Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Nail polish.  The other day I yelled at KK to come in here NOW!  (because I'm demanding like that...)  "I think I've become a girl who wears nail polish."  Yet imagine nail polish was said like it was a despicable terrible swear word or something.

But seriously I've been on a major nail polish kick lately and it's so bizarre because I am not a girly girl, and that just strikes me as something uber girly.  Current fave colors include:  a super duper soft pink which I've dubbed Barbie pink, some crazy sparkly gold that I've aptly named 14 Karat (the names of the polishes suck, so it's obvious that I had to rename them, right?), and a super deep dark almost black/deep red which is Wicked Witch Apple Red.

Painted gold for the superbowl. Obvs. Go Pack Go.

Showing off my Wisco beer while supporting my Wisco boys during the NFC Championship game.

Trying to channel some semblance of spring with the pretty pastel pink.
(P.S. Thoughts on the new Starbucks logo?  I kind of like it... gotta dig the excessive green! :D)

Our Target just got a grocery section, and they sent out a mailer for a free dozen eggs on Sunday.  Color me excited!  Go figure, I would walk away with two new nail polish colors with my free dozen.  Highlighter pink and muted moss green (again my made up names.... I need this job..)  P.S.  The yellow I got as a pedi before RnR Vegas marathon because it matched my race shirt.  Um...yeah.

Aaron Rodgers.  Being an avid Packers fan, it's really hard not to love Aaron Rodgers, but seriously.... he's kind of awesome.  After the season was over, he resumed tweeting (uh..thank GOD!) and the interviews I caught made me love the guy even more.  He's kind of hilarious.... and uh... attractive (don't ask me how I didn't notice this previously.... since he's clearly my "type.").  A few weeks before the Superbowl I ordered my 2nd Packers jersey, and although it wasn't here in time for the Superbowl (but to be honest I would've wore my lucky outfit: Jennings jersey, yellow sparkly hair ribbon, regardless) it's kind of awesome.

Starburst Jelly Beans.  About a month ago I had to accompany KK and his roommate to Menards for some crap or another.  I was kind of a grumpy gus about it, especially when no one laughed at my joke about being with "my kind" while in the light fixture section (only funny if you know my last name.  ok, possibly still not funny even if you know my last name.... whatever).  Upon checking out, I realized that there were STARBUST JELLY BEANS!!!!!!!  I first experienced these little treats of deliciousness after Easter last year when a co-worker brought in some leftover candy.  Of course, at this point it was too late to find them anywhere, and I have been counting down to purchase them.  Currently I'm on bag 6 of 6... so far.  Don't act like you're not impressed.

Greg Jennings YouTube Video.  This was a bit of a viral sensation this fall.  If you haven't seen it yet, please view now:

After the Superbowl, I obviously watched every interview and appearance for any Packers players.  My buddy Matt tweeted about an appearance by Greg Jennings where he is asked about the youtube video.  I laughed so hard at Jennings' impression of the guy in the video, I thought I was going to die.  I made Kyle experience the whole thing right along side me, and he enjoyed it just as much.

The other day I was having a crabby day and KK sent me a text:  greg gennings. puttin your team on yo back dog. ahhh s#!t dawrrrrrin shaperrrrrr. one of the best safties in the leeeague dog. greg jennings.

Needless to say I cheered up real quick.  Hi.lar.i.ous.

My nook.
So I know I bought my little nook to keep me company on my treadmill winter miles, but I must say... I really love the little bugger.  It's so nice to throw it in my purse instead of a heavy book (or two).  Plus the Kate Spade case is oh so chic.  I've read quite a few books on there, and while books are still my favorite thing evaaaaaaaaah, the nook might be #2. :)


Normally I have a rest day after a long run.  However, normally I do my LRs on a Saturday.  I know that if I start off my week with a rest day, I'm going to wish I had it back come Thursday when I *need* my couch and a bag of Starburst jellybeans in lieu of a run.  I had 6 easy miles to do.  Since it was snowing sideways (seriously Midwest....you're the best) I went to the gym.  Luckily I'm in the midst of another Sookie Stackhouse book on my nook, and could hunker down for the run.  I run pretty super de duper slow and slowly but surely felt all the junk leaving my legs.  Somehow I managed to knock out more pages on the 58 minute run then I did on my 60 minute lunch break.... riddle me that one..... TheRunningSpeedReader (I'm really in to creating faux twitter handles for myself...please ignore for now....)


Anonymous said...

I can't hear "nook" without thinking of that episode of The Office with the bluetooth conversation.

"Dwight, get out of my nook."

Amy - the gazelle said...

I, too, love my nook & my kate spade cover (although unfortunately, the kate spade cover is red, and not green, and thus doesn't almost match my kate spade purse & wallet).

Jordan said...

That video is hilarious! Oh and Greg Jennings is from my hometown, there were Billboards up all over congratulating him after the game it was pretty cool!

J said...

I love starburst jelly beans! So good!! I need some more!

Katie said...

starburst jelly beans. ohhhhh em gee.