Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All About Ollie

I just found this adorable post about Ollie that I wrote way back in July, but never shared.  Enjoy.  :)
Written July 3rd

What?  Another post about Ollie girl?  Ok...twist my arm.  It's been approximately 24 days since my baby girl came home with me, and I love her to pieces.  If I were to get married tomorrow, she'd be a bridesmaid.... #nojoke.

As we've gotten to know each other better, I've noticed some fun and interesting quirks about her that I'd like to share.

She is the most mellow dog.  She'll just lay next to you on the couch and snooze away while you're reading/watching tv.  But when you get her all riled up for play time she goes cookoo.  When Megan came to meet, they started a little "kissing/licking" game.  Ever since then, whenever she is really excited during play time, she does this weird side eye look thing at you, pretending like she doesn't even know you're there, and then goes in for the kill (=kiss)!  It's the most hilarious thing ever.

When it's time to go for a walk, as soon as the harness is on her, she's spinning around the apartment like a top.  "MOM MOM MOM!  HURRY GRAB YOUR KEYS!  I'M READY TO GO NOOOOOOOOOOW!  OMGI'MSOEXCITEDCAN'TWAITASECONDLONGER!!!"  And this is approximately 7 seconds after she was snoozing away on the couch with no interest in a potty break.

Sidenote:  She just looked at me with a look like she *knows* that I'm writing about her right now.  Smart girl.

She begs like crazy whenever Kyle is eating, but doesn't bother me at all.  Kyle is under strict orders to feed her zero people food (pugs have crazy sensitive stomachs, and she seems to have a lot of allergies, per the vet, better to be safe than sorry), however, I have given her a couple of small pieces of watermelon, and a lick of melted pineapple dairy free froyo, so really if anything she should be begging from me.

When out on our walks, Ollie will randomly walk on the curb that surrounds the grass, like it's her personal sidewalk.  It's only about 5 inches across and just happens to be the perfect size for her.  It's HILARIOUS.  The first time she did it, I almost died laughing.  Unfortunately, her eyesight isn't the best, so in the evenings she has tumbled a couple of times.  Of course, I panic and coddle her to make sure she's ok, and she just wants to get back up and keep walking.

There's a pug in our apartment complex named Rasputin.  Ollie is in love, and he only has eyes for some other tall skinny dog.  I hope it doesn't give Ollie an eating disorder, or a complex about her weight.  ;)  She loves all dogs.  Anytime someone is out walking their dog, she has to make a beeline to them to sniff and say hello with her huge smile.  I'd say she'd be a front runner for dog prom queen by next spring.

I think she's becoming nocturnal.  We're still kenneling her during bedtime, because she snores too much to sleep with us, and she just cries outside our door if we leave her out of the kennel.  Yet whenever I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (like... 2-3 times, it's ridiculous) I no longer hear her snoring.  She used to be sawing logs the first week we had her.  I always put her in the bed with Kyle while I'm hogging the bathroom first thing in the a.m. and within minutes she's light's out.


Katie said...

awwwww, little bunny ollie!

Anonymous said...

What a sweetheart. :-) I am a mega-dog lover of course, so I fully understand being smitten. Now, be careful or you might do as we've done and get another to be-friend her!