Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February in Review

February in Review

Total Miles:  82.5 up from 79.2 miles up from last month.  (124 miles from February 2010.  Wow I was kicking ass and taking names... also didn't have the ninja death star flu... so there's that....)

Total Time:  13:28:10 up from 12:33:18.  An hour for 3 whole miles?!?!?  Yes, I'm looking at you slow poke 10 miler..... (19:17:08 last February.)

Total Runs: 15 for an average of 5.5 miles/run.
Highest weekly mileage
2/21/2011 — 2/27/2011:29.5 Mi4:55:28

Favorite run
14 mile long run.  It was such a gorgeous day, and there were a gazillion other runners out doing there running thing.  A guy who I had saw 2 different times on the trail actually stopped me to see how far I was going, and we gave each other a little pep talk.  It was presh.
Most hardcore run:  Either my 800 m. repeats or my 10 miles through the snow and ice.
Favorite Race: None.  Sniffle.

Bike Miles: 0 which is exactly the same as last month's 0.  

Favorite Jams: Maroon 5--Never Gonna Leave This Bed, Foo Fighters--Everlong (yet again), Roxette--Dangerous
Monday morning I hit the trails again for a quick and easy 3 miles.  I figured the trails should be clearer than Sunday because of the SUNSHINE!!!!!!!  But it was a chilly 4 degrees out.  Luckily there was little to no wind, so I put on my big girl pants and did the darn thing. 

Speaking of pants, I picked up these running tights at Target this weekend and I'm a little bit in looooooooooove.  I had bought some fabulous heavy Nike running tights from TJ Maxx last winter for crazy cheap, but was not enjoying them so much this year.  See, because of the maaaaaaaaajor cheap sale, I neglected to care that the tights were mediums.  "They're SKINTIGHT.  Who cares..... close enough!"  Uh not so much.  Upon wearing them this winter, I had to take several breaks to hike up my drawers..... (please read that with a distinctly southern accent...danke).  How low can the crotch of your running tights go?  (please read that to the tune of.... Ludacris' How Low (can you go)). 

Anywhosits, I wasn't about to plunk down some cashola for primarily vain reasons, until I saw these beauties.  On sale for 17 bones?  Hook a sistah up! 

Things I love about them:
Super cute reflective design on the back calf.
No  terribly unforgiving waistband to emplore muffin top or as Marshall Eriksen would say:  “No elastic waistband leaving its judgmental pink teeth around my Thanksgiving belly.”
Nice and toasty (I wore them in roughly 0 degrees today).
The price.
The zippers on the back of the ankles

What I don't love:
The zippers hurt a little bit to be completely zipped.  Nothing major though.

(p.s. I bought these puppies with my own moolah and just did the review because I wanted to.  mmk?)

And the best part of the purchase was the picture message I sent to KK from the dressing room:  Do these pants give me a camel toe?!?!?!?!?!? 

Apparently this is very important information when selecting running tights.

(They didn't/don't.  Obviously.  Or I wouldn't have bought them.... Unless they were like $15 or something...... hah)


Kier said...

Where is that bridge on the trail system? I am racking my brain trying to remember back to my cross country days at Augie and I can't place it...

Lisa said...

Yay for new tights and great deals on running clothes at Target!
Hope that awful death star flu is far, far away and you stay healthy for a long while.

Morgan said...

Solid month chica, ninja black death star flu jabob and all! Also, it's very important that a running tight doesn't give you camel toe. Don't be that girl! I tried those on too, loved them til I got to the zipper, we have too much snow not to zip them all the way down and the zipper cut into my ankle. No bueno! Glad you could make them work though cuz they are uber cuteness!!!

Nobel4Lit said...

I could sure use some full-length tights... it's cold lately!

Good job on the February running!

Lucas said...

Baha. Classic Jerbear. That is all.

mealsformiles said...

hahahahahaha. that is definitely one of my criteria when buying running tights. it's better that way for everyone.

I loved this recap - awesome month you had, lady!

purpleshoeruns.com said...

they're so pretty! I think I like the reflective business on the back the best! (and obviously thank goodness there were no judgmental pink teeth marks. those things are real a-holes.)

Bree said...

DUDE I have the same problem with my medium Nike tights. I have mediums in crop tights that fit just fine. What gives with the pants? I am mad that I spent so much money on them. I am constantly hiking them up. Boo.

Adding another thing to my Target list...thanks for the rec!

J said...

Glad you got some tights that fit! I love my running tights! Great job on February!

aspoonfulofsmash said...

Nice month..and tights! The only running tights I have are from high school..and they do not stay up either!

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

$17 bones for running tights? I don't think I could buy a headband for that cheap! Sucks that I have such expensive running gear taste! Ahh I have expensive everything taste!
I bought a cheap(er) pair of winter running tights and I swear the waist band comes up to my boobs! Mom running tights!!! Hahaha!