Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekly Wish List + Welcome Back Speedy Legs!

Happy St. Patty's Day Lovelies!  You know I'm donned in head to toe GREEN.  You wouldn't expect anything else I'm sure.  I forgot to mention something AWESOME regarding the St. Patrick's day celebration on Saturday.  As I was walking to my car post-races on Saturday (yes, I managed to park in a lot sandwiched between the parade route, go me) I saw some of the later parade entries, and I saw... get this.... Le-pug-cauns!  There was a whole troup of people walking their pugs decked out in green.  Obviously this made me freak out and want to steal one.... but I didn't..... Maybe next year I'll walk in the parade...  (hint hint... someone buy me a PUG!)

And on to my weekly compilation of things I want because I'm a horrible consumer but sadly I'm super poor plus on a spending freeze that I'm not very good at:
I tend to be obsessed with feathers.  Peacock feathers, bird feathers, pretty pretty.  Love this mirror.

Buy it here.
I'm definitely not a HUGE Twins fan, but if I had to cheer for a baseball team, it'd be them.  I hope to make it to a couple of games this year, and clearly this shirt would need to be worn.

Buy it here.
I've wanted this suit now for over a year.  Or is it two?  I keep waiting for it to come down in price, and it refuses.  Ugh.  I just can't bare to fork over almost $60 for a swimming suit, when I could probably get 3 total for that price.  VS stop toying with my emotions!  I think there was even a twitter debate awhile back about whether I should get it or not.  It's getting ridiculous.

I've been pretty obsessed with all things yellow lately, and I adore this bag.  Too bad my favorite coat is yellow.  And that I already have a super fab spring/summer purse.  Oh and that I don't have money to spend on a handbag.... that too. ;)

Wednesday night I had my first tempo run (I think) of MARATHON TRAINING!!! on my schedule.  I was a little nervous because I haven't done a lot of running outside of marathon pace (9:00) and long slow pace (uh.... with snow+ice 10:30+).  According to McMillan, I was to shoot for 8:00-8:30 pace for my 4 miles.  I did a nice 2 mile warm up and got to work.

The first tempo mile was...... hard.  I started thinking, "how and the heck am I going to maintain this pace for 13.1 miles the end of April?!?!?!  I'm dying and I'm on mile 1."  After the first mile ticked away I realized I was at mile 3 and still running away from home.  Ooops.  Apparently I missed my turn.  While I started searching for the street sign indicating I should turn, the run started to feel much easier and I got in to a rhythm with my breathing.  And then I looked down at my garmin... 8:15.  Uh what??  8:25 feels like death, 8:15 feels like goody goody gum drops?

Whatevs... and I kept going.  My legs felt great, and I went with it.  I started to do the math to realize that even with my slow warm up, I was maintaining a faster pace than Saturday's 5mile or 5k.  Wheeeeeeeee! At one point when I looked down at my watch during the 4th mile I was averaging a 7:44 pace.  Whoa Nelly.... reign it in a bit!  Since I accidentally added more on to my route, I had an extra 1/2 mile cool down as well. 

The results:  6.5 miles in 56:42 for an average pace of 8:45. 
Tempo miles:  8:25, 8:15, 8:05, 8:00.  Avg tempo: 8:11.

And what did we learn from this?  When you race a 5k make sure to get in a solid 2-3 mile warm up, you ding dong.  5k PR is going buh bye this summer....... :D

And what else did I learn from this?  Figure out why the heck your baby toenails are trying to escape your toenail beds so frequently.  Seriously.... All my socks are going to be blood-stained soon!

And what else else else did I learn?  65 degree temps are my friend.  I heart spring.


Evolving Through Running said...

Nice tempo mile times speedy Gonzales. Looks like the dreaded toe sniper got you. Usually manages to shoot me in the toe next to my big toe, whatever that toe is called.

Susan said...

I love your wish lists! I have an "I only kiss Cubs fans" shirt from VS from last year...maybe I'll embrace my new NYC-ness and get a Yankees shirt...hmmm.

I LOVE SPRING. Too bad it's snowing in some parts around here...gah!

Anonymous said...

Uh that bathing suit is definitely worth it! Especially if you've been swooning for over a year!! SPLURGE woman :)

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

Oh I love that bathing suit!! $60 is not that much to spend, if you weren't on a spending freeze! I think I might have to check that one out- my fav bikini is getting a little worn out.

Love the bag too! I wanted a yellow bag forever but couldn't find one I liked so instead I bought a blue one. There is no way I could bring home another bag without my hubby freakin' out on me.

You are a bad influence!

Great job on the tempo run!