Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 Race Schedule

I've been so excited/focused/tunnel-visioned about the BIG EVENT (aka Green Bay Marathon) for this spring, that I've kind of neglected to think beyond May in terms of running.  Tuesday night an old college friend sent me a facebook message that I should consider running marathon #2 in 2010 as well.  Huh?  TWO marathons this year?  Well.  Why not?  Her race suggestion solved all of my fall/winter racing issues that I had been having.  I'd like to consider it the missing piece to my running puzzle.

February 6th  Frostbite 2 & 4 Mile

But let's start at the beginning shall we?  I start marathon training on February 6th (or something like that) so I figured I could do this race I've said I was going to do every year since I started running but have yet to.  The name should say it all, really.  Since the primary reason I've wussed out on doing it EVERY YEAR is because it's painfully cold in February.  Duh!  But it'll give me something to keep me motivated until marathon training starts.  And maybe everyone else in my AG will be too wussy to run, and I'll get an auto AG award.
March 13th St. Patty's Day Mile, 5k, & 5 mile

I love St. Patrick's Day.  I love green.  I love to run.  What's not to love about a race that combines ALL THREE?!?!  Answer:  Nothing.  So why not.  I've done the 5k for 2 years, and might do that or the 5 mile, depending on what fits into my schedule the best.

May 16th Cellcom Green Bay Marathon

The big kahuna.  I'm sure you're sick of hearing about it, so I won't elaborate..... too much.  I've literally been planning on doing this race as my first since I learned that the course went a lap around the inside of Lambeau Field before the finish line (circa 2004 in case you cared).  As a HUGE Packers fan, this race will truly combine my two true loves.  Be shocked if there aren't crocodile-sized tears streaming down my face when I'm finishing (FYI:  These tears may even rival the ones that were shed when Brett retired time #1, #2, #3, and when he signed with the Vikes).

June 5th Pavilion Wellness 10 mile, 10k, & 5k

I did the 5k last year and it was the race that I awarded myself with my GARMIN for PR'ing in.  Go Jerbear!  I have no clue which distance I will attempt, because I have no idea how my legs will recover after the marathon.  I'm just excited to squeeze in as many shorter races as possible this summer, because sometimes a girl just likes to run faaaaast.

June 13th Swan Lake Half Marathon

Again this race probably stems from my recovery from the marathon, but after looking at my schedule I was sad that I only had one HM on it.  The 1/2 is probably my new favorite distance (sorry 5k, still love YOU!).  This race is close to my hometown, and is the kick off for their small town summer festival, so it'd be fun to get another HM in.

September 12th Sioux Falls Half Marathon

Oh the race that started it all.  This will be my 7th year running my city's big race, and this will be one of the races I train hard for.  Look for a MAJA PR next fall.  (hopefully).  They are actually starting a full marathon after taking 20+ years off from doing it.  I toyed with the idea of running it, but eventually all the pieces fell into place, and I was happy that I got to stick with the 1/2.

October 3rd Twin Cities 10 Mile
(if chosen by lottery)

I also toyed with running the Twin Cities Marathon as it is on my "list" of marathons to run.  After some advice from Glenn, I realized it probably wouldn't be smart to PR in a 1/2 and then presumably PR in another marathon 3 weeks later.  Thanks for being my voice of reason.  I've always said 10 miles is my favorite training run distance, so why not do a 10 miler?  I figure I'll get the experience of the cities in the fall (I loooooove the cities, I should just move. Hmph.) and experience the huge crowds and atmosphere, but only have to run 38% of the distance.

December 6th Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon

Which brings me to marathon #2 for 2010.  I had originally wanted to do Disney World 2011 in January with Melissa , but even after an unseasonably mild winter so far (yes, we had a HUGE blizzard, but we usually have had about 4-5 major snow storms by this time of year) I realized that most major training has to be done by mid-late November.  Which makes an early December race purrrrfect.  Plus I have a feeling I could maybe get the guy to attend that one.

Sidenote.  Funny convo about the Vegas Race......
Me:  Do you wanna come with me to Vegas in December?
N:  Are you trying to trick me into something?  :)
Me:  ????  Are you referring to me tricking you into running a race with me in Vegas or me tricking you into marrying me in Vegas?  I'm guessing either option is equally terrifying.  

Later while watching The Hangover....
Me:  If we do accidentally get hitched in Vegas we should get the high roller package and get our pic on trucker hats!!!
N:  You would like the coffee mugs more.

The kid knows me well, no?  :)

K back from La La Land and back to the land of is the time where you tell me that you're totally signing up for the same races as me and we plan sweet meet ups (unless you're a stalker in which case I'm a black belt in karate!).  Not included in the official schedule is about 4-6 5k's in the June to August months that have yet to be solidified.  I also wouldn't mind throwing in another relay because last years was oooooh sooooooo fuuuuuuuun.

Who else is excited about 2010?!?!?!?!??

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Birthday Celebration Recap

I forgot to mention something funny on the great blizzard post (great referring to the blizzard, not so much for the post, mind you).  Gah!  Losing my mind at 26, oh no!  So randomness, I was actually born during the last major blizzard in 1983.  My mom tells this story every year for my birthday, and I love hearing it.  Now you must listen also.  Poor things.  Oh wait, you can avoid reading this if you wish, drat.  Can't make you "listen."  Anywhooooooo.

My madre had planned to have a c-section with me (TMI? hope not) and had wanted to have me on the 26th, which was her doctor's birthday.  Happy birthday Doc!  After Christmas dinner, ma and pa jumped in the truck (or snowmobile.  I've heard both stories.) and headed to the hospital about 20 miles away.  When they got to the hospital there was a snow drift that went up and over the front of the hospital.  My dad went up the snow mountain first, making great big "stairs" for my mom to trek up.  After making the stairs, he went back to the bottom of the snow mountain, and walked behind her to make sure she didn't fall.  SAFETY FIRST! Ha.

When they got to the top of the mountain, they realized my mom + belly wouldn't fit between the roof and the top of the snow mountain, so Pops started digging away to make room.  Finally she fit and wheeeeee! down the mountain into the hospital.  When they made it to the check in area, the hospital attendants were confused as to where they had come from.  After explaining they had gone up and over the huge snow drift, they attendant said, "Well most people have been using the back door since the front is snowed over from the blizzard...."  Oy.  Love the parents.  :)  We like to do things the hard way darn it.

Alright, back to the current.  At 5pm, my good friend Melissa called me with the happiest news I had heard all break, she had successfully dug herself out of her house AND had dug her car out.  Birthday celebration is ON!  We decided to head out for sushi, my favorite.  Sushi place is closed.  :'(  Fail.

We then went a really nice Cafe/Bistro downtown.  We had a whole section to ourselves, so it was really great.  The atmosphere was beautiful, the food was good, and the champagne was flowing.  Mental note: champagne makes me siiiiick.  Please remind me never to drink it again, k?  Great.

After dinner we headed to my new favorite bar in town that serves an insane amount of imported beers.  I met up with my good pal and old running buddy, Matt.  Melissa randomly found a Legoman in her purse from one of her boys, so I had some great fun perching him on my drinks and thinking it was hiLARious.  I also enjoyed some delectable brews.

Next stop was a bar/club-ish.  It wasn't very fun, so Matt and I quickly moved on to the usual bar spot, where we ran into some old faces.  Of course we managed to take some fun photos after the bar closed.  I like to snow off my sweet arms muscles.  Also, I like to wear my running coat and gloves when I'm not actually running.  I'm a strange one.... I know.  And yes, it is very apparent that Taylor's friend (we'll call him big red) neeeeeeds to be taken home.  NOW. Ha.

All in all it was a great birthday.  Can't wait to see what 26 holds for me.

I wanted to run soooooo baaaaaaaaaad on my birthday (first run as a 26 year old!) but was snowed in.  I assumed I would get that first run in the day after.  Um..just kidding.  Remember that champagne?  Nearly killed me.  Sunday was spent horizontally watching the Packers kick BOOTY!

MONDAY:  Time to run.  I felt like doing some speed work, so I looked over my past training schedules that are still stuck to my fridge to determine a good 800 m repeat workout I could use.  I decided on 1 mile warm up and 6 x 800 m. at 3:40 (7:30 mm pace) and 1 mile cool down.

Someone (me) got a little too talky talky recapping my birthday with my buddy who manages the gym, so I didn't have enough time to get in the full workout, but only had to short the cool down.  No biggie, right?

I ended up doing 4.5 miles in 36:00 for a pace of 8:00.  Yes.  Truly strange.  After the first 800 m. I jogged .25 but then decided if I wanted to survive, I should do a .1 walk break.  Phew.  Much better.  So after each of the 800's please insert a .1 walk break.  I didn't record the splits so they aren't included.

Warm Up1 Mi9:309:309:30  
Interval0.5 Mi3:3313:037:06  
Recovery0.25 Mi2:3515:3810:20  
Interval0.5 Mi3:3319:117:06   
Interval0.5 Mi3:4422:557:28   
Interval0.5 Mi3:3326:287:06   
Interval0.5 Mi3:3530:037:10   
Interval0.5 Mi3:3333:367:06   
Cooldown0.25 Mi2:2436:009:36  

Definitely kicked my booty.  But in suuuuuuuch a good way.  :)  I'm truly digging the run as you go training program I'm doing.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Blizzard

I must say my Christmas was a little less than Merry.  Bahhumbug and all of that.  South Dakota (and much of the midwest) was hit by a monster blizzard that left me stranded away from my family.  At first I thought it would be kind of fun.  Ooh!  Snowed in! PJs for days!  Then it just got booooooring.  Mental note:  Being snowed in = fun.  Being snowed in alone = makes you want to slit your wrists just a lil. (kidding.  kind of.)

Once Saturday hit, I realized I hadn't left my tiny apartment in over 48 hours, and decided to trek outside to attempt to clean off my car, and play photog.  Since it had been so long since I had driven my car, I had forgotten where I had parked.  I proceeded to spend at least 5 minutes cleaning off another red car before thinking, "wait a second...  when did I get a spoiler?"  Here's my car POST cleaning off.  I actually had to call in reinforcements on Sunday to help me scoop her out.  Poor thing.

I live right by a really pretty park, so I wanted to take some pictures of the pretty Christmas trees all covered in snow.  Please enjoy.

Trying to capture how deep the snow is.  Only knee high here.  No biggie.

But this, my friends is mid-thigh.  Slightly impressive.

All bundled up!

Deeeeeeep foot prints.

I love me some snow covered trees.  So purty.

This one may end up in my living room decorated next Xmas. :p

In total, we ended up with 18.5" of snow, but some drifts were easily 4-6' tall.  At my parents house my mom took a picture of my dad (who's 6'3") standing in front of a drift 2 1/2 times taller than him.  Impressivo!

Also thanks for posting about your lovely holidays.  I totally lived vicariously through all of you.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Golden Birthday to ME and 1,000 mile milestone.

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dearest Jerbear, Happy birthday to me!  

You will probably never meet another adult that loves birthdays as much as I do.  And I'm proud of that fact.  I countdown from my birthday starting on December 27th each year.  I also make a big deal out of all my close friends' birthdays as well, so I'm not completely selfish when it comes to birthday cheer.  I could literally tell you all of my high school classmates birthdays, as well as 90% of my college friends'.  At one point, roughly around age 20-21, my brain must've filled up, because I have a couple of close friends that I cannot remember for the life of me!  Sigh.  ANYWHO.....

This year marks the birthday I've been looking most forward to, the big 2-6, aka my golden birthday!  I always thought I'd do something big and extravagent for my golden birthday, but then again, back in the day 26 seemed sooooo oooooooold, and for some reason when I was soooo ooooold I thought I would have bookoo bucks to go on a sweet trip.  HA! Jokes on me.  26 is NOT old, and I do not have $$$$.

My birthday gift to myself:  Cellcomm Green Bay Marathon REGISTRATION!  That's it.  I'm really doing it.  Marathon #1. :D  If any of you are still struggling with birthday gift ideas, you can revert back to my Christmas list post, as they can lend themselves quite nicely to birthday gifts as well.

On my last run as a 25 year old, I set out to do something I have never done before.  I had originally planned to do my last 4.5 miles to 1,000 on my birthday, but because of the snow storm, I was left bored and by myself for Christmas Eve, and decided to head to the gym to make my day better.  I decided to do a tempo run, with a 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at 8:19 pace, and a half mile cool down.

My legs were stinkin' SORE for the warm up mile, and most of the first tempo mile.  I need to be more diligent about using my rolling pin on my IT Band, especially after speed workouts.  After that my legs loosened up, and I had fun.  I swear I had an ear to ear grin going the entire run.

I did the 4.5 miles in 39:18 for a pace of 8:44.
1. 9:39 warm up
2. 8:14
3. 8:19
4. 8:14
.5 4:49 (9:38 pace cool down) 

During the last mile, I started reflecting back on all the miles and races that my legs had gotten me through during 2009.
We've come a long way this year.  One of my primary goals for 2009 was to fall back in love with running, and I think it's safe to say that has happened.  Not only is running a huge part of my life again, but I was lucky enough to PR in every race I ran this year, except for one 5k in the freezing cold. :p  That is a huge accomplishment and one that I have to thank my legs for immensely.

Here's to an even better running year as a 26 year old.  I have a feeling it'll be golden.  ;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa.....

Well Since Christmas is upon us (meaning ever so close to my birthday as well!) I figured It was time to send off my Christmas wish list to Santa.  In no particular order, I would love if Santa would stuff the following in my stocking, or wrap up and put under my tree.

A Greg Jennings jersey.  Love. Him.  Preferably a much smaller size than the one shown here.  YIKES! Youth L, because that's how I roll.  Also, because they don't make his jersey in women's....LAME.  Ahem.  Moving on...

The Office Season 5.  I've been requesting and/or buying these seasons for Christmas since 2006 and don't plan on quitting anytime soon.  Rest assured that if this one isn't in my stocking, I will be picking it up for my birthday shopping on the 26th.

Mmmmm.....this is what heaven smells like.  I would like to smell heavenly as well.  My best friend Sheana gave me a small free sample of this.  I used it up.  She gave me another.  It's got a few droplets of scent remaining.  I should probably just have the big kahuna, no?

I usually don't buy movies unless I know I'm going to watch then 2458974502934203 times.  This movie would definitely fall under that category.

She's b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. And she'd be even more beautiful lovingly wrapped around my neck.  I would also be tickled about a bright blue or charcoal grey one.

One of my favorite wines, and coincidentally, one of my favorite wine bottle labels.  I would love to have this poster framed for my kitchen.  I think a kitchen with midnight blues and random orange pops of color would be cute cute cute.

And just so you don't think I forgot about RUNNER JERI (do not fret, I haven't) here are some more gems.  Nike tempo track shorts (since I still don't own (but am close).  I would literally take these in just about any color as long as it's not a repeat of what I currently own.  I would especially love a red pair, a bright pink pair, and these sexy yellow ones.
It's not quite the long sleeved twin to my green tank top I love so dearly (and covet from Heather at Trials of Training !)  But it's the closest I could find.  For the record, I would take either or both.

I swear I just got new running shoes, but before you know it, these puppies will be on their last leg.  Might as well have the pretty pink version waiting patiently in the closet.

And finally some race fees.  As of right now I only have 2 for sure races on the scene for 2010.  I would love to get some entry fees to free up some cashola for me, especially because I'll be traveling to my first full marathon in Green Bay, WI.  GO PACK GO!  And that will cost be a smidge of $$$ I'm sure.

I'll also either being doing the Sioux Falls Half Marathon for the 6th consecutive year, or possibly (depending how May's marathon attempt goes) sign up for the inaugural Sioux Falls Marathon.  Either way, a race fee would be nice.  ;)

And finally, I have been desperately wanting to "Pimp My Ride" and found some awesome accessories that would do just the trick.  (I'm having a heckuva time deciding between multi colored streamers or silver shiny ones, surprise me Santa!)

Thanks Santa.  I appreciate the consideration.  In addition to these sweet gifts, I would love for the snow and wind to chill out so I can spend the holidays with my family, and if that doesn't work, I wouldn't mind if you squeezed a certain someone into my stocking to be snowed in along side of me.  ;)



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Funk Fixed!

I have a confession to make.  I've been in a bit of a funk.  Post half-marathon I had run 3 miles in 9 days.  I know I ran hard in the race, and my body deserved some recovery time, but it had gotten to the point where I was just being LAZY!  I am committed to running the Cellcomm Green Bay Marathon in May (and will be officially on Saturday, my golden birthday, when I'm signing up as my gift to ME!) and am doing a 14 week training program, but that doesn't start until February 7th.  What the heck do I do until then!?!?!?  Eat ice cream.  Wait.  That's what I've been doing.  Somehow I don't think that's the best plan for getting me across the finish line after 26.2.

I had used to come up with a maintenance program for the next 7 weeks to bridge me until marathon training starts, but even that couldn't get me motivated.  Then I had a realization.  Duh!  I didn't want to do a 16 week marathon training program because that seemed soooo darn looooong.  Yet, esentially I would be doing a 21 week program with the maintenance program prior to the marathon training.  Um....heck no!  When I got to thinking further, I realized that I had been utilizing runners world training programs since mid-January.  Meaning, I've been following the exact same style of training for almost a full year, with only the goal pace times for some tempo runs and speed workouts changed up by a few seconds.  NO WONDER I'M BORED!

I'm definitely not knocking the runners world training programs, because they have proven to be very effective for me, but a year long is enough to make anyone go crazy.  I decided that I'm going to have fun for the next 7 weeks.  I've been saying that I would really like to work on speed work for a while and do a full out mile to see how fast I could do it in.  Well Jeri, no time like the present!  I plan to keep my long runs in the 9-13 range, but have fun with speedwork.  After all it is my one true love.  Plus since it looks like I'll be a slave to the treadmill for quite a few runs this winter, it makes sense to fully embrace some hardcore speed work.

With that being said, I think I'm going to create my own maintenance training program/7 weeks of speed program.  Usually I let runners world come up with something and tweak it as I see fit, but I think I'll really have some fun with this.  I think I'll really enjoy the flexibility, and that by the end of it, I'll really crave the original structure of the runners world training program.  I plan on doing 4-5 days of running, which is what I'm currently doing.  1 day of long runs, 1 day tempo, 1 day speed work (repeats/intervals), and 1-2 easy days.  I'm SO EXCITED.  Funk fixed.  Take that funk.

To start off my newly refound mojo, I borrowed a treadmill workout from a fellow midwesterner Iowa Girl Eats.  I tweaked it a bit to make it fit to my liking.  I started off with a mile warm up at 6.2 mph.  Followed by 1 minute sprints then 1 minute jogs.  The first 3 were at 8 mph, with a 6 mph jog, then 3 at 9 mph and finally 3 at 10 mph.  I finished the remaining .8 miles with a cool down jog at 6.2-6-4 mph.

HOLY SANTA CLAUS $H!T!  (bonus super sweet points if you can name that quote!)  It kicked my booty.  The first sprint felt soooo easy, that I was concerned I wasn't challenging myself enough. HA!  Shortly after I started the set at 9 mph I was getting tired!  I lasted the first minute at 10 mph, but for the last 2 I shortened it to :45 seconds, with 1:15 jog after.  People were looking at me like I was crazy, and the treadmill was a-rocking.  You know it's a good workout when the treadmill is littered with little droplets of sweat that have flung off your speedy body.  Sexy.

I did 4 miles in 35:08 for a pace of 8:47.
1. 9:42 2. 8:17 3. 7:59 4. 9:08

I really enjoyed this type of speed work, and will definitely be looking for similar workouts for my speedwork session of each week.

Also my apologies for the lack of photos in this post.  I went to a fancy Christmas dinner this weekend, and was even wearing a skirt (whoa!) and had my camera out and on the table the whole night, and didn't snap a picture.  Total failure.  Plus I wanted to let you see how cute my date was.  ;)  Shucks.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Good new kiddos!  I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, although it may seem that way since I haven't blogged since the 13th.  Oooopsies. The night before my half marathon we went to the ICE! show at the Gaylord Texan.  I've never been to an ice show, but it was pretty cool.  Also, I felt pretty B.A. when everyone was shivering inside (the temps are kept in the single digits if I remember correctly) and in my head I was thinking, "I've done long runs in this weather!"  :p
The line for the show took  Definitely not what you want to be doing the night before you're attempting to PR in a race, but oh well.  I decided to snap some pics of my cutie nephew Harrison.  The decorations were so pretty.  Definitely made me want to invest in some high quality decorations for my place.  Maybe next year!

Harrison and my brother.  They look so much alike it's actually kind of creepy.

When we finally got to the front of the line, they were handing out huge blue parkas to wear.  They were pretty darn stylish.
Harrison really liked the ice sculptures.  He had this face on for the majority of the tour.

Harrison and his mom posing in front of one of the sculptures.
I pretty much wanted to check in to the hotel.  It was the most beautiful winter wonderland.

When we first arrived in the hotel, I spotted this gorgeous tree that I knew I needed to take a picture in front of.  Constructing one of my own is definitely on the list for next year. :p

Yes he's a cutie.  I know.  :)