Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Do + I Don't (Enjoy Mile Repeats)

Another reason I went home over the weekend (other than to have legions of shenanigans with my BFFF) was one of my favorite classmates was tying the knot on Saturday!  It was hot hot hot out out but a beautiful ceremony and reception and an awesome wedding dance.  My madre was my date and we had a blast.

Before we left the house I realized that I looked like I was going to prom.  Of course we then had to take a photo of me in front of the corn field next to the house.  Nothing says prom like crops.
Me and the BFFF before the dancing shoes came out.  Literally.  I wore gorgeous (insanely tall) yellow heels for the wedding and reception and rocked my black Nike flip flops for the dance.  Classy I am.

Mini photo shoot in the town bar that's technically in a basement.
Besties with the groom.  Love that guy.
Taking a break from the dancing.

We looked like twins with almost matching dresses.
1/4 of our graduating class. Yes you read that correctly.  I was in charge or rounding up the rest of the classmates after this photo was taken to get a pic but I forgot until noon on Sunday.  Ooooops.

Upon returning home, I realized I was missing one Garmin ANT stick.  At this time primary suspects include dog and/or cat.  It appears to be an inside job.  If you can provide any information as to the whereabouts of this missing item, please contact me.  Also, if anyone has an extra/old ANT stick they want to just give me, I'll totally pay for the shipping.  Grrrrrr.

Tuesday night I had the scariest workout on my entire half marathon training program.  4x1600 m. repeats at 7:28-7:45 pace with 800 m. jogs in between.  I tend to have a hate-hate relationship with mile repeats.  I hate doing them.  and I hate that I almost always end up sucking at them.  The weather was a cool mid-70s and I knew I didn't have any excuse for failure.  I ran a warm up mile and then got to work.

1.  7:26.  Wow that was hard. (twss)
2.  7:35.  Wow that was even harder.
3.  7:39.  I swear that was faster than the last.  Don't fail me now legs!
4.  7:48.  Ooops.  Legs = bricks.  

Average mile pace:  7:37.
When I got done with the run I was a little bummed with my paces, so I decided to check my running log to see the results of my last mile repeat session.  And that's when I realized that I've done exactly one successful mile repeat session in the last 9 months.  And my average pace for 3x1600 was 7:40.  Progress.  I had joked all day long that my workout was going to make me puke, and I was pretty close.  All night I was nauseous and not hungry at all.  This is pretty typical with really difficult workouts for me.  Imagine my surprise when I get to work and I feel ever more sick.  After consulting with a co-worker, I realized I probably have the flu, so I'm lucky I didn't spew all over the bike trail.  Now it's just me and Glee chilling on the couch while I'm on the mend.  Good thing today is a rest day.


Andrew Opala said...

way to knock out those mile splits!

audgepodge said...

Wait - really? 16 people in your graduating class? Really???

ooh, I love Glee, btw!

KovasP said...

Those are some fast mile repeats! And you're right, prom=crops.

Quinton J said...

Nice work on your repeats. You'll be so glad that you've incorporated them into your training. They pay dividends on race day.

Susan said...

I rock flip flops at weddings all the's the only way to go.

Was your graduating class really only 16 people?? I can't even imagine...

Emz said...

Awesome splits.

Love the LBD! :)

Jamie said...

now lets see the hot yellow shoes too. Nice job on the mile repeats. Hate them!

Anonymous said...

I love your dress!!! AH!

J said...

Mile repeats are tough. I did three the other week and that was all I could handle. You are champ for doing 4! I am sure if you keep working on them, they will get more consistent!

John said...

Dude, the groom is HUGE! Like three of me. Must breed 'em big in SoDak.

Heather said...

Nice mile repeats! I have a hate HATE relationship with mile repeats too. Feel better soon!

Kristin Miller said...

I had a weird summer flu about two weeks ago and it was HORRIBLE and unexpected. Rest and hydrate.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing says prom like crops" -haha! That's funny, pretty much how it goes up here too.
You looked absolutely beautiful! Such a cute dress! Can I borrow it when you finally move to WI and we are neighbors/running partners?? :)

Great mile repeats Jeri! --I was supposed to do a speed workout this week and I decided to pass. HAH! It takes A LOT of motivation, so way to go! You are going to rock Sioux Falls half! Hope you feel better ASAP!

The un-Zen Runner said...

Just came back from a wedding myself this weekend. I love it when EVERY freakin' person is dancing. Those are some cool families!