Monday, September 27, 2010

Long Run and Surprise Running Buddy

Sunday was my scheduled long run of 10 miles.  I had to revise my marathon program as today was supposed to be 16 miles, and I just didn't see that happening since I've ran 6.5 miles this week.  Probably not smart. :p  I purchased a knee strap, so was hopeful that would help me out.  I started out on the run and my legs felt really fresh and no knee pain.  Yippee!!

About a mile in to the run, I saw a guy running towards me from the opposite direction.  Since Aaron has drilled it in my head that I need to stop going for d-bags, and start going for runner dudes, my interest was piqued.  As he got closer he smiled and waved, and I realized it was friend EO!  Aka TriGuy, but now IRONMAN!  He was doing an easy paced run as he hasn't jumped in to specific training after Louisville Ironman, and turned around to keep me company on my long run.  I love running buddies, especially impromptu ones.  However, I always feel bad when Speedy McSpeederson's run with me.  While we were talking, I finally made him tell me what his "easy pace" is.  Let's just say my 9-9:30 long run pace was a bit slow for his 7-7:15 pace.  Oy.

He told me all about his Ironman, and we talked about our upcoming race plans and life plans.  I may be guilty of always trying to convince him to do the same races that I'm planning on doing.  Ooops.  I guess I have a habit of doing that always.... (Alyssa....Vegas.... heh heh).  He hung around for 4.5-5 miles and then headed back home while I still had another 5 miles to finish up.  Stupid me didn't bring my water on the run, because I knew the route I had planned to run had fountains every 1.5-2 miles.  Well since the trails were flooded, I ended up having to detour my route.  And you guessed it... no water.  Pish posh apple sauce.  And of course, since I'm horrible at doing math while running, I ended up being .6 miles short when I got back to my apartment steps.  I ran inside and grabbed a bottle of water and chugged before heading out to finish up my run.

I did 10 miles in 1:35:27 for a pace of 9:33.

I'm not sure if it was the dehydration, wind, or non-running for the last week and a half, but I was really tired the last few miles.  Probably not good since I have a 10 mile RACE next weekend!  By the way, who's running Twin Cities Marathon?  I fully intend on cheering on anyone and everyone.  Also, if you're running the 10 miler, I'm in the 2nd Corral and would totally love to have someone stew with me in nervous anticipation pre-race. :)


Heather said...

Nice run!

I'm planning on being at the dome before the 10 miler start, so I'll be cheering for you at your start!

Heather said...

Nice run!

I'm planning on being at the dome before the 10 miler start, so I'll be cheering for you at your start!

Quinton J said... you didn't finish the story about EO. You just left us hanging! was he dreamy?

Anonymous said...

Dehydration is usually the culprit for me - OR not enough salt...we've discussed this, though ;)

10 milers are my fave race distance! Jealous - I'd love to join you for that one, instead of doing yet another 20 over here...ha ugh.

Jamie said...

yea for impromptu running buddies! makes the run that much better. glad the knee pain is no more!

KovasP said...

No knee pain, new running buddy, sounds like a good one!

Anonymous said...

ooooh goooooood luck! hopefully the extra rest means your legs will be ready to DOMINATE on race day! miss you : )

Ed said...

Glad to hear that the knee pain didn't creep up in this run. I know how knee pains go... SUCK BIG TIME! Thanks for the post!

jt00ct said...

Best of luck to you Jeri!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jenn -- this rest means you will kick some TC booty on Sunday!

I think Triguy needs a second chance .. just sayin. ;)