Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Things

I was tagged to do this post by my old co-worker extraordinaire: Gina. Here goes....

1. I love cats. All cats. Any kitty who will purr. But I'm a snob when it comes to dogs. I hate little dogs. I hate annoying dogs. I hate dogs who still think they're "puppies." Pretty much, I only like golden retrievers because I feel like they're the only dogs who have true intelligence.

2. I cheered in college for 2 football seasons and .15 seasons of women's and men's basketball. I tried out because I've always sucked at making girl friends, and quit before my senior year because being able to see my buddies play was way more important then being thrown in the air. Gooooooooooooooooo Vikes!

3. When I was in grade school, we lived out in the country in the middle of nowhere. In the summer, I would grab a backpack of books and my dog and head out to a secret tree hideaway near Frog Creek with my dog to read. I would do this all day everyday and loved it. My dog was my best friend.

4. I'm pretty much sick of SF, but afraid that I'll never leave. I'm just a big wuss. It's nice to go out somewhere and run into someone you know. I'm afraid if I leave I'll just become an unknown.

5. I love love love the feeling that you have when you're done running. However, I dread actually running. Once I start running I'm fine, but it's a battle to get started, that's for sure.

6. I have a super sweet nephew who is 2 that I'm afraid will never know his aunt because he lives down in TX. That sucks. Maybe I'll just have to be Richie Rich so I can go visit a lot more often.

7. I always have to hold the remote for the tv and control the radio stations in a car.

8. I have this intense urge to explore the world. A few years ago I was deathly afraid of flying, but now that I've gotten over that (for the most part) I just want to go, go, go. Make up for lost time. There's so much out there that I need to see and be a part of.

9. I think I recently grew up. Ohhh the horror. I've always thought that I was very immature for my age, but at some point over the last year I think I became my age. I'd much rather sit around with a group of friends playing a board game and drinking wine then taking shots at the bar.

10. I feel sexy in my Chucks. I feel awkward in my heels.

11. My favorite foods are ice cream and cheese. Unfortunately, I'm lactose intolerant. Most of the time I don't take my lactaid pills because they're so expensive. Whoops.

12. As lame as it sounds, I miss college. I loved having all my best friends within walking distance. I loved to learn something new everyday, whether it was in the class room or just about life in general.

13. I also miss high school, but not nearly as much. Technically, I only miss high school sports. I would love to go back in time and spend even more time in the gym because those were my glory days. :)

14. My dad and I have the exact same name, except he is Jerald and goes by Jerry. For the longest time (until probably 7 years old) I thought my name was also Jerald because my mom always told me I was named exactly after my dad. I'm dumb.

15. I'm obsessed with MTV's Gauntlet/Challenge/Inferno crap. I wish I was a real world/road rules alum because I would be on every challenge. And I would totally befriend Evlyn because the two of us combined could win any and every challenge.

16. I dream very vividly. Sometimes I know I'm dreaming and other times I think it's real and then I freak out because it's so real.

17. I don't have cable or internet at my new apartment and I'm not sure if I will get it. I DVR the shows I want to watch at Taylor's, so I end up watching less tv because he FREAKS if his DVR gets more then 2% full. Plus it's an extra $80-100 I can put into savings each month.

18. I admire dancers. I'm athletic but I could never ever be a dancer. I'm amazed by them, I'm in awe of them, and I love to watch them.

19. I would probably be 900 pounds if I didn't work out. I love food soooooo much and tend to eat even when I'm not hungry. Plus the food I crave is the worst possible for you. Oh well. :)

20. I buy one new pair of jeans a year. I only buy expensive jeans, so that's all I can afford. Hah.

21. I would love to be a librarian. Maybe I'll just marry someone really rich, so I can just volunteer my time to reading to children.

22. I own over 20 bikinis. I think it's the old lifeguard in me but I buy at least one new suit a year. I love them.

23. I love argyle. If I could wear argyle from head to toe, I would. And I would be mocked mercilessly.

24. I got diamond earrings from Taylor for my birthday and I think I've taken them out only twice since then. Safe to say that I loooooooooooove them.

25. I hate the smell of fake cinnamon. Cinnamon gum, red hots, anything that is face cinnamon. It literally makes me feel like vomiting.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Apartment Decorating 2020

Here are some amazing additions that I will have for my future house. I've already sent a link to Taylor so he can figure out how to make them. I'm pretty much in love. What's better then bookshelves as art? Ice cream. But other than that, nothing.

Gosh...come to think of it, it is our anniversary next week....and Valentine's Day the week after. Hint hint. Hah. But seriously.... <3

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jerbear Stare

OK this site is way too cool. obamaconme.com

Also, 27 Dresses seems to be on HBO every time I turn on the channel. And somehow every time I'm just as drawn to it. It's not even that great of a movie... I think it's secretly got a hidden subliminal message that is making me watch it. Ugh.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reasons I hate my car (continued from last spring's blog)

I have a new fun story to add on to my hate for my car. First, I will copy and paste my previous blog about this situation posted on my myspace page April 16th, 2008:

reasons why I hate my car...
...and subsequently life.
So I complained for years upon years that I didn't have a car waah waah waah, although not enough to actually do anything about it until a year ago when I purchased the most pimp '97 cherry red mercury mystique. I know you're jealous... you're wondering how I beat off the droves of man who attack my car when I'm looking "oh so fly" as I cruise around sf. It's a rough life, but I figured walking everywhere, especially in sub-zero temperatures that sodak does get in the winter was no longer an option. I have paid roughly $200 so far on my car, thanks to my 0% interest financer (thanks madre) that's the bill that's given the least priority month to month, especially with the recent job change. Anyways, the little "quirks" it has developed over the past year have only added to its "charm" and "appeal." Until now. I officially hate it. And want to trade it in for a shiny new bicycle, because, let's be honest, I still hate to drive.

1. My radio randomly shorts out. Typically it's not a big deal, turn the radio off and back on and presto change-o it works. Other times, it stops working for the full drive to work. Utterly annoying.

2. To make matters worse my once bent antennae is now busted off completely, leaving me with 4 radio stations to listen to when my radio isn't busy shorting out. The thing that really chaps my behind is that I'm fairly certain that someone intentionally busted it off. Don't playa hate... I'm sure you can find your very own mystique-ness for real real cheap.

3. My windshield wiper fluid doesn't work. AND YES, I did refill it so it's not out. Or I should say my boyfriend refilled it b/c I don't deal with cars. So every time it snowed then melted (roughly 97 times this winter) I had crap splattered on my windows and had to make at least one stop at the gas station to clean my windows. Really time efficient, I promise.

4. Also, my left windshield has decided to not work as nicely as it used to. In addition to not working properly, it also emits a screech much like that of a pterodactyl with every swipe. Enough to make you nutty in the pouring rain, I promise you.

5. Another fun quirk is the incessant vibrations and shaking while idling. We'll compare it to an out of control vibrator for extra fun. Not that I'd know, I'm merely presuming. No...really. By the time you get to where you're going, you still feel like you're shaking uncontrollably and your hands look like you have Parkinson's.

6. Now the big kahuna and final straw. When I first got the car, the lady I (meaning my mother until she gets the rest of her $$) bought it from mentioned that the driver door stuck from time to time and showed me the proper (ghetto) procedure for opening it: press ever so gently on the window while lifting. Works every time. Winter comes and I don't even need the fabulous window-pressing trick. AMAZING. As spring is upon us, I've learned that the bitch won't budge unless it's 30 below. No matter how sweetly I caress that stupid window, it just laughs at me and stays put. Imagine how awesome I look leaving meetings with very important clients black suit, heels, briefcase, etc. Going up to the passenger side of my car, crawling across to open my door, and walking around. Now if that doesn't say, "please buy from me. I'm too poor to afford to fix my g.d. broken door," I don't know what does.

Since last spring, I am happy to report that none of the aforementioned car issues have been repaired. However, I do have some new issues to report. If you are familiar with the Midwest, then you are aware of the bitter bitter cold we had last week. We're talking -20 withOUT the windchill. Highs of -1. Ridiculi (plural for ridiculous). So of course, even though I desperately, desperately need gas, I put it off. Keep in mind that my car has a tendency to not start when it's cold, my lovely lovely boyfriend starts it for me at 5am every morning before he goes to work and lets it run for a bit before he leaves. Thus making sure I don't need a jump before he takes off and leaves me stranded. Say it with me now, what a sweetheart. Unfortunately, that's also throwing my very limited quantities of gas down the pooper. Finally, Thursday hits and I'm concerned that I won't be able to make it to work without getting gas, but still I'm too lazy to do anything about it. Thursday after work--this is it. I'm going to do it. I'm going to brave the cold -3 probably, because it's better to be cold then to have your car run out of gas on 41st street at 5pm.

I stop at the closest gas station to my place of employment get out and flip the little gas lid thingy. Walk to the other side of my car. Nothing. Now I should've mentioned this before, but some time ago my gas lid lever thingy stopped working. However, I discovered that I could lift it (which you're supposed to do if you want the trunk to open) and then press to open the lid, and it works. I return to my side of the car and repeat this 10-12 times. I walk to the other side of the car. Still not open. I push on it. Tap it. Swear at it. Repeat. 5 times. Finally I get pissed and leave. Still convinced I'm going to run out of gas before I make it home.

I call Taylor to see if he has any good remedies. He says he will come right over after class and help me out. My savior. I bum a ride to the gym with my buddy Matty, and we swap some ideas for unsticking what is clearly stuck. I arrive home from the gym to find Taylor already at my apartment. I run inside and ask if he's ready to help me out. "I got your gas lid open...." says Taylor, "...but now it won't shut...." "So you broke it?" "No..it just won't shut."

I go outside to investigate and indeed it is broken, although he was correct in saying that it was open. Forever. Because I'm sure it'll cost $30 to fix a stupid little latch, and it took me 2 months to commit to spending $60 on a dining room table. Probably not going to happen. I'm thinking of investing in some clear packing tape I can just leave in the car to re-tape after each refueling.

Operation: Furnish Apartment Step One: COMPLETE

I've lived in my new apartment for almost 2 months now. For two months I have had a futon (borrowed from the old roomie) and a wooden ex-desk chair for sitting area. When I make fabulous dinners for me and my lover boy, he pulls up the coffee table to the couch and I sit around it. Charming, but not comfortable. And not too terribly sanitary either since the rest of the time we're sitting in the living room, our hooves are on the same coffee table. For some reason I've just been dragging my feet to get furniture.

This weekend I finally got a fire lit under my booty and decided that I've been pinching pennies for the last 4-5 months, and should get to spend a little bit of it. :) So I started hitting craigslist full force again. I've seen about 8 dining room tables that I've l-o-v-e-d over the past 2 months, but have been unable to commit. Until today. There was a super cute, super small (my kitchen is the size of a thimble) table for 60 bones. In less then 4 hours of laying thine eyes on the table, I am now the proud owner. Sigh. Bliss. I can't wait to cook dinner, and gaze longingly into Tay's eyes instead of staring at the tv while we enhale our food.

Now I'm super excited to finish decorating my kitchen before moving on to the living room. My manager is actually a fabulous artist and is going to do a painting for me for my kitchen. I'm doing a vino theme, so I happened to find the most beautiful wine label that she is going to recreate. Then I'll probably do a couple of smaller print outs to frame on the other wall.

Now I have the horrible task of drinking a bunch of wine in hopes of finding some more sweet wine labels. It's a rough job being an interior designer, but I think I'm up for it.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'm in the weirdest mood, so I decided to jot a quick note. I've been listening to the most depressing music for the last hour and it's gotten me super bummed out. I recently realized that the music that I love is really somber. Think: I've just had my heart ripped out of my chest and now I'll sing a song about it. Weird since I haven't had my heart ripped out of my chest. But alas, that is the music that I enjoy. I've just discovered a bunch of new artists, so I think it's probably time that I actually set up my computer and call the cable/internet guy to "hook me up." My poor iPod is so outdated, I feel bad for it.

I also spent the last hour perusing books on amazon to come up with some new reads. If I could live at the library, I think I would. I'm reading the Twilight books currently, and am really enjoying them. I thought they'd be lame, but I was proven wrong. I've literally been checking the library website 300 times a day to check where I'm at on the list for the 2nd book. Of course at about 4:55pm today they showed that it was in and waiting for me. Whooo! Too bad the library closes at 5. Curses. I'm also re-reading all of the Harry Potter books. I'm pretty much a 14 year old girl, don't even worry about it. I'm also watching all of the movies after I read the books and complaining about the inaccuracies or parts that have been left out. Taylor is loving the commentary. Hah.

I'm looking for a new hobby if anyone has any suggestions. It gets kind of lonely without a roomie and poor Taylor is probably sick of me being his shadow. But seriously. I started running again which is awesome. I'm vowing to PR in at least one of my race distances this year, so we'll see how that goes.

I also need to take a vacation asap. I'm beyond bored with Sioux Falls. I was supposed to head to the Cities this weekend with my BFFF and meet up with some college pals, but unfortunate circumstances have put the kabosh on that. I don't remember the last time I left this town to do something fun. Boo hiss. So I guess this is also a plea to take me on vacation with you. Please? :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's a Christmas-gram? I WANT ONE!

So the holidays have come and gone. Of course that means that I'm in a deep dark wine & cheese induced depression. A whole year to wait until the next holiday season. Alas, it was a good one.

Christmas was fabulous, as usual. Santa let me have some extra time off this year, from making toys of course (what a jolly ol' saint of a man) so I was able to do some celebration Christmas Eve & Christmas day with my family and Taylor's family. Taylor's Christmas was a drunken mess, as usual, (mess=an amazing amount of fun and merriment) with more presents stacked under one tree then I've ever seen total in my life. Christmas Day we spent with my family back home, which was a good time. I got some great new appliances that I needed for my new apartment and some cool things to decorate it with, along with some clothes.

Of course, the most important day came after Christmas. My quarter of a century birthday. 25. Big deal. Or at least I made it out to be a big deal. Taylor had to work (boo) for a good chunk of it, good thing he was almost done by the time I got out of bed. Did some shopping (as usual) with Miss Mel, finding absolutely nothing that tripped my trigger (double boo). After that Taylor was done working, and he took me out for my birthday lunch to Sushi Masa. The single greatest restaurant I have ever dined. Seriously. Unfortunately, they were no longer seating people or taking names for lunch time diners (triple boo). Oh well, getting our order to go allowed me time to shop at my favorite used book store and Zambroz.

Then we had a small crowd over to my new apartment (after the in between 2 hours were spent thoroughly cleaning and finishing unpacking my apartment) for a Guitar Hero tourney.

I used my shiny new blender to whip up some strawberry margaritas. APPARENTLY, tequila can go bad, so they were rancid. Whoopsies. I'll remember that for the future (I think). I let Barry win the tourney so he wouldn't feel bad about losing to a girl, and we were off to the bars. Many many shots were taken at Shenanigans and I think I finally lost the headache that I had from that night.

One of the best birthdays I can remember (no pun intended), thanks to all those who celebrated with me, or wished me a happy birthday.

After 5 days off of work, I dreaded going back on Monday, but the 3 days flew by and last night was New Years Eve. We celebrated at Taylor's BEST BUD ZIMMY'S new house in formal attire. My personal favorite way to celebrate the new year. Well that and a bottle and a half of wine and a whole block of pepperjack cheese. Seriously. Now another day off today to watch football and play the Wii (ie: beat Taylor at the Wii) work tomorrow and the weekend again.

2008 was great, and I'm excited about what 2009 will bring!!