've dubbed Barbie pink, some crazy sparkly gold that I've aptly named 14 Karat (the names of the polishes suck, so it's obvious that I had to rename them, right?), and a super deep dark almost black/deep red which is Wicked Witch Apple Red.

Painted gold for the superbowl. Obvs. Go Pack Go.

Showing off my Wisco beer while supporting my Wisco boys during the NFC Championship game.

Trying to channel some semblance of spring with the pretty pastel pink.
(P.S. Thoughts on the new Starbucks logo?  I kind of like it... gotta dig the excessive green! :D)

Our Target just got a grocery section, and they sent out a mailer for a free dozen eggs on Sunday.  Color me excited!  Go figure, I would walk away with two new nail polish colors with my free dozen.  Highlighter pink and muted moss green (again my made up names.... I need this job..)  P.S.  The yellow I got as a pedi before RnR Vegas marathon because it matched my race shirt.  Um...yeah.

Aaron Rodgers.  Being an avid Packers fan, it's really hard not to love Aaron Rodgers, but seriously.... he's kind of awesome.  After the season was over, he resumed tweeting (uh..thank GOD!) and the interviews I caught made me love the guy even more.  He's kind of hilarious.... and uh... attractive (don't ask me how I didn't notice this previously.... since he's clearly my "type.").  A few weeks before the Superbowl I ordered my 2nd Packers jersey, and although it wasn't here in time for the Superbowl (but to be honest I would've wore my lucky outfit: Jennings jersey, yellow sparkly hair ribbon, regardless) it's kind of awesome.

Starburst Jelly Beans.  About a month ago I had to accompany KK and his roommate to Menards for some crap or another.  I was kind of a grumpy gus about it, especially when no one laughed at my joke about being with "my kind" while in the light fixture section (only funny if you know my last name.  ok, possibly still not funny even if you know my last name.... whatever).  Upon checking out, I realized that there were STARBUST JELLY BEANS!!!!!!!  I first experienced these little treats of deliciousness after Easter last year when a co-worker brought in some leftover candy.  Of course, at this point it was too late to find them anywhere, and I have been counting down to purchase them.  Currently I'm on bag 6 of 6... so far.  Don't act like you're not impressed.

Greg Jennings YouTube Video.  This was a bit of a viral sensation this fall.  If you haven't seen it yet, please view now:

After the Superbowl, I obviously watched every interview and appearance for any Packers players.  My buddy Matt tweeted about an appearance by Greg Jennings where he is asked about the youtube video.  I laughed so hard at Jennings' impression of the guy in the video, I thought I was going to die.  I made Kyle experience the whole thing right along side me, and he enjoyed it just as much.

The other day I was having a crabby day and KK sent me a text:  greg gennings. puttin your team on yo back dog. ahhh s#!t dawrrrrrin shaperrrrrr. one of the best safties in the leeeague dog. greg jennings.

Needless to say I cheered up real quick.  Hi.lar.i.ous.

My nook.
So I know I bought my little nook to keep me company on my treadmill winter miles, but I must say... I really love the little bugger.  It's so nice to throw it in my purse instead of a heavy book (or two).  Plus the Kate Spade case is oh so chic.  I've read quite a few books on there, and while books are still my favorite thing evaaaaaaaaah, the nook might be #2. :)


Normally I have a rest day after a long run.  However, normally I do my LRs on a Saturday.  I know that if I start off my week with a rest day, I'm going to wish I had it back come Thursday when I *need* my couch and a bag of Starburst jellybeans in lieu of a run.  I had 6 easy miles to do.  Since it was snowing sideways (seriously're the best) I went to the gym.  Luckily I'm in the midst of another Sookie Stackhouse book on my nook, and could hunker down for the run.  I run pretty super de duper slow and slowly but surely felt all the junk leaving my legs.  Somehow I managed to knock out more pages on the 58 minute run then I did on my 60 minute lunch break.... riddle me that one..... TheRunningSpeedReader (I'm really in to creating faux twitter handles for myself...please ignore for now....)

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Whiny Runner

If you know me IRL, you'll know that I've been a little not-myself when it comes to running.  Glitter and Sunshine?  Where?  Just call me the Whiny Runner, bestie to The Angry Runner.  Saturday I gorged on all things fatty and salty.  And then napped.  And then was boggled when my marathon pace run didn't go so swell.  (Perhaps I should change to The Dumb Runner....)

Saturday night I was lamenting to KK and confessed that I was seriously considering dropping from the full to the half in Fargo.  Up to this point I had 4 failed long runs (sucky 14 miler, 16 turned to 6 on the TM and 10 at super mondo slow pace, 18 that ended in my eating shit hardcore, and a 20 miler that I just plain didn't do.)  Yeah.  I distinctly remember saying last weekend that if it was cold and/or snowy and/or windy next weekend, that I would gladly hang up my running shoes and embrace a life of sedentary bliss.  Saturday's forecast:  High of 30.  20 mph wind gusts.  Wind chill: hope you aren't too fond of the skin on yo' face!

I told him that I was over running.  I've had one strong run in roughly the last 4 months, and it has become a chore to get myself out the door (heyo, I'm dr. suess!).  He let me vent and then in unison we said, "but it's probably just the weather..." (precious level: 17, jk).  I decided that whatever the weather was on Sunday at least I wouldn't be running on snow/slushy/ice hybrid as I had previous long runs.  I even planned out a running route I was excited about.... it was creepy.  It was cold, but I've run in much colder.  It was windy, but I've done much windier (when it was much colder...ick).  And it was hilly (which is typically not my cup o' tea).  But it was kind of awesome.

I wanted to run ~9:45 pace for the 16 miles, and I didn't want to see a mile above 10 even for the super mondo hills.  No joke, I hit every major hill in town except one.  I started the run in to the wind and it suckkkkked, but then I had it out of the way for the next 8-9 miles.  Neat!  I set a PR in snot rockets blown, including one that took up residence on my cheek.  Which I didn't notice....for quite some time.  Ooooh!  Maybe I'll be The Sexy Runner.  Hey hey hey!

I did 16 miles in 2:33:58 for a pace of 9:37.
The first 4 miles and last 1 were flat as a 12 y.r. Jerbear so I didn't map the elevation on those, but look at those HILLS!  My legs are still shaking their fists (?) at me for that route.  Hills make heros!

And maybe some of the gentle persuasion towards running the full occurred via retail therapy this weekend.....  See I can justify buying something new for marathons because it's a lot of darn work.  Half marathons?  No new outfit for you!  And I just couldn't pass up these super sweet Brooks shorts in my favorite color of green.  And I quickly realized they'd be the perfect match for the green tank top my green sister Nikki got me last fall.  (FYI: when looking at this photo, I realize this outfit is only missing my high school home town name before it looks like my track uniform.... bahahahahha...)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekly Wishlist + Hard Hills

Wednesday night I had a tough hill work out and for some reason I was actually jazzed to do it.  Who am I?  Since we've reverted back to winter, yet again, I was off to the gym for my time of torture.  After a twitter convo with The Angry Runner yesterday, she had suggested I try to wear my Kinvaras sans socks, as that's how they were meant to be worn.  I thought it couldn't hurt (literally) more than the bloodbaths of late, and decided to give it a try.  I must say, I felt a little weird being barefoot at my gym while changing in to my running shoes... but oh well.

I had a 2 mile warm up followed by 6 x 400 m. intervals with the incline at 4.  Incline at 4 = butt burn.  Did anyone run the 400 m. dash or perhaps the 300 m. hurdles?  If so, you know the very meaning of butt burn.  UFF!  Luckily it wasn't nearly to that degree.  I started out at a 7:30 pace and felt like I was going to die, so the next one I did 7:35, followed by 7:40.  Then I went back down the ladder.  I keep forgetting that my body ALWAYS feels like it's going to die the first go around at a tough pace, and that I should ease in to it better.  I'm sure if I had started that first one at 7:40 the rest would've been ok at 7:35 or 7:30 pace.  Oh well.

I finished up (and spraying sweat all over the treadmill and those around me) with a one mile cool down jog.  I also got in some fabulous celebrity gossip from the trash US Weekly mags (the real reason I wanted to go to my gym, let's be honest).  Oh and in between the intervals I walked ~.05 and jogged .2. 

The verdict on the shoes?  After bragging that I haven't gotten blisters in ions, obviously I got a blister.  But it was just a little guy on my baby toe (site of initial bloodbath).  Luke had suggested that the toebox may be too small, but I think it might actually be too wide, which is why my foot was sliding around so much.  I love the shoes though, so in Tim Gunn's words, "I'll be making them work!" 

And on to my weekly wishlist:

Buy it here.
I heart tea.  I usually drink a piping mug of it every morning at work.  Tea cups and saucers are just the cutest thing, and so is this ring.  Knowing me, I'd probably drink a spot of tea out of it to show off.

Buy it here.
This is my new motto, likely taken from Barney Stinson, what uppppppppppppp?!?!? 

Stripes AND sparkles?!?!?!  Where do I sign??
Buy it here.
Buy it here.
I love this cardi.  The bow ties almost make it look like an old school kite's strings.  Future librarian has to stock her closet with cardis, right?

I've been looking for something to be my "jumping off point" to inspire design in my kitchen.... I may have just found it....

Has anyone joined pinterest?  I'm kind of obsessed.  It's similar to a tumblr page (from what I can tell) but way way way way cooler and simpler format.  You "pin" different images and categorize them based on for the home, wedding, fashion, style, etc. and other people can see what you're pinning and sharing.  Let me know if you're on it so I can stalk you.  Also, if you're interested, send me your email and I can send you out an invite.  (I had to wait 2 weeks for my request to go through for approval to join the site..... elite club I guess.... :p)  Visit me here.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Patty's Day = No 20 Miler

After Wednesday night's super-fantastic-most-awesome-run-ever, I kind of fell off the planet.  Let's blame my favorite holiday*, please?  Righty-o, glad we got that figured out.  I had planned a rest day for Thursday because I knew I would be celebrating my Irishness.  I had taken a vacation day from work on Friday and had big plans to complete 20 miler #1 of MARATHON TRAINING in the afternoon.  Um... this.... was a terrible idea.  I was borderline d.e.a.d.  The only way 20 miles was going to happen is if some super buff braaaaaahs picked up my couch and hoofed it the distance.  Apparently that wasn't going to happen... lame sauce.

Then I had big plans Saturday morning to do the 20 miles.  But I still didn't feel very dapper, plus my bfff was in town, so clearly pedicures were more important than long runs (*cough* No spend March fail *cough*.  Natch.  Then a softball fundraiser was in the cards.  By the time that was done the winds were so strong that I probably could've jumped straight in the air and landed 20 miles away.  Which would be awesome, and run would be complete!  Except I'd be stuck 20 miles from home.  No bueno.

Sunday it was on.  Except it wasn't.  I went from 20 miles to 10.  When I started the run my legs felt like junk (I'm still blaming you, multiple Guinness'.....I would like to think the plural is Guinnessi much like Nimbusi, even though I know it's not ) so I decided I would go on the trail until it was flooded and then I could turn around.  Somehow this led to...welp... I'm at 1/2 of a mile, time to go home.  Yes, I ran one mile.  I spend approximately 4x as long getting ready for a run as I did actually running.

But on the bright side, KK and I started watching (or in my case, rewatching) LOST, so I'm happy to have that obession back in to my life.

After 4 days of no running (plus, the after effects of the full SUPERmoon, I swear I'm a werewolf, or at the very least tres moody when there's a full moon), I was ready to kill someone after work on Monday.  All I wanted to do was run.  Somehow it became cold here again, and the wind chill was a B, but I had a nice little 6 mile jaunt.  And for the record, the bike trails are flooded.... just east of minnesota, for those peeps who care.  Sad day.

And now for fun St. Patty's Day pics!

bag pipes. natch.
ignore all the light peering in through the windows.... it's night time, I swear.

*Someone remind me next spring to create my training program with St. Patrick's Day in mind.  This year = major fail.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekly Wish List + Welcome Back Speedy Legs!

Happy St. Patty's Day Lovelies!  You know I'm donned in head to toe GREEN.  You wouldn't expect anything else I'm sure.  I forgot to mention something AWESOME regarding the St. Patrick's day celebration on Saturday.  As I was walking to my car post-races on Saturday (yes, I managed to park in a lot sandwiched between the parade route, go me) I saw some of the later parade entries, and I saw... get this.... Le-pug-cauns!  There was a whole troup of people walking their pugs decked out in green.  Obviously this made me freak out and want to steal one.... but I didn't..... Maybe next year I'll walk in the parade...  (hint hint... someone buy me a PUG!)

And on to my weekly compilation of things I want because I'm a horrible consumer but sadly I'm super poor plus on a spending freeze that I'm not very good at:
I tend to be obsessed with feathers.  Peacock feathers, bird feathers, pretty pretty.  Love this mirror.

Buy it here.
I'm definitely not a HUGE Twins fan, but if I had to cheer for a baseball team, it'd be them.  I hope to make it to a couple of games this year, and clearly this shirt would need to be worn.

Buy it here.
I've wanted this suit now for over a year.  Or is it two?  I keep waiting for it to come down in price, and it refuses.  Ugh.  I just can't bare to fork over almost $60 for a swimming suit, when I could probably get 3 total for that price.  VS stop toying with my emotions!  I think there was even a twitter debate awhile back about whether I should get it or not.  It's getting ridiculous.

I've been pretty obsessed with all things yellow lately, and I adore this bag.  Too bad my favorite coat is yellow.  And that I already have a super fab spring/summer purse.  Oh and that I don't have money to spend on a handbag.... that too. ;)

Wednesday night I had my first tempo run (I think) of MARATHON TRAINING!!! on my schedule.  I was a little nervous because I haven't done a lot of running outside of marathon pace (9:00) and long slow pace (uh.... with snow+ice 10:30+).  According to McMillan, I was to shoot for 8:00-8:30 pace for my 4 miles.  I did a nice 2 mile warm up and got to work.

The first tempo mile was...... hard.  I started thinking, "how and the heck am I going to maintain this pace for 13.1 miles the end of April?!?!?!  I'm dying and I'm on mile 1."  After the first mile ticked away I realized I was at mile 3 and still running away from home.  Ooops.  Apparently I missed my turn.  While I started searching for the street sign indicating I should turn, the run started to feel much easier and I got in to a rhythm with my breathing.  And then I looked down at my garmin... 8:15.  Uh what??  8:25 feels like death, 8:15 feels like goody goody gum drops?

Whatevs... and I kept going.  My legs felt great, and I went with it.  I started to do the math to realize that even with my slow warm up, I was maintaining a faster pace than Saturday's 5mile or 5k.  Wheeeeeeeee! At one point when I looked down at my watch during the 4th mile I was averaging a 7:44 pace.  Whoa Nelly.... reign it in a bit!  Since I accidentally added more on to my route, I had an extra 1/2 mile cool down as well. 

The results:  6.5 miles in 56:42 for an average pace of 8:45. 
Tempo miles:  8:25, 8:15, 8:05, 8:00.  Avg tempo: 8:11.

And what did we learn from this?  When you race a 5k make sure to get in a solid 2-3 mile warm up, you ding dong.  5k PR is going buh bye this summer....... :D

And what else did I learn from this?  Figure out why the heck your baby toenails are trying to escape your toenail beds so frequently.  Seriously.... All my socks are going to be blood-stained soon!

And what else else else did I learn?  65 degree temps are my friend.  I heart spring.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blog Award + Please Send a Search Party kthxbai

Bree from Bees Knees Life was nice enough to send me the Stylish Blogger award.  Which makes sense, as I am almost as stylish as they come.  Bree is running in Fargooooooooooooo this spring too, so I hope to meet up with her there!  Check out her blog, or ELSE. 

The rules for accepting the award are:
*Offer up your unborn child to the running blogger gods
*Pluck all body hair
Er...wait..... Nevermind... that's a different award I've recently received....


1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 5 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these Bloggers and tell them about the award!

My Seven Things
1.  I rarely eat meat (and was a pescatarian for a few months).  I despise the taste of meat, typically.  Even when eating chicken I swear I can taste blood.  Eew.  However, I get INTENSE cravings every blue moon for a cheeseburger.  And then I have to have one charred to perfection on the grill.  FYI I'm currently in the middle of one of these intense cravings.

2.  I don't drink pop.  I don't really like it.  I was that strange kid who loooooooooooooved water.  Weirdo.

3.  Before starting up running again about 2 years ago, I was 25-30 pounds heavier than I currently am (slash am at when at my racing weight).  Everyone how met me during that time period kind of freaked when I started running again because I lost a lot of weight.  It's interesting to me, because the people who have known me forever just saw it as me getting back to my "normal" athletic build.

4.  I was a lifeguard for 6 years, but swimming is the part of a tri that I'm most terrified of.  I have really good form for the various strokes but my speed is...uh... non-existant.  Unless I have to haul booty to save you in a little pool, of course. :)

5. I am an extremely organized messy person.  Trust.  It's possible.  Anything that can be explicitly organized is (ie:  movies in alphabetical order, books by author's last name, clothes by clothing type and then by color within each sub category, all facing the same way with the hanger facing the same way.... you know... the usual...).  Also, I'm a planner to a T, race plans through 2013?  Why not.  However, my apartment (as will be mentioned below) is a disaster area.  Some things just seem to be a waste of time (read:  I'm lazy), such as emptying a dishwasher (I'll just use the plates as I need them!) or putting away clean laundry (I'll just wear them as I need them!).  No biggie.

6.  I think the reason I was such a good sprinter in high school is that I was boy crazy (cough...still am... cough).  I was the fastest girl for most of the Varsity track seasons, so I typically got thrown in with the boys to complete my workouts.  Chasing boys?  Just hand me my first place medal nowwwwww.

7.  If for some reason I don't end up as a children's librarian (in which case I will commence crying one million tears ASAP), life goal #2 is to have a children's book store/coffee shop.  I just adore books and kids who love books (and espresso, let's be real) so this would make for an excellent (albeit much more risky) life plan B.

Blog Award Recipients
I'm going to go with some newly added blogs to my reader:

Tuesday night after work I was set to head to the gym to do my tempo run (the only routes around my place are hilly, except the bike trail and the bike trail is a major NO GO after dark).  But it was sooooo gorgeous out I had to switch out my run to do an easy 5 with strides instead.  For the first time in 2011 I got to wear SHORTS for a run outdoors.  Oh hai their spring.  Random note:  These shorts are a strictly for outdoor running, and not utilized for the gym because they show SWASS like no ones busiess.

Obviously I had to wear my sweet new IRISHMAN shirt from this weekend.  No matter that I wore it for all 3 races and have yet to wash it.  Stench of success!  My mind tends to wonder while I'm running, especially when I'm sans music, like I was on Tuesday.  A random peek in to my thoughts:
  • When did Schwann's change it's logo?  A truck drove by me and I was all confussled.  It's been the same for the last 20+ years.  Shocker.
  • I love the smell of clean/fresh laundry.  Honestly, men, instead of pouring on the cologne, just put on a freshly laundered shirt and I'm yours.  Er... I mean... if I was available and all I would totally be yours.... because clearly I'm not interested now... ummm. yup. :)
  • There was a 3rd major point and it's escaped me.
I did 5 miles on a hilly route and it was swell.  And I'm really digging the random pickup/strides on these easier paced runs.  Also, does anyone else save their holey running socks to wear in really muddy/wet conditions or am I the only weirdo?  I hate mud staining new socks!  Hai pink toe nails!

And yet another random note, if someone wants to help form a search party at my place I am missing a number of items (not surprising as my apartment is a sty):
  • My iPod shuffle*, hence why my run was musicless.
  • My normal iPod.* You know, the one I listen to while at work, while in my car, and while in the shower.  Hrmph.
  • My tax print out. (whatever it's called)
  • My Under Armour running briefs.  I had to wear volleyball spandex shorts under my tights for Saturdays race.  Not happy.  Those puppies were spendy!
*Both of these items were recovered this morning while searching for the still missing tax information.

P.S.  Apparently I've met my max for GB for photo's through picasa/blogger.  Anyone want to give me dummy instructions on using something else to upload my photos???  jerbearshares [at] gmail [dot] com  Thanks I'll love you forever!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Spend March Update + Pufferfish CUTENESS

No Spend March Update (halfway point):

Week 1-$0.
Week 2-$4.24 I was doing good until last Friday.  Needed to HAVE ONE.

Food:  Week 1-$0  Groceries were within my budget (actually $11 under, hey-o!) and I've yet to splurge on any good (=restaurant) food.  Primarily because my stomach wanted to die after Saturday's long run, but whatev.
Week 2-$65.  Ugh.  Clearly I was starving on Saturday after the races, so I had to have dinner.  And a beer.  And then I got Kyle one for being a super great race spectator.  And then somehow that turned in to two (wtf?!).  And THEN I really wanted mexican food, so obviously we had to go there for lunch on Saturday.  Bad bad Jerbear.

Week 1-$89.  Oops.  Groupon was having a great deal for 6 1-day punch cards for a fitness place in town.  And they have great classes.  Usually it's $10 for a day pass, and with the groupon it was $5.30.  Sooooo I got two of them.  Really it's saving me money from buying it at full price in the future, but still.  Kinda failed my challenge.  Also, I bought a super sweet (cheap!) Aaron Rodgers jersey back in January that I thought I didn't have to pay for til April, but apparently needs money NOW.  Sniffle.  So I had to pay for that too.
Week 2-$0.

For Valentine's Day I got lots of sweet and loverly things.  One of my very favoritest things came from Jodee (p.s. if you don't read her blarg...yes blarg... you're dumb and should start immediately!  ok, not immediately... finish reading my post first then GO!)  I opened up the package and literally shrieked outloud.  Kyle was with me and he thought I had been poisoned or something.  Look. How. Cute. It. Is.

It's a little puffer fish, and it's the cutest thing ever.  Apparently there are over a hundred different ones you can collect, and I'm sorry to admit that I think I want them ALL!  His little eyes and mouth pull out from his face and his top removes from his bottom to which I exclaimed, "oh my God, you could store SECRETS IN THERE" and then KK asked if I was on crack.  For the record:  No.  Just high on puffer fish adorableness!  Thanks again Jodee.  To anyone else who would like to send me one to add to my collection, please message me for my address.  Jk.  Kinda.

Since I was too lazy to do my run Sunday, Monday after work was my first run post-Irishman festivities.  My shins were the only things that were sore on Sunday, so I was hoping there wasn't anything else lingering.  It was a tropical 40 degrees, and although there were 20 mph wind gusts, it was like a breeze compared to the horrific conditions from race day.  My legs even got to see the sun a little bit.  Yay capri pants.

Sadly I'm fairly certain these capris are made for yoga or perhaps dance.  They have no drawstring and they easily could've been around my ankles after 5 miles if I wasn't constantly a-hikin' them up.  There may have even been camel toe moments.  I justified it by saying that the higher up they were hiked, the farther I could run without having to re-hike.  Nbd.  I did 5 miles and for once in a long long time didn't hate where I lived.  Yayzies.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Race Reports: IRISHMAN. St. Patty's Day 5m, 5k, 1m.

Saturday I was excited to partake in one of my favorite holiday's running events:  St. Patrick's Day!  Since I knew I was in no shape to race a 5 mile or 5k, I thought what the heck, and had signed up for the Irishman Challenge:  5 m, 5k, and 1m.  Originally I had planned to run the 5 mile at a slower tempo pace (8:30), race-ish the 5k (low 8's), and bttw mile time (hopefully sub-7).  After they revealed the course route, and I realized it'd be hilly, I scaled back my "goals" a little bit.  When I woke up to see the 30-40 mph wind gusts and 20 degree temps, I ditched them altogether.

I got to the race start entirely too early, as I didn't care to "warm up" in the freezing cold.  Instead, I stood next to a building that was blocking the wind with Tom and Sara.  The first mile went by quickly and I was keeping close to my tempo pace.
Mile 1 8:40

Mile two snuck up and I knew I'd be climbing for the whole mile. Into the wind.  And I wanted to die.  Eep!  After we made it up the hill, the half mile to the turn around was flat out brutal.  Wide wide open area head on in to the wind.  At one point some skinny minnie runner chick came up to pass me on my lefthand shoulder (what a b! I know... passing Jerbear.... didn't know that happened!!  jk) I had been fighting the wind so hard that the momentary reprieve she caused from blocking it for me caused me to crash in to her.  Oops.

Mile 2 9:38 (bahahhahaha, told you I hate wind and hills)
Mile 3 8:56

At the turn around I felt like I could jump in the air and land 200 yards closer to the finish line.  I half contemplated it, to be honest.   To give you an idea of the wind and effort levels for mile 3, I estimate that I was running approximately a ten minute mile into the wind (and felt like an all out sprint), so I had to have run an 8 minute pace with no effort with the wind at my back to get a 9 minute split.  Impressive.
During the 4th mile we got to charge down some hills which was a lot of fun.  I met up with a chick that I had been leap frogging with for most of the race, and we talked for a good half mile about running, what we have coming up for races, cycling, future triathlon and duathlon ambitions.  I guarantee we were THOSE chicks that were annoying people as we were shooting the breeze while flying down the hill passing people.  Oops.
Mile 4 8:17
The final mile had a little bit of a climb to it and another section in to the wind.  I tried to have a strong-ish kick at the end as there were a few people just in front of me with about a quarter of a mile to go.  Plus that's where Kyle was cheering for me, so obviously I had to pass people, right?  ;)
Mile 5 8:41
I finished in 44:12 for a pace of 8:50.
Field Placement:98 / 213 (46%)
Age group:20 – 29
Group Placement:9 / 44 (20.5%)
Gender Placement:39 / 124 (31.5%)

In between races a few of us Daily Mile peeps hit up the bar that was affiliated with the race (and also our regular Daily Mile meet up watering hole) to warm up and hang out.  Somehow I convinced myself that I should enjoy my free Irish beer now rather than before the one mile, since I was trying to race the one mile.  Before I knew it we were heading to the 5k and I had a nice little Irish beer buzz going on.  I didn't realize this was the case until Kyle was wanting to find a gas station bathroom to utilize at 11:11 (race started at 11:30) and I was all sorts of fine and dandy to accompany him.  However, when the clock struck 11:13 I immediately changed my tune and realized that I needed to be at the race right now!!!  Clearly my rational thinking disappeared within a two minute span.  No biggie.

Since I wasn't racing (and was borderline tipsy...p.s. not my fault 2/3 of a beer after running does the trick) I didn't pay any attention to where I had lined up for the race.  Ugh.  Big mistake.  The 5k is known for being the most popular race of the day and there were sooooooo many people.  The first mile was slow going.  Aaron caught up to me and commented, "Shouldn't you be up a LOT farther??"  To which I responded with my master plan, "Instead of racing this 5k, I think I'm going to ask all the under 21 year olds if I can have their drink tickets off their bibs.  Not like they'll be using them, right?!?!!?"  Jeri = genius.  Eventually I saw a little space open up for me to jet through, only to be caught up along the stupid hill again.  The path was super duper narrow, and the leaders were already coming back causing it to be even tighter.  There were parts of the uphill that I was literally running in place.  I would've been very frustrated... but meh.  Didn't really care.

The downhill was neat-o, but I was t-i-r-e-d during mile 3.  It was then that I remembered that instead of eating the Luna bar in between races like I had meant to, I had drank a beer.  Oops!  There were a TON of people that were catchable with about .4 miles to go, so I just haaaaaaad to kick it up a notch to catch them.  It's at this point in races that I convince myself that I'm still a speedy sprinter and can outkick anyone.  For some reason it usually works in my brain... who knows.  Right before the finish line I noticed a chick wearing an Ireland flag as a cape, and just had to beat her.  Thanks for the motivation wee lass!

I did 5k in 27:27 for a pace of 8:52 per mile.
Mile 1  8:59
Mile 2  8:46
Mile 3  9:00
.1 :38 (7:02 pace; 6:31 max pace, again, thanks Irish chick.)

Field Placement:177 / 626 (28.3%)
Age group:20 – 29
Group Placement:25 / 151 (16.6%)
Gender Placement:64 / 385 (16.6%)

Last up was the mile.  And I really didn't want to run.  I was freakin' tired, and freakin' crabby, and freakin' cold.  I owe Kyle a fishing trip for the amount of complaining he had to endure from noon to 2pm.  Oh, my warm up for the mile was jumping out of the truck.  Looking for Tom at the starting line, and waiting for the start.  Not my smartest plan.  I knew Tom would come in well under 7 and I had convinced him to race it so I had someone to chase down.  I was uber smart and switched my garmin to give me my quarter mile splits.  Genius, yet again.

The gun sounded and people were flyyyyying.  And I kept tripping on my windpants.  Why they didn't bother me the other two races, is beyond me (oh wait... perhaps it was the speed at which I was previously running..... :p).  The first quarter mile flew by as did the second.  Close to the halfway mark of the race I thought for sure the race was going to be short.  Short course = almost guaranteed goal time, so might as well ease up a little bit, right?  Running fast hurts.... at the 3/4 mark I thought for sure the course was going to be short and that I would be seeing my subway sandwich again very very soon as it had resided in my esophagus instead of my stomach.  Neat.

A young girl in combat boots who had stopped to walk around the 1/2 way mark came barreling past me.  What.  The.  Eff.  I tried to give it everything I had left without barfing, mind you.
7:14.  Meh.  It's no sub 7, but good enough.
Field Placement:71 / 188 (37.8%)
Age group:20 – 29
Group Placement:4 / 26 (15.4%)
Gender Placement:18 / 95 (18.9%)

On a fresh-legged day, I could do sub-7.  After running a hilly 8, not so much.  But it was a lot of fun and the shirts were pretty sweet.  We got a short sleeved shirt for the 5m/5k/1m and then a long sleeved shirt for the Irishman.  

Irishman Stats
Division Place: 23 out of 62
Gender Place: 23 out of 62
Overall Place: 64 out of 116