Friday, May 25, 2012

Go Go Gadget 100 Miles

I have a tendency to dream big and fall short on the execution.  Or maybe I just get scared of my goals and quit rather than fail.  Either isn’t opportune, I realize.
One of the goals I set for myself in 2012 was to run 100 miles each month.  For the most part, this isn’t a “tough” goal.  Looking back over my training log the last 3 years, I typically nail 100 mile months ¾ of the time.  My main months that I struggle are May (typically marathon month, thus usually broken recovery month), June (dear God, I’m actually sweating out of my eyeballs, running blows, I’m taking up backgammon), and December (I’m wearing so many layers and the ground is covered with so much snow+ice that I can’t possible run further or faster than 2 miles in 30:00/mile pace). 
Since I was running two half marathons this month instead of a marathon, thus lowering my chances of being broken, I didn’t think it’d be a big deal.  Until I had the calf knot from hell the beginning of the month, which took me out of commission for almost a week (and I must’ve been lazy for at least a day or two in there, because I literally have 7 days where there was 0 miles ran, 40 miles biked, but 0 ran… :/).  And then you take it somewhat easy race week, 2-3 mile shake out.  After Brookings my IT bands were pretty tore up, so it took me until Wednesday to get in a run (that hurt), and then a nice shake out (and by nice I mean 95 degrees at 11am with Jenn, where we had to take WALK BREAKS on our 2 mile shake out because the humidity was so thick and we were both so sick that ZOMG WE CAN’T BREATHE.  No, the amount we drank at Curly’s Pub surely had nothing to do with this) the day before Green Bay. 
Luckily I feel free good post-race Green Bay, but now I ZOMG have to move my whole apartment this weekend and start classes next Tuesday!  I strategized a rough plan that should get me to 100 miles, and I will be trying my damndest to meet it.
Plan as follows:
Tuesday 2-3 (3 slooooooooooooow. Like I could’ve walk/ran faster probably.  Heat+wind, eat my hiney.)
Wednesday 6-7 (7.  Again, pretty darn slow.  I figure that running by HR is probably the best bet since I’m recovering from two races, and I’m guessing GB’s half took more out of me than I realize …uh race report STILL to come… promise).
Thursday 5 (2.5.  Had make up trial run for a wedding I’m a bridesmaid in August.  I looked gorg.  I also gorged on all the foods forgetting I had to run.  I pretty much walked the last 1.25 with some run breaks thrown in until my dinner was in my throat… pretty).
Friday 10
Saturday rest (moving!)
Sunday 7-8 (moving+wedding Saturday night *cough potential hangover cough* could really hinder this one).
Monday 10
Tuesday 2-3 (quick run in between work and class)
Wednesday 10. 
Looks challenging but not so much so that I’m terrified of it, which is probably the perfect amount of challenge (as I’m learning about myself).  Plus there’s some room for a double day of 2-4 miles if necessary.  So now that I’ve put this out there in the interwebz, I am accountable for my actions!  Yell at me via twitter when I’m whining that I’m tired, hungover, trapped in a box whilst unpacking (why I’d be trapped in there with my cell phone is beyond me…).

And I'm sorry, but could I have been anymore of an eyesore for the Brookings half?  Sweet Louisiana.... which way is the rave?!?!

Glad Ryan's got my back. (source)


Kelly @ Running Kellometers said...

Haha, that outfit is awesome. I've decided that bright matches with bright this summer... I don't think my family will have a problem spotting me at races this summer. I love it!

Evolving Through Running said...

I like the plan ... now get it done.

Having some trouble typing my comments after that race photo burned my retinas. You weren't messing around with that outfit.

Dom and Trey said...

Your Rave Comment! LOL! I guess, I didn't realize you were moving. I'm assuming the new apartment complex is pet friendly. Maybe a pug in your future....maybe???


Susan said...

SWEET LOUISIANA! hahaha i love you.