Friday, March 11, 2011

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow....

Whoa!  The feedback I had on my hair post was intense!  I was partially posting as a joke, but you guys took your jobs very seriously.  Some of my favorite comments:

Seriously you guys had me snort-laughing in an insane way.  I think I'll bookmark the comments from this page for a rainy day when I hate life.  TOO FUNNY!

I should clarify, I regularly refer to my hair as crazy hippie hair, because it is, in fact, crazy hippie hair.  I love that it's long, I love that it's unruly, but don't expect me to bathe in patchouli any time soon.  I've had long hair forever.  I cut it off my junior year of high school, wanting it to look like this.  It didn't.  And it made me look even younger (if at all possible).

Oh hai! Told you I'm an ageless wonder... Real cool to still look like you're 16 at 27...

I mean, who didn't want to look like britney!??!?

Then when I was 22 I decided I wanted to cut my hair again.  Because history has taught me nothing, clearly.  I had wanted to donate my hair, and figured that even if the hair looked terrible it'd be ok because at least somone benefitted from the hack job.  Well the stylist talked me out of donating it, don't ask me why.  And shocker, she did a terrible job and I hated it.  Plus I was a bit on the chubby side, so the haircut only accentuated that fact.  :/

Since this terrible haircut I've found a stylist that I love.  Every time I come in to see her she tells me my hair is too long, but that it's still healthy enough to keep it this long.  Really I think she's just afraid I'll cry a thousand tears if I ever let her cut it off.  But after your guys' comments, I'm contemplating the whole donation thing again.  I'm not sure if I can because I've put blonde highlights in my hair, so I'm not sure if she had bleached it to do so, but we may have a short haired jerbear this spring.  :/  My inspiration (and what I had originally wanted with the terrible cut of age 22:

I think May would be the perfect time of year to take off the horse mane.  I'd probably drop a few pounds in the process and snag that marathon PR.  Thoughts??  :)


Thursday night I had my 24509384059834095 sucktastic run through the snow and ice.  Excuse me for a moment while I turn all "Angry Runner" on you.  This winter... has sucked.  I ran outside way more than I have in the past, trying to be less of a sissy lala throwing down miles on the treadmill.  However, in the past two weeks, I have twisted a knee, rolled an ankle twice (same one, previously broken in basketball back in the day), tweaked both knees, and have intense shin splints.  Running outside... is NOT making me a better runner.  If anything it's effing up my joints and potentially my muscles from modifying my stride so much to keep from FACE-PLANTING THE ENTIRE RUN.  

I did 8 miles tonight, and at the 4 mile turn around, I almost let myself walk the 4 remaining miles home. Because, to be honest, my walking pace isn't that much slower than what I am capable of running in these crap.  And the risk of seriously injurying myself while walking has gotta be dramatically lower, right?

And the worst part of it all, is I was talking about next weeks weather with Kyle today, and it's supposed to be in the 50s next week.  Dudes... the 50s!!  AKA the best running weather EVER (=shorts and long sleeve.... love.)  He made the comment that everything will melt away by then so my pretty trails will be clear.  And I was excited, for all of 2 seconds.  Until I realized that with EVERYTHING melting, that just meant that the river that is... oh.... right next to the trails, is going to flood my g.d. running path!!!!!!  Which means that I'll be incapable of running on it YET AGAIN.  

BRB off mapping out long run routes around town, since my beloved trail will be out of commish until at least mid-June.  Oh, and they'll probably start up with the construction then.  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

OH!  And I'm 98% certain that the part of the trail that the 5 mile and 5k of this weekend's race is on will be ice and frozen snow packed down.  Should make for a delightful racing conditions.  Ever wore yaktrax in a race?  I'm thinking I might have to.  Or do that whole face plant thing again.  YAYZIES.

I took pics of the crap I've been stuck running on, but I'm so ranty now that I don't even want to get my camera to upload them.  Perhaps another day. 

End rant. 



Greg said...


No rant . . . and especially an AR-esque rant can, nor should contain the words "YAYZIES," "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!," and/or "effing."

Just a little FYI. ;)

Glad to hear the weather is turning. The winter has just sucked!

Anonymous said...

Hey Greg, you know she got Yaysies from me, right???? ;)

Anyhow, beautifully done. I really want to know why you are in a car in the basketball picture though...

Related: Your hair actually doesn't strike me as hippie or compound having actually seen it in person. You've got the right kind of hair to wear long. Me on the other hand gets the Jew Fro, which makes me, well, neither hippie nor compound. ;p

Heather said...

As excited as I am for warmer weather I am dreading the mess.'out dirt roads turn I to pure quicksand. And, surprisingly, it's not very fun to run in quicksand.

Katie said...

your ranting about the weather makes me happy. that is all.

Anonymous said...

I hate ice, I hate slush, and I hate wind. ( and flooding, that's bad too!) I've also somehow managed to run outside throughout the winter, but I also have an awful lot of treadmill miles racked up.. The treadmill really is a necesary evil in many ways, and I think I actually deal with it better than I used to. Still not sure why, but I'll take it. :-)

Good luck with the St. Party's Day races!

Anonymous said...

guess I am a sissy, cuz I get it IN on the treadmill, yo!

Anonymous said...

GAH, I totally thought there would be a life-changing hair pic on here! Because, obviously, your hair style change would be LIFE altering. Especially if we go with that "polygamist" idea.... ;)

On the other note, I can NOT imagine winter life in SD. I can barely get through the 1-2 months of snow we had here...