Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Registered for Marathon #6

Last night I sat down at my computer ready to empty out my pockets of money.  It’s a bit rude when 2/3 of your fall races all have the same early bird registration fee, no?  Without batting an eyelash, I plunked down $38 for my 8th consecutive Sioux Falls Half Marathon.  Cheap, awesome race.  Seriously… $38! 
And then I started to do some himming and hawing over the Dallas Marathon.  My running this summer has been close to non-existent.  Between some lingering burn out, a mega intensive June class schedule, and HOLY HADES hot temps (interesting fun fact:  July 2012 posted the driest month in city HISTORY, along with the 2nd hottest temps, behind 1930-something), I’ve yet to put together a solid week of training, let alone a solid base. 
I decided to check out the flights to see if the prices were increasing, and was surprised to see $160 staring back at me.  The 5-6 times I’ve looked in the past few months have shown me $375…….. $320 is probably the cheapest I’m going to get.  I called my bro to see if there was a specific time I should plan to fly in/out of town, and he gave me the go ahead for whenever.  I plunked in my departure times, and when it came time to pay, the $160 hadn’t changed. 
Cue spastic dancing and whooping. 
Cue also Ollie giving me the side eye for waking her up from her 20th nap of the day.  Gurrrrrrrrl can sleep.
I called my mom, asked her to try to replicate the pricing, as I was sure I was missing SOMETHING.  Nope $160 for her.  After quadruple checking the dates, airports, times, etc. I purchased my flight.  I somehow managed to take care of my trip to meet my sweet niece Harper, hang out with my studly nephew Harrison, see my bro and SIL, and hopefully run a solid 26.2 (for once….) for what I assumed JUST THE FLIGHT was going to initially run me.  HUZZAH.
Amped up marathon Jeri: 1.

So this week is my last week of “base building” aka attempt to get in a long run.  And at this point long run=anything higher than 6 miles (my current summer LR).  I’m hoping to have some solid training (some semblance of Pfitz 18/55 with 26.2 for funzies throw in with Megan in San Fran!), a healthy cycle (YOU HEAR THAT LEGS??!?!), and maybe be able to squeak out a PR come December.
P.S. In case you were concerned, there’s talks of creating/crafting a Team Green shirt for Ollie for the Sioux Falls Half.  No worries.  Team Green REPRESENT!


Unknown said...

160 dollars for round-trip is definitely something to be happy about! Congrats. Go and get 'em! :)

Susan said...

I'm so sad I can't run Sioux Falls! Next year? ;)