Monday, December 19, 2016

Fall Parks and Rec 5k Series

The Monday after the Sioux Falls half, the fall 5k series started up again. My legs were shot from the half so I took the first night off. But I was there and ready to roll for the next week.

It was also my first race with my purple elephant tattoo for my mama. <3

September 19
2 mile warm up

1. 8:34
2. 8:54
3. 7:44 (8:42 pace)
2.89 25:13 8:44 pace
180 avg HR, 183 max HR
3rd place female

Kyle was nice enough to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary the night before so I could attend. Oops. Haha. It was more than worth it, imo, as I posted one of my best 5k paces in years. Actual years! Super consistent splits and an even faster last mile. Wahoo!

September 26
2 mile warm up

1. 8:29
2. 8:29
3. 8:23
.03 :11 (7:08 pace)
3.03 25:35 8:27 pace
169 avg HR, 177 max HR
 3rd place female

The following week I posted a faster time, but we ran the opposite direction, and I knew it was a shorter course. I just didn't have as much fight in me as the previous week. My heart rate data shows just how hard I wasn't working. Ooops.

October 3

1.  8:38
2. 8:41
3. 7:42 (8:47 pace)
2.88 25:03 8:42 pace
160 avg HR, 172 max HR
1st place female


The final week I went in with one goal, to post my best time of the fall for the 5k. Beat 25:35. I slacked a bit in the second mile, and then really dug deep in the third mile. 8:22!!! And then I crossed the finish line, stopped my watch, and my time was identical to two weeks ago. 25:35. I couldn't have done that if someone had offered me a million dollars to do it. Oh well. :)

October 10

2 mile warm up

1. 8:31
2. 8:36
3. 8:22
.02 :05 5:03 pace
3.02 25:35 8:29 pace
162 avg HR, 171 max HR
2nd place female

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